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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Declaring Their Love For Each Other: Missy Pissy and Laurie

Make no mistake about it, Missy Pissy is hanging around still for one reason.  She wants money.  The money that is still in limbo at Jeffrey's home.  You see she thinks that the $35,000 in cash that she has at Jeffrey's home is hers, despite the $30,000 that she stole from me to buy her new car.  By scammer law, the money she scammed from my bank account is hers, so she doesn't owe me a thing...wrong!  You see, Jeffrey paid cash for that car, my cash, and now that it can be traced back to the scam and things that Jeffrey and Missy said, the money is due back to my sister and me.  Problem, Missy is a greedy bitch.  She thinks that the money stored at Jeffrey's home is still hers, you know, she gets the car and the cash.  Bullshit!  She doesn't get either.

After Valentines Day, Missy, in a showing of her usual, undying love for Laurie, dropped of her Valentine's Day gift from her father...some roses that he sent her, to Laurie.  This way Laurie can feel the loyalty that she still has from Missy.  Drug dealers united in stealing money from Jeffrey.  Then she proceeded to her other job, making Jeffrey feel bad for her.  She then proceeded to sit her fat ass down at Jeffrey's home and whine about not having the money in the safe that she "earned" after spending the money she scammed from me on a new car.  Missy has this idea that when she steals money that she deserves both.  Fuck you Missy.  What she is doing here is playing people.  Jeffrey is so lovesick that he actually entertains this bullshit for months at a time.  While my family suffers.  This scam is so old that Missy's tits have fallen another inch during this period.  How in the fuck does this man sleep in the same house as his wife.  Where I'm from when you buy a blonde bimbo a car and you aren't married to her, you are having an affair.  Period.  This isn't funny.  It isn't a joke.  It's a sad statement about a man that thinks he's untouchable.  Do you think your are untouchable Jeffrey?

Police Chief Reyes needs to understand something here.  I am pissed off.  I can't believe the audacity that this man has showed.  The symbolic gesture of buying a car for the woman that helped the girl get away with raping me, is unbelievably callous.  It is such a fucking slap in the face that I want Jeffrey to immediately explain why it is that he continues to try to hurt me and my family.  What he has in his arsenal of people there are witnesses that could explain this crime and he won't let any of them talk.  He's forced them into a position of silence.  Nine years of torture for silence.  What in God's name is he doing?  All for Missy the girl without a single shred of decency and loyalty to Laurie, the fucking drug dealing piece of garbage that infects people with HIV and shits on Jeffrey's floor?  That is some piece of cheesecake Jeffrey is swallowing up there.

You see, the money is mine and the cash paid for the car, well, that's Jeffrey's problem.  He either has a new car or he has to sell it.  Missy has no inclination to sell the car because she's a lazy bitch.  I have no need for a new car because I need the money to move and, of course, Missy thinks she's going to make off with the money and the car both.  Not going to happen.  She keeps telling Jeff about all of her money he's going to give in.  Ain't going to happen.  Why?  If Jeffrey hands her that cash, he's guaranteed a trip to prison along with his son and his wife and probably members of his is Bessie and David.  You see this scam is what I like to call the "Nichols' Family Scam" that Missy Pissy learned from Laurie.  This is where you take the money from a police informant's family so they can't leave the area, then you torture them because they can't move.  Missy learned this from Laurie only this time, instead of Laurie taking the money from the Nichols Family, Missy took it from me.

I want to move from this desert this month.  I can't though because Missy Pissy has now stolen my savings to do that.  Now this greedy ho, wants my money and the new car.  She won't leave because by some "scammer law" she thinks that she has the right to steal the money and get the car.  Jeffrey is so stupid that he'll sit around until he actually believes it.  Now, Jeffrey knows that Laurie pretended to be Mindy Nichols when she wrote to me on several occasions.  He knows that Laurie is involved in the Nichols' case.  What Laurie and Brian have to do with that case is unknown, but we do know one thing, Laurie is deeply involved with one Rae Fernandez and there is a great deal of money missing.  The case involved PSPD informants, methamphetamine, and all kinds of missing money and "informants"...smells like Laurie LaTweeker to me.  In fact, I found out about the case from Laurie's email to me.  Think I'm fooled?  No way.

I've already contacted Ben Meisalas from the Geragos & Geragos Law Firm representing the Nichols Family and will love having Lisa Damiani do the same today when it comes to Laurie LaTweeker and Missy Pissy only this time we will drop Jeffrey Katzenberg's name into the equation.  We aren't above letting them know that Jeffrey is also working with another informant that has been used by the PSPD in our case that hasn't come forward about Rae Fernandez and that Jeffrey wasn't letting him do that.  There is a serious problem with what Jeffrey is doing in obstructing justice for the Nichols' Family and for me, he's too involved in the same type of scam.  Taking monies from informant's families to keep them in danger.  I don't know what his interest is in this situation, but he has no right to put my family in danger.  Christopher Monti had an obligation to let the Geragos law firm know what he knew about Rae Fernandez but Jeffrey had no right to stop him.  Now that Christopher knows about how monies are stolen from informant's families, it is important that he tell the Chief of Police.  These kinds of issues are clear with the law.  Honest informants stay alive and keep each other alive.

Missy Pissy thinks she can simply wait out her money and kill everyone with disease and starvation, but Jeffrey is just being negligent while things like medical insurance and social security disability are turned off.  His negligence is punitive since it was his decision to hide evidence of Laurie's guilt and Missy's involvement.  It's a shame when parents decide to hurt other peoples' children because of an affair of the heart.

I don't want to live here any longer Chief Reyes.  It is too dangerous having these three women coming after my family night and day with their bullshit stories having Jeffrey help them with lies.  He is so full of his Hollywood drama and desire to help them that it has become a major issue.  He's now taken my own rape and turned it into some kind of "little nothing" that happened.  Look at my fucking skull.  It is debilitating and I can't even see a neurologist because of the way he's taken away my medical insurance.  Others have offered me medical insurance and he and his wife won't let me sign the policy.  Jeffrey won't let me have medical insurance now.  What in the world is going through his fucking mind.  Yes, it is true, there was medical insurance offered to me, but Jeffrey said I wasn't allowed to have it because it would make Missy mad.  How in the fuck is Missy determining my medical insurance.  Missy has her medical insurance...why can't I have mine?  It's because Missy and Laurie want me to get sick and die.  Chief Reyes this is what these two bitches do to men that they don't like, they infect them, beat them to a pulp, reinfect them, then watch them die.

This is what Jeffrey is enforcing...taking money from me only enforced Missy's thug drug dealer policy. 

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