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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

See, It's Not Just The Police...It's The District Attorneys Too! Hate Crime Resulting In Death: Criminals Get 4 Years In Prison???

This shit is out of hand.  This time, let me be clear, it isn't the police!  This is another example of why the justice system at the Larson Justice Center is fucking crazy!  A gay married couple gets jumped in a parking lot by two criminals with records making gay slurs.  A 71 year old man, gets knocked to the ground and goes to the hospital with a broken hip and his husband gets staples in his head.  The 71 year old later dies because of complications caused by the hate crime and the sentences are as follows.

Carr, 31 years old and less than half his age, gets four years in jail and probation.  Terranova, 36, who participates in beating up the other partner and got three years of probation.

This is clearly a case of a hate crime for BOTH of these defendants that BOTH beat up BOTH of these men; husbands, elderly and defenseless.  Both of the men sustained serious injuries, one resulted in a death.  The defendant that got probation threatened to beat the victims even further with a tire iron, where that came from who knows?  These men got off with the deal of the century.  One man lost his husband and the other has to live with the fear that the man that threatened his life with a tire iron is still out there free on probation.  That's fucking ridiculous.

This is not justice.  This is the way that this system in the Coachella Valley treats hate crimes against gay people.  Credit the Palm Springs Police Department for finding and having these two dick heads charged correctly, but who in the Hell at the district attorneys office thinks that this is justice for the victims?  This isn't justice.  If not for the injuries sustained by that beating, the man would not have been in that hospital and died.  You don't go to the hospital, you don't have complications, you don't die.  It's a chain of events that they are both responsible for.  This is a travesty!  No way should anyone let this kind of sloppy prosecution go without there being some kind of repercussion for it.  I would love to know what these men faced if they had been convicted at trial!!!  Why doesn't the news put that on???

I want to know what they were facing and what the deal cut it down to.  Why isn't the district attorney talking about that?

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