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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

You Aren't Going To Make Me Look Like Your Bitch Jeffrey...It's Just Not Going To Happen That Way!!!

Well, now we know how Jeffrey and Marilyn are retaliating for the loss of Jeffrey Katzenberg's  S.A.G. Membership revocation, he's going to take it out on my mother.  Yes, the smallest man in show business has decided he's going to go Heisenberg on my family now that his screen career is going south.  He's going to support drug dealers, allegedly.  What a wonderful career choice for the biggest fan of "Breaking Bad".  "Breaking Dad" has decided to use elderly abuse as his new tactic in extortion.  Yes, folks he's going after my mother, using my sister and father as weapons of emotional destruction.  My own bank account as hostage.

You see Jeffrey is what we call a puny little man.  When he thinks he has an idea about how to keep me from telling you, the people of the State of California what I am charged to do as an informant for the people, he thinks he's going to do it like a drug dealer would do it...only this time he's doing it with finances instead of guns.  I'm sure those are coming though.  He's literally beating my mother up with lies.  Why just yesterday, I'm assuming that there was a call to my sister from Bessie Smith about my missing bank account.  You know the one.  The one that "never existed".  I must be crazy, right Jeff?  Now here's the thing.  Jeffrey is now looking at a transcript of all the times that I banked this money right in front of his face, not to mention conversations he had with Missy Pissy, David the Dick and Betsy Wetsy about the money that I had saved.  So he knows it's not a lie.  Right, Jeffrey?  So when he hears my sister tell me that there is no such account and my mom say that she never put money in an account, he knows that they are lying.  Right, Jeff?

Why are they lying Jeffrey?  You tell everyone right this minute Jeffrey why it is that both my mother and sister are telling me something never happened that the three of us know did?  Why is that Jeff?  He's going to pretend like he knows nothing about it, but wait, why is it that he is in receipt of this money?  Now how in the world could he have this money from that account and not know where it came from?

Lisa Damiani, now has my permission to investigate this missing money from the Twentynine Palms branch of U.S. Bank.  I know that there was an account there because that is where my mom put it.  She didn't want it at the other bank because that is where she banks herself.  Now today she told me that ONLY MY FATHER has an account there, but that's not true either because, I've been there with her before for her OWN BANK ACCOUNT...another lie.  So I know for a fact that she is lying to me for some odd reason.  Why is that Jeff?   The reason is because Jeffrey's friends closed all of my mother's accounts there and only my father's is left.  But if Jeffrey was trying to protect my family, why wouldn't they have closed ALL of the accounts there and moved the money?  I'll tell you why.  It's because when you set up an elderly abuse scam with my mother as the victim, you have to put my sister's name on all of her accounts, including mine with all the money in it.  That way she can take out all the money from all the accounts.  My dad wouldn't have allowed her to do this to only my mom's accounts were stolen.  Right Missy?

This was intentional.  The scheme was set up using a Diamond Resorts defense that Jeffrey overheard that my parents were using to get out of their time share contract when one of the defenses was "elderly abuse" to bilk them out of money.  In that case, the defense was that money was taken from my mom and dad because they were taken advantage of on a trip to Hawaii.  Jeffrey overheard this legal proceeding for which I did some paralegal work and came up with the scheme.  This is one he used, allegedly, with his own mother's bank accounts.  He's a fucking dick.  Allegedly the IP addresses at Benjamin Katzenberg's home will show searches for Memory testing facilities in the Palm Springs area where my sister could take my mother after the monies were stolen so that it could look like she somehow lost this money.  That is where my sister got involved.  Jeffrey fully supported this idea by telling her where to take her.  My mom was in tears about it many times.

You see making her look incompetent got my sister's signature on those accounts and her hands on my money so she could steal it from me.

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