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Two days off were not peaceful, they were full of Lori screaming and acting like an idiot. Tonight we we will look at how she controls everyone around her by using her mouth and meth. The entire time I've been telling her to stop talking to me, she's been getting more and more convinced that someone will save her. You can't save a person from herself. She will find a way to get attention if it means destroying everything and everyone else. It is quite interesting to hear how she controls her nasty group of friends.
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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Breaking Benjamin And Destroying His Lies

Attention Robert's officially time to move on with your life.  You are way too smart and way too good for Benjamin Katzenberg and his horrible family.  Benjamin is lying to you, he's lying to the LGBTQ community, you deserve better and so does your family.  If you didn't notice, Jeffrey is on a promotion campaign for his brand new company  He isn't doing anything that he worked on for the last nine years with Missy Pissy.  In fact, "He feels like he's in his twenties again!"  That's what being around a meth addict will do for you.  Now that he knows he can steal my ideas from me, which are now showing up all over the internet, he's off an running with them like a meth addict with a freshly stolen bag.  Heisenberg?  Katzenberg?  What's the fucking difference.

Your boyfriend is a lying, bullshitting, piece of garbage.  His involvement on this team was nothing short of "old Ricky" behavior.  His mother was used.  His father was used and the entire time, all he did was supply his family with information that led to the theft of my family's bank accounts.  Now Jeffrey is off on his new venture with my ideas and his ego bruised.  I think it is high time that Jeffrey and Marilyn got what was coming to them in a court of law.   His mother has seen fit to take away every single person that I loved.  Isn't she wonderful?  You are next, Robert, because they think that you can be bought.  Your friends don't mean anything to you as long as Benjamin has money to buy you off.  He won't tell you that, but that's what daddy thinks.  His father is a loser.  If you don't believe it, ask Jonathan Mendenhall when he comes back to life.

What we all need to learn from this experience here is that Jeffrey Katzenberg is a thief.  He's a lying bullshitting piece of garbage that the world has allowed to grow into a cesspool of shit that rose to the top of the gas heap and farted into the atmosphere.  Now the world stinks like him.  The whole world smells like his dirty bitch family.  I'm actually glad that Laurie took a shit on his living room carpet.  Someone should have.  Right now he just took one on the entire gay community of Palm Springs and he thinks we're all just going to let him.  His son will act like there was nothing he could do about it, but he sure didn't try very hard did he.  He has the same virus that we all have, he's just a little bit better than all of the rest of us.  Actually, he's just a lot better than all the rest of us.  He's better than all of you because his father has billions of dollars.  His mother is better than your mother.  His sister is better than your sister.  His brother is better than your brother....and they all showed you that.  They just shit on our entire community!  All five of them.

Leading the household was good ol mother Marilyn Katzenberg, taking the biggest healthiest hypocritical dump of all.  I think she peed afterwards too.  Living in her house on the hill, looking down her nose at all of us...wondering why  her infinity pool isn't quite level?  Maybe it's just because when you looked at it your nose was too high in the air Marilyn...they look more lever with your head on straight.  You aren't important in this universe as anything but the example of what not to do to a kid that is gay, HIV infected, raped or bullied.  You are the single most unimportant mother that has ever lived.  You couldn't be an example of good if you came with the Virgin Mary and handed out gold damn bricks.  You are a snob.  You come across like some kind of philanthropist, but all you are is a lying piece of enabling garbage for that sack of shit husband of yours.  A homophobic nightmare.

You don't deserve to live in Palm Springs, California.  I hope that every gay man and woman that sees you there shows you the kind of love and support you've shown us with one single finger.  Tell yourself that it means that you are number one Marilyn...but you and I both know it means what we think of you and your husband, don't we?  I don't encourage anyone to commit a crime against Jeffrey and Marilyn but it certainly does not discriminate against letting them know how you feel about them.  Spreading AIDS intentionally and spying on a police informant for financial gain...tsk, tsk, tiny of you Jeffrey.  You aren't a bug fucker, you're the fucking bug.

As for you Benjamin Katzenberg, you might want to think of moving to a much different community.  The LGBTQ community is for people that love the gay, lesbian, transgendered, bisexual, and queer community, not for people that help people that hate us and house them for nine years.  You are a hypocrite.  You are the one person that had the job of the Eagle Scout.  You're suppose to help the old woman across the street, not rob her when your father tells you to.  My mother is in tear on a daily basis, Eagle Scout, and you and your mother had a hand in that, allegedly.  What I want to know is how far did the two of you go to let him have that victory?  That is a classic and you let your father rob my mother?  He robbed us Benjamin and now he's out "wondering" what else he can get away with "with technology"?   I smell Hitler coming and nobody's talking about it...don't you?  Adolf Fucking Hitler is who I smell and I don't fucking like it.  You are going to be the kid who let your father become the next Adolf Hitler and we trusted you not to let that happen.

Your grandmother would be so ashamed of you right now she would cry, just like my mom...and you deserve it!  So run around with your company Jeff and as soon as I can expose you I'm going to rip that company right into tiny little wonder sized pieces...because you killed my "dreams" and I'm gonna make you "wonder" why for the rest of your damn life!!!

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