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Once again, Lori was soliciting people to help her because she wanted me to get mad at Jeffrey Katzenberg and Alice Mendenhall. Not going to happen. These parents rank among the top people that Lori has indirectly and directly harassed for years and years. My mother and father are the same as these parents too. I support all of the families of the hundreds of victims that Lori and her brother Brian hurt. So while she screamed at me to blame Jeffrey, she tried to sweet talk him into complaining about me. It isn't that way. I'm a person, but I'm a smarter person than that. Lori LaFond is the problem, not me.
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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Casinos and AIDS Projects: The Harassment Continues

Isn't it amazing where Laurie's terrorism has been going these days?  The Desert AIDS Project, the Indian Casino in Twentynine Palms and anywhere I seem to go.  Without a stitch of help from Jeffrey Katzenberg and his lazy assed wife, Marilyn, Laurie and her brother are calling and harassing me any and everywhere I go, again.  With the help of one of my family members, Laurie has managed to force her way into my life again.  Just like she always does.

For example.  Every month I have to turn in a travel subsidy for my trips to Palm Springs to the Desert AIDS Project.  This is for the treatments that I have to get for the HIV that Laurie gave me, allegedly.  This affords me $40 in gas cards.  Now Laurie watches for when I turn these in.  So she now forwards my mail so that when these are sent to me, her brother gets my mail sent to her father's address and he picks up my gas cards for "free gas" for Laurie and Brian.  Isn't that cute.  Laurie has, once again, used the victims of her own disease to create money for her own gain.  Without any help at all from this local team to stop her, Laurie has used another victim to steal money again.  Tee hee hee...isn't she cute?  I can't work.  I can't have my saving's account money back. I can't get any support from  my sister.  But I can still be used.

Isn't this hilarious?  No.  It's not.  It's just more fucking Jeffrey Lazy Fucking Katzenberg focusing this torture on me and my family.  He isn't doing anything but sitting around promising everyone that he will help, but watching Laurie torture me and my family.  It's just laziness.  It is apathy for the victims of this crime.  He couldn't care less about me or the advocacy work that I do for the REAL victims of this crime.  All he cares about is forcing his lazy assed agenda on everyone else.  Why shouldn't he, he's rich.  Poor diseased HIV patients mean nothing to him.  We don't mean anything but a tax write off for him and his wife's AIDS Foundation.  We're just another Elton John Academy Award's Party for them...we aren't people.  We're tax write offs.

I'm so angry with this man.  He has taken every single positive aspect of my life and turned it into a shit pile of nothingness.  My work is so important for people that have nothing and mean so much to their own families.  Not all of us are Benjamin Katzenberg.  Not all of us have everything our hearts desire.  Some of us are highly educated men that have had their lives destroyed by this fucking bitch Laurie and our families aren't being told the truth.  Jeffrey doesn't want them to know what we told him without prejudice.  Why should he be told the truth and not them?  The answer is simple, he shouldn't have been.  We picked the wrong father.  He wasn't right to tell the truth to.  We didn't know what Hollywood knew.  He's a tyrant without a heart.  What he wants for our community is not what our community needs.  We need a champion, not a movie producer.  Jeffrey has no courage.  He a wimp.

He can't stand up to Laurie because he is a nut-less wonder.  Both he and his brother were born without testicles.  

The courage that it takes to remove this problem is simple.  He lacks judgment and he lacks the enthusiasm it takes.  He only has enthusiasm to steal from someone that does.  That's called cowardice.  He stole this money from me behind my back, like a coward.  He's never done anything but lie about it too.  Now he has this agenda of keeping me like some kind of toy to play with.  It will not stand with me.  I don't get played with in this kind of situation.   I fight back harder and stronger than anyone that you've ever seen.  I don't back down to people like Jeffrey and Marilyn Katzenberg.  I see them as hypocrites that our community can not stand for.  They are keeping our community hostage.  This will never work.  I will take back what is mine and when I do, I won't be silent about how it was taken from me.  When all is said and done, this entire situation of ignorance and silence will be exposed for the laziness and inexcusable silence that caused it.  Jeffrey is guilty of being a lousy father and a poor example of humanitarianism.  He should never show his face in Hollywood again.

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