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Could Lori and Brian survive on just one victim of this crime paying the bills for everything that they do? Not if that victim is me, I can tell you that. Lori lived under the impression that I would inherit part of my family's water company for a very long time. Remember she has kept an eye on me since I was 19. I am not really that type of person, however. I don't look to inheritances for security and don't really care about stuff like that. Right now I am living the nightmare that happens when Lori is too far from her hunting grounds to find people to hurt me. So she has to do it herself. Not the most comfortable position now that she has five people there helping her.
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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Does Laurie Give YOU Blue Balls? Staphylococcus Aureus The Blue Widow's Blue Balls of Death

You know what kills most of the guys that the Blue Widow infects with HIV?  It isn't the normal pneumocisis that comes with AIDS, it's a staph related pneumonia that comes from a bacteria that isn't normal.  This is a signature of the Blue Widow.  Staph related pneumonia is not normal in HIV patients world wide, but it is in Palm Springs, California and it is what kills us here.  Without the proper antibiotics and antiretroviral regimen a compromised immune system from the Blue Widow can mean a death sentence for the victims that she infects.  Anyone infected with Laurie's virus that doesn't seek treatment with the current treatments for HIV is at risk.

It is really important that we find these victims as soon as possible so that we get them on these regimens.  These men and women stand a really good chance of living a full life if we get their HIV virus genotyped and treated.  If not, they could go without HIV meds and if their immune system becomes compromised, these little blue balls above will eventually show up in their blood stream and cause the pneumonia that will kill them.  I've been hospitalized twice with that pneumonia before I began my HIV treatment.

Along with the HIV virus Laurie's infection also comes with exposure to HEP A, B,  C or HEP C infection, TB, Syphilis, toenail fungus, Zostrix virus in the form of herpes or shingles or Bells Palsy....usually all of the above over time.  Victims of this crime usually suffer from all of these over time.  Categorically most of us can't explain how this could have happened.  The HIV infection alone is a mystery to most of us.  Genotyping the virus will show that the person that infected all of us was a woman with all of the above characteristics....if we get a sample of her blood.

There are samples available on the jeans that are in the custody at the PSPD, the Sedona Police Department, and maybe other places...

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