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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Apparently Laurie and Her Brother Didn't Like Mrs. Katzenberg's Choice of Floor Coverings...So They Left Their Opinion Behind!

In case you are thinking that this picture is "inappropriate" please read on.

This is from the movie "Alpha Dog" a mostly true account of a crime committed by Jesse James Hollywood that was filmed in the Palm Springs area but was produced with the help of the Katzenberg family.  So what does that have to do with the picture above?  Well, this is a scene from that movie where Ben Foster has broken into a home to rob a wealthy person and show his displeasure for the person that he is robbing by, um, leaving him a "gift" on the floor...from his rear end.  Ewwwww!

Yes, that is disgusting!  (BTW, I love Ben Foster and I want to meet him because I have a movie idea for him!!!)

At any rate, this is where our story begins to go all "Laurie and Brian" on us.  Remember, Laurie and Brian LaTweeker, are allegedly involved in the break in at the Katzenberg home in the Palm Springs/Palm Desert area in the 2007 time frame around my rape.  This was when the pair was going crazy...and I was having a terrible time with Steven Frey.  I was starting to see things from their home showing up at Steven's house, but I wasn't knowing where they were coming from.  Things like Season 1 of Supernatural, Season 1 of Oz, Home At the End of the World (The Movie), a neon piece of art work and other things....then movies that had previously been unreleased.

I had a friend that worked briefly in that home, but found out later that they had been robbed.

Apparently, as the story goes and the interviews I've had go, Laurie and Brian have, once again, thrown another victim, Benjamin K, in jail and allowed themselves to enter the Katzenberg home while they were away.  Forwarding their parent's phone number afforded Laurie and Brian the luxury of entering the home and robbing it but not before "Ben Fostering" the brand new carpet just installed by Benjamin's mother.  In other words, Brian and Laurie, left a "pile on their pile" or "a bo-bo on their bur bur".  Actually it was both of them.  The "male" as DNA tests have shown left the solid waste, while the female topped the "gift" off with liquid "excrement"....or as I call it..."a chocolate slushie" was left on Marilyn's new carpet for Jeffrey to find.

Bug spray was sprayed all over the bathroom and bedding for the family to ingest...allegedly. Allegedly there was writing all over kitchen floor about hating their family.

All the typical things that Laurie and Brian have done to other burglary victims all over the Palm Springs area for years were done.  Window smashing, picture taking, salacious writings...hateful messages...poisoning attempts....your basic attempts to make people sick or die, also known as a LaTweeker Sibling Normal Day.  You think that I am joking, but this is what these two are like.  They honestly do this every single time they get bored.  They go fucking crazy.  They are hostile.  They are vandals.  They are over fifty years old...yes, fifty year plus old psycho/sociopaths.  It's like geriatric serial killer meth addicts.  Who in the Hell acts like this?  They enter a multi million dollar estate home and took a shit on brand new carpet, leaving their DNA all over the place AND a hypodermic needle!!!

Knowing the PSPD, there probably won't be any DNA that's at the will all be Jeff and Marilyn's.  Like they would do this to their own carpet.  Who's going to tamper with their evidence now that Rae Fernandez is gone????

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