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Laurie is so fucking stupid. She honestly thinks that what she is doing is making some kind of sense to people that David and she have done something amazing to stop me from working and completing what I have to do for my own cases. Regardless of what others have failed to do, I have an obligation to the truth. I am obligated to let people know that they are being manipulated and that they have been used to cover up serious crimes against me. These people act as if I don't have the right to solve my own shooting or rape. That's crap. If you want to be a victim to a rapist or someone that's tried to kill you, I suppose that is your right, but I don't choose to be that person. I won't keep quiet about what I know has happened. I am frightened and I am living in a world where it feels like nobody cares. It's a dangerous place to be living. The flip side is that I'd rather be dead than living dead. I hate how this feels.
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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Groundhog Day: February 2nd, Isn't Every Day With Laurie Groundhog Day?

Punxatawney Phil will decide on February 2nd whether or not we will be having more winter or not but more important, it's time to decide whether or not we will be having more Laurie.  If it was my choice you know it would be a big fat "No"!

For those of you that have lived with Laurie in your life, you know that so much of what she is like is similar to the movie, "Ground Hog Day" where everything is so much repetition of the day before.  She is just one great big meth addicted diatribe of day after day circularity.  Nobody that has a day of sobriety should ever listen to her.  I've learned to tune her mouth out but to those of you that haven't there is always music, television, working out and a variety of questions that you can ask her about her past.

If she really gets on your nerves ask her about Kelly Brandon, the girl that never liked her.  You can also ask her questions about me.  If you really want to piss her off start talking about Marc LeDrew or Bryan Anderson, her former boyfriend.  Her answers should get the attention of my team.  There are always a variety of things that will make her skin crawl.  Her past with child porn is always interesting too.  Her ties to HIV and the results from recent genotyping might just get her off of your back too.  If you really want to get on her nerves, tell her you want to talk to her former attorney M. Katherine Jensen at Rutan...when she starts using this technology to piss you off.  You see if she starts talking to you in your head, you can always use this technology against her and her's really quite easy.

You see, she's just as much in the hot seat too.

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