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You know something? If I wanted to be like Lori, I would have you believing that I was a Grammy Award winning black music artist...but I'm not! You see, not every Kevin Bond in the world, is me and not every Lori in the world is her. It's all red herrings and smoke and mirrors when it comes to this obnoxious little big mouth according to Jonathan Mendenhall's conversations with me. He'd probably tell you that himself, if he wasn't dead. Since, I am a police informant and he was working for me, I am left to tell you what he knew about Lori. That's one of those horrible things that Lori just hates about Jonathan...he might me in God's Kingdom, but he told me lots about her.
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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Why Can't Lori and Brian Just Admit That They're The Assholes That They Are? They Want Such Bad Ass Reputations...Step Up, Bitches!!!

You know something I've noticed about Lori and Brian LaPussy.  They want everyone to fear them, but unlike real gangsters, they aren't really "MAN ENOUGH" to step up to the plate and be those people.  Someone is obviously out there doing all this shit to these gay men and infecting them because they are "having their opinion about what they think" and "implanting them with these devices and telling the police", so why don't the two of them man up and say so?

It's simple, neither one of them is "bad ass" enough like they act like they are.  Oh sure, they talk like they are cocks of the walk in Palm Springs, but where I come from, if you are a bad ass, you aren't afraid to own up to what you do.  Lori and Brian always play this "we're so innocent" bullshit.  Nobody believes that they are, of course, but it sure is funny when they close the door and start screaming at everyone to do what they say.  Neither one of them has a pair of balls on them between the two without their knockout drug or their's so fucking ridiculous.

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