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Once again, Lori was soliciting people to help her because she wanted me to get mad at Jeffrey Katzenberg and Alice Mendenhall. Not going to happen. These parents rank among the top people that Lori has indirectly and directly harassed for years and years. My mother and father are the same as these parents too. I support all of the families of the hundreds of victims that Lori and her brother Brian hurt. So while she screamed at me to blame Jeffrey, she tried to sweet talk him into complaining about me. It isn't that way. I'm a person, but I'm a smarter person than that. Lori LaFond is the problem, not me.
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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Bail Money For Idiots: Boy Can Jeffrey Pick The Winners

Boy is Jeffrey's Chief of Security a dip shit of epic proportions.  I've heard he's like the best in the business, but he's got to be one of the dumbest people I've ever heard of.  When you are in charge of security, you have an obligation to the people that employ you, but you also have an obligation to the public.  It goes hand in hand.  Most of these jokers have police experience or federal police experience and have been in the courtroom.  These guys have brains, they aren't stupid.  So when I asked Benjamin Katzenberg to come to Arizona to monitor this situation for safety...I thought that if something went wrong we'd be covered...not so.

You have to understand, Benjamin had my permission to use this system to "help us put the suspects in this crime, Laurie and Brian, in jail".  That was the permission.  So what could have been better when the two put themselves there?  Nothing could have worked better to our advantage than the two idiots doing what they were suspected of, drug manufacturing and child porn making, in, of all places, Arizona.  It was a horrible thing to happen, but in the best place of all.  The State that would kick their ass.  Enter Jeffrey Katzenberg and his big fat mouthed assistants/drug addicts David and Missy Pissy.  They couldn't have stepped off the plane faster and run over to the drug house rental before snorting a line.  These two idiots were supposed to be there to help Benjamin and his mother keep an eye out for my team, instead they began their party week.

Missy Pissy then ended up having to bail out Brian when he tried to follow Jonathan and myself to North Scottsdale and ended up in Tuscon wasted, in the Katzenberg's stolen car, full of drugs, wearing panties and carrying knock out barbiturates to fill my car up and call the police on me and Jonathan.  When that didn't work, Missy and Laurie came up and bailed him out with Jeffrey's cash.  Hold on...Jeffrey's cash?  Yes...fifty thousand large in cash for a $500,000 bail!!!  Under a fake name, probably Christopher Monti's...and he is given an ankle monitor and says he'll be living at Jonathan's father's house.  He immediately cuts that off and assumes another name once he gets back to Sedona, but the girls tell Jonathan, "If you think that Benjamin is going to help you, think again, his father is the person that just bailed Brian out, so forget it!"  Doesn't look good for Jeffrey since Brian was trying to stick drugs in my car to have me arrested as the police informant,

Not being one to stay out of trouble, Brian and Laurie get arrested again after knocking out the whole rental house except for David and photograph and molest, allegedly two boys that they have had problems with in Palm Springs before and have been reported for.  So now Brian has violated his first bail and needs to be returned to Pima County Jail, but Missy, who is his surety on the first bond doesn't say anything and neither does Jeffrey's security guy.  Stupid move.  He should have called the police at Pima County Jail or told the court as the law requires so that the police would have picked him up after being released...but he didn't do that.  This is illegal.  Remember, Laurie is the girl that infected Benjamin Katzenberg with the HIV virus, now the security chief is allowing her to get out of jail.  Some security right?  So now the bail posted in the first arrest can't be returned to Jeffrey because  the defendant has jumped bail and didn't return and the $500,000 is now due, all of it...via Missy Pissy.  If the security guy had gone with Missy and David into the court and said, these two defendants are not giving their true names...the court wouldn't have given them bail and they would have remained, saving Jeffrey another $90,000 in bail cash or more.  Now that money is forfeited along with whatever the entire bail amount is.

Seven years these defendants have been freed because of the mistakes of one stupid security chief.  One person that should have known better than to allow two rapists to go free that he damn well knew photographed and sexually assaulted two kids in Sedona, Arizona.  He knew it.  He did nothing because he is paid for by Jeffrey Katzenberg and his wife.  They don't care.

Missy Pissy should never and could never legally swear to knowing Brian LaTweeker as two different people under two different names.  She's now committed bail fraud for both defendants as neither is the correct name for either of the defendants.  This is a bait and switch used by the siblings for many years.  A major felony used in an organized crime of drug dealing and manufacturing of drugs and child pornography.  The bails that were set were very high.  Given that the defendants were from out of state, and that Brian was already arrested previously that week, one mention of that arrest from Jeffrey's Chief of Security would have likely kept him in jail as a "Flight Risk".  There is no way in hell that an order from Jeffrey, "not to get involved" wasn't something that caused the release of these two dangerous criminals.  It is my opinion that the release was planned and paid for by Mr. Katzenberg because of his odd relationship with Missy who seemed to have a control over his life for the last seven years and still does.  There is some kind of thing that she does to him.  He's never done anything that has caused her to be responsible for the lies that she has told, not one single thing.  Instead he's followed a path of "don't help Kevin and his family" or "put him in jail".  That has been consistent all the way through since Jeffrey arrived on the scene.

In no investigation that I've ever seen has it been smarter to support the drug dealers and child porn manufacturers than law enforcement.  Never.  Do you realize that he's spent millions of dollars supporting Laurie and Brian's freedom and he's in the hole to me over $27,000.  He and his wife have not spent a single dime on helping the victims of this crime.  Not one single penny as have any of the parents of this crime.  Instead of helping the true victims of this crime, these wealthy parents have opted to allow Laurie and Brian to torture as many of the people that help to keep an eye out for me as possible.  Jeffrey doesn't believe in helping the innocent victims of this torture, he wants nothing more than to see us parish.  He's purchased police officers that won't enforce warrants.  He's purchased witnesses that won't speak.  He's purchased the other informant not to talk.  He's literally purchased my own family member's silence, but he won't purchase me.  I'm not for sale.

If I have to, I will make certain that his chief of security is held responsible for the lack of concern for the public safety and the crimes that Laurie, Brian, Missy and David have committed since Brian's release.  I am certain that there have been many.  There are two kinds of people in this world that can get things done, Rich people and connected people.  Jeffrey is rich and he can keep Laurie out of jail for a while, but I'm connected and I can put her there as well as Jeff.  You see I'm not afraid of Jeffrey Katzenberg, he hates me because he worked with that blond fucking whore Missy for too long.  She's such a lying scam artist.  You can clearly see that her tits are the only thing she has going for her...brains aren't her strong point.  You don't bail out one man under two names in the same week and not draw attention to yourself.  Come on honey...strippers don't have that kind of money, but your boss did.

Jeffrey has it out for me.  Let's face it folks, he wants this project to be his.  It's not. It isn't Marilyn's.  It's not Missy Pissy's.  It's not his son's.  It isn't Jonathan's.  It's not Christopher's.  It's mine.  I worked the hardest on it and I'm the one that exposed this crime to the world.  Not any of the above.  He's a jealous little man that is trying to create some third generation of Hulu and sell it to the world like it's some kind of new product and calling it Wonderco.   Blah, blah, blah.  He's not relevant any longer.  He's old and isn't welcome in Hollywood that's why he's venturing on to the net.  Nobody wants to work with a thief that got kicked out of the union.  His wife isn't going to be there much longer either the way she's going.  I can see why.  He's not nice to anyone.  I've found him millions of dollars of things that were stolen from his home.  To thank me he bailed out the burglars.  Isn't that nice?   His security chief literally helped to bail out the burglars that stole his wife's car and shit on his living room floor.  This is his Chief of Security.  Want him in your home?

It's not easy thinking that this guy would rather work with drug addicts and child pornographers with no education than someone like me that worked for the U.S. Department of Justice and about fifteen federal judges, but that's Jeffrey fucking Katzenberg, he likes to sleaze around in the gutter.  He's a pig.  This is the absolute wrong guy to work with on a criminal investigation.  He's a liar.  Dirty.  Low down. Scumbag. Hollywood producer.   He got kicked out of Hollywood because they needed more room for the rats.  I know that he literally sent Brian and Laurie over to Sedona with the thought of planting drugs on my friends...let me clarify...the idea was Laurie's to go, but once they were there, he was all for the planting of drugs on us once we got there.  Why else was he telling his wife and kid not to get involved.  Why even be there?  Clearly they were only there to bail out Missy and David.

You know what I thought was sad.  I want you Hollywood types to hear this now.  Marilyn Katzenberg, the woman you all know and love is sitting in her room watching Laurie and Brian photographing and filming two innocent little boys, 13 and 15 years old, getting raped after being drugged.  I know that she couldn't break in and stop this, but she did have a security guy there.  He did nothing.  She also knows that Laurie and Brian intentionally spread HIV to kids.  Once the deed was done and her "friend" David did nothing to stop it.  The police were notified.  Don't you think that the Marilyn that you know would have gone to the police station and talked to the father and the boys and comforted them?  Don't you?  I would have thought that.  She did nothing.  Didn't say anything.  Didn't do any kind of mothering.  Didn't offer any type of solace.  Nothing.  Her kid has been raped and infected by the same duo and you know she would have wanted someone to have stopped that...but in return, she did nothing.  How many mothers have ever been in that position to help?  This woman couldn't and wouldn't do anything.  She does it to me every day now for seven and a half years.  She does nothing.

Two boys, angry and scared.  Not unlike her own child.  She was sent there to protect them. Security Chief there.  Not one damn thing was done.  Instead, the two people she did bring, bailed the rapists out of jail.  Nice huh?  Jeffrey wanted to work with the drug dealers and the child pornographers, not the law enforcement officers or me.
The continuing theme that I've seen from Jeffrey is this..."put Kevin in jail...for anything".  "Make him poor", "make him beg", "show him I'm more powerful and in control of his family", "show him I'm boss" and frankly, I'm not going to buy that load of shit from someone that I don't respect.  I don't like rich people because of their sense of entitlement.  Is it really an accomplishment to be proud of that he has so much money he can let two notorious rapists out of jail?  Wow Jeff, you really are impressive!

You see, what you do with your massive amount of money might be more impressive to me than the stupid things that I've seen you do with it.  Buying off cops and buying off my friends and buying off witnesses...none of that shit is impressing me Jeff.  Everyone knows that money can do that.  My friends tend to be weak.  It's not a secret.  That's historic.  Like I've said before, I'll find a higher class of friends by not giving in to your bullshit simply by not catering to your style of bullying by starvation and hatred of our community.  Support the rapists, blame the victims.  Marilyn and Jeffrey have been doing this for years.  I'm not proud that Christopher has joined them, but this isn't a surprise either.  Money is a powerful draw for some.  You get to a point with people where you see what is and is not important. 

Laurie would love for me to get into a discussion about how that plays out in my relationship with Christopher, but that isn't where I'm at.  That's another game Jeffrey and Marilyn are playing.  Like two little girls passing notes in class Jeffrey has become a hateful little girl.  What I am is patriotic.  I believe in following the law.  I have to.  Jeffrey wants to put me in jail, if I don't he will.  I once said that there are only three ways to deal with Jeffrey...the first isn't an option, the second is to put him in jail and the third is to expose him for who he really is.  You see to someone like Jeff, reputation is everything.  Nobody will want to work with someone that supports a child pornographer or a rapists.  You all remember how he spoke so highly of Missy don't you?  Remember, she bailed out Laurie and Brian in March of 2010, when did Jeffrey tell you she was so terrific?  Wasn't it after that?  Bailing out child pornographers isn't exactly a "great person now is it"?  Incidentally, Missy is now living with the fugitives that she bailed out...doing drugs daily and probably has a warrant out for herself.  Jeffrey's Ho Rehab didn't work.

So a decade of my life was wasted on Jeffrey and Marilyn's Ho Rescue Service.  Unfortunately the cost was to the general public.  Our friend Shawn Parrish, was killed because of that.  That's a tragedy.  One man that I know of was implanted, maybe infected and was thrown in jail.  Another woman was arrested going on to the marine corps base.  Two others may have been implanted.  One father died.  And the cost was higher than any progress made by any of the team.  In fact the Palm Springs team has made no progress at all.  The Joshua Tree team has made no progress. I've been on television a while back but since it has been very hard to get anything done, thanks to the Katzenbergs.  In essence the release of the fugitives did nothing more than stall everything that we needed done because of Jeffrey's Ho Rehab that failed.

Jeffrey continues to have this false believe that he will get something for nothing from me.  That's not going to happen.  He believes that the money he stole from me is some kind of reward that he's going to give me...that's also not a reward.  I will never allow someone that befriended a pedophile to work with me.  Never.  That approach is filthy.  It is so sickening to me as a person that I barely think that I could speak to Marilyn Katzenberg knowing what her own son must have been thinking.

Seven and a half years Jeffrey has used Laurie torturing me with her hateful voice and constant threats of violence towards me and my family.  Every single day he does nothing to stop her or put her in jail as his sadistic hate filled life becomes more complete.  It's like he finally has someone tied up in his Hollywood office that he can beat on every time someone makes him mad. Hes a shit head with a huge Napoleon complex that probably should have had the shit beaten out of him a few more times than he did.  This man needs to have someone arrest him and take all his money away.

I'm that guy.

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