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Could Lori and Brian survive on just one victim of this crime paying the bills for everything that they do? Not if that victim is me, I can tell you that. Lori lived under the impression that I would inherit part of my family's water company for a very long time. Remember she has kept an eye on me since I was 19. I am not really that type of person, however. I don't look to inheritances for security and don't really care about stuff like that. Right now I am living the nightmare that happens when Lori is too far from her hunting grounds to find people to hurt me. So she has to do it herself. Not the most comfortable position now that she has five people there helping her.
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Friday, July 7, 2017

Another Arrest, Right Jeffrey Katzenberg? You Still Think He Isn't Trying To Have Me Arrested?


Sprung that bitch out of jail in Sedona, Arizona so that she could call in another arrest did she?  Can't believe you Jeffrey Katzenberg.  You all think that Marilyn and Jeffrey are so innocent don't you.  This is another arrest by Laurie to try to put people in jail that testify against her...and you all think that Missy Pissy and Jeffrey didn't do this on purpose?  Nice job Christopher, you are really a friend to all of us aren't you?  You fucking miserable piece of garbage.  You aren't a friend to any of us.  All you want to do is hurt people that helped you, you miserable piece of shit.  Go back to  Brooklyn.

These boys don't know how to fight back.  They're about to learn.

Once again, Laurie is sprung from an Arizona jail with her brother from Jeffrey Katzenberg's personal assistants while we were on vacation...and now that they are on the loose, David, Missy Pissy, Brian and Laurie are going to "teach us a lesson"?  Who the fuck do they think they are?  They're fucking fugitives living in Jeffrey Katzenberg's fucking dime!  What the fuck is that kind of justice?  It isn't justice.  This guy literally sends over two employees that bail out two people that allegedly molest two boys and film the molestation...and these two employees either steal the bail money or Jeffrey gives it to them to bail them out under false names...they come back to California and start filing restraining orders against me, put asshole Christopher in jail and then get Anthony arrested?  What the fuck is this asshole Jeffrey doing to us?  Why in the Hell is he going unpunished for bailing out criminals that he is working with?

This isn't justice, this is punishment that Jeffrey Katzenberg and his wife are doling out for no reason at all!  What in the Hell is wrong with these fucking parents?  These men are all police informants in the case against the people that his employees bailed out of jail and, incidentally, are the same people that infected other people that work for the Katzenbergs that have been infected with HIV.  What is Jeffrey's interest in keeping them out of custody.  These employees of his are hurting the gay community.  They must all need to have their heads examined.  What in the hell are all of you doing over there?  How are all of these employees infected with Laurie's HIV virus and none of them are insisting on their return to the charges against them in Arizona?

Jeffrey wants me to go to jail again and I'm not about to do that for him.  No god damn way.  He has this thing about punishing all of us for some reason and his son won't stop him.  If this continues to go this way he and his wife can expect me to do something to stop it legally.  I won't play this game any longer.  What he and his wife did to fly in the sureties for the bonds that allegedly let loose the siblings is a big time crime.  No way this should have ended with the arrests of Anthony and Christopher the traitor.

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