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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Taking Over The San Diego Territory???

At the recent Summit Meetings, it has become clear that Jeffrey Katzenberg and his whore, Missy Pissy, have made yet another power play for control over the remote neural monitoring system.  After the pair robbed me of my life savings, by scamming my sister then keeping the monies from me for a period of years, they embarked on a campaign with the police of "their own investigation" into the person that robbed Jeffrey's home.  Apparently, Missy, spending the monies stolen from that robbery wasn't enough information for the police.  Now she has decided that, after years of knowing all about that robbery and many rapes, that she does know about the crime...what a fucking whore.  After she, Bessie and her boyfriend Dave, together with Jeffrey, came up with a scam, to steal monies from my family, they embarked on a campaign of poverty for my mother, father and myself.

Now, Jeffrey and Missy are trying desperately to take over the San Diego, investigation in the hopes of scamming more families out of their life savings for Missy and her friends.  Jeffrey and Missy, together again.  Thanks to the absolute idiocy of Bryan Anderson and Kenneth Davenport, two crack headed police officers, they are now allowing Missy and Jeffrey access to other families to use extortion and scams to hurt anyone that would get in Jeffrey's way.  Scamming money from helpless families using friends as bait.

Jeffrey has never once asked me for permission to use this money and he told my family member to lie about it.  Now he and everyone around him are telling her to act like it was never there.  It is over twenty thousand dollars worth of money...and he acts like it is no big deal.  The man is crazy.  He and Missy Pissy, along with Bessie Smith took this money and gave it to Jeffrey whom has not allowed my family any access to it.  He took it and won't give it back.  I want police to arrest him for it immediately.  His son, his wife, Missy, Bessie, David and Laurie are all involved in the scam.  I want them arrested and I want charged pressed against them.  They all belong in jail for it.

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