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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

No Matter What Jeffrey Does, I Won't Use Drugs Or Alcohol Ever Again...Starve Me Sister!!!

Jeffrey's advice to my family about my own money situation is none of his fucking business.  I don't know why he would be getting involved with my sister in the first place but apparently since he's been holding on to this money with great zest he's been hoping that I would be using drugs again.  How wonderful.  The sister that used my drug addiction for years as an excuse to bad mouth me to my entire family is now, apparently, or should I say, allegedly, associated with Bessie Smith, who is working with Jeffrey, hoping that I will use drugs again. 

I can tell you all this.  No matter how desperate Jeffrey makes things for me with my sister, I won't use drugs, alcohol or any other substance.  I am a police informant and I won't compromise who I am for his little game of poverty.  He's a dick.  I think what he is up to is so devious and evil that he should probably have himself checked into a mental institution instead of trying so hard to have my mom declared mentally incompetent with my sister.  This whole elderly abuse thing that he's been up to with my mom is absolutely something that he's tried in the past with his own mother and I know he got the idea with his friend David from the Diamond Resort case that my parents have with their time share.

I can probably show the documents to a prosecuting attorney and then show that afterwards that someone then began a crusade of mental competency examinations with my mother before removing monies from a bank account bearing my savings.  Now this has a direct correlation with the timing of the removal of that money.  I think that what that will show is a cruel campaign against my mom to take over my savings account and have that money removed without my direct consent.  I never consented to have anyone's name put on that account but my mom's and mine.  Now my mom is swearing that there is no account.  That sounds like someone has bullied her into saying that.  To me, that sounds like elderly abuse defined.  I know that there was an account and I know that I made deposits into it.  Now that Jeffrey has tried to make me dirt poor and use my addiction to get me back on drugs, with the help of Bessie Smith, David and Missy Pissy, I want to be certain that everyone knows that I am in no way going to do that for my sister to have an excuse to keep that money from me.

It is my money that I saved and I am no where near losing my sobriety.  I haven't used anything in many years and I don't want to.  A/A is a program of truthfulness.  I am being tremendously fucked with right now and Jeffrey is the person that is doing this.  He's telling lots of people to lie.  I will not use anything like a drug, drink or a pill even though my migraine headaches are worse now than ever.  This campaign of "make Kevin" agonize is tremendously hurtful to me especially because I got sober for my sister who seems to think that is means nothing.  She is so mean to me and tells my parents things like, "He has to go get a job" even though she knows that there is money missing though she won't admit to it.  She'll act like there isn't, but the bank and these attorneys, including her own friend Bryan Anderson will prove that there is.  If she is smart, she'll call him and ask him about it.

Instead of helping Laurie, she should be telling my mom and dad what is really going on.  This isn't something that she usually does.  She'd rather make me look bad.  I've lived this way my whole life.  Laurie infected me with HIV and rather than come to my aid, she'd rather do something else. If Laurie had infected her, I certainly wouldn't be taking Laurie's side.  This is not the kind of thing I would do.  I am ready to move away from my family now.  The money will be used to establish a new life away from my family that obviously does not care about me here any longer.  All they care about is making up some fictional lie for my sister so that she can pretend that she didn't do anything wrong again.  It's not the family I need right now.

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