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Friday, February 24, 2017

Laurie's Alleged "Safety Net": Double Dipping With The Gal Pals

Not to stereotype or anything but you know lesbians, two minutes after meeting, as they say, they're moving in together. (Except Jane, now I'm  gonna get punched.)  So, could it be true?  Has Laurie finally landed the big fish? Oops, shouldn't use a fish reference when speaking of girls that love girls, note to self.  Has Laurie finally made her "love connection"?  I'm not sure if this one passes the bullshit test, but we'll float this one out there and see if it smells like Laurie on a windy day.  (No water at her house for six weeks, no soap for a lifetime.  pee-eww!)

Besides putting together her new set of "maternity pictures" ("You know women are having babies much later in life these days," Laurie has been explaining to people. So you know we're getting ready to see some baby bump photos again.  Empty womb syndrome.  "She's had children," according to what I've been told she's mentioned to La Quinta City Attorney M.Katherine Jensen from Rutan & Tucker.  BTW, for all the PSPD cops that think that she and Bryan Anderson have children together, not true.  Bryan's kids are all his with his wife, none of them are his and Laurie's.  That rumor is not true.  He and Laurie have never co mingled in the sexual department...she isn't estranged from those kids, she's never had any.), what is Laurie up to now?

Apparently she's shacking up with the two loves of her life.  Brian, her brother/home health care patient/part time gynecologist and Missy Pissy, her pole dancing stripper neighbor from Cathedral City that she's been in love with from the first time she saw her.   It's a dream come true.  It's basically everything Laurie's ever dreamed of.  All she needs now is a unicorn and a tree that grows meth and money with syringes.  Oh the dreams of a meth user.  If there could only be a magic pizza delivery service with free pizza and a penis growing machine for her brother, everything would be perfect. ( I'm leaving out things about children because I'm still looking for endorsements.)

Let's talk about this "safety net" thing.  Here's the deal.  My family is not rich.  Laurie has this thing with Missy about my family.  I don't know where she gets it from and God only knows where it's going to lead but for some reason she's obsessed with us.  Stealing from us, attacking us, killing's been her life long dream.  I don't have any idea why, but it's her obsession.  None of us have ever had anything to do with her. Ever.  We've never been mean to her.  We've never known her.  Nothing.  She picked a family and that's what she's done.  Seriously.

So she got it in her head again that we were somehow rich.  Now my father was a school teacher.  My mom was a business woman with a small business that we haven't owned in twenty five years and my sister is a kindergarten teacher.  I worked for the federal government for a while and did other stuff.  Not rich.  She got it in her head that we were so she stalked us.  For decades.  At some point we were going to inherit a water company owned by my grandfather and she went ape shit.  When that didn't work out for Laurie she stuck around.  When I saved money for Christopher and myself working on this project, she and Missy planned on stealing it.  $30,000 or so was saved and Missy Pissy stole it acting like she was protecting me from Laurie with Jeffrey's help...then they bought a car.  Then he got rid of Missy Pissy.  Apparently.  Now Missy's moved in with Laurie and Laurie thinks that the money should be her's because she planned so hard to steal it with Missy...thus, "her safety net".  HUH?!?!?!  What the fuck?

This is what Laurie's meth logic is like.  She honestly believes that my already stolen savings account should be stolen again for her "safety net".  Like she's some kind of deserving benefactor of her devious planning.  Her meth logic is "I planned for it, shouldn't I get the stolen money?"  This is how she thinks.  She thinks she can sweet talk Marilyn and Jeffrey into giving it to Missy for her.  HUH!?!?!?!?  Well, Missy is still around, so there you go.  This pair of lesbians need to have their heads examined if they think that double dip is going to work because their ain't no way on the Isle of Lesbos that's gonna happen.  Not in the world of the Energizer Bunny with extra batteries for their vibrators is that dream gonna come true. 
If wishes were fishes it would smell like Laurie and Missy's bedroom last night, because that was the Deadliest Wish I've ever hear of.  These two have more spun ducky woo woo going on in their meth pipe than I've ever heard of.  You think that you're going to buy a new car with my stolen savings account for one girl, then get caught, move in with the second girl, then have the nerve to ask for the money again?  Come on's time to put down the crack pipe and get a real grip.  That's a pipe dream ladies.  Even Junior the gynecologist, aka Dr. Smallcock, knows that it's not gonna happen.

As usual, Laurie has tried to use my family as some kind of bank account for her method of stealing and keeping her alive.  We have no obligation to this girl.  She has cost us so much over forty years that you can't imagine the gall she has to even come near us and act like she's done nothing wrong.  Besides the numerous arrests that I've suffered, there is the death, the shooting, the career, the court case with my father, the many accusations, the rumors, the indignations, the humiliation, and all kinds of horrible horrible things and now she thinks she's going get on a microphone and tell everyone that because she planned for it, my savings account is going to be her "safety net"?  Fuck you bitch!  "I can see that might be a little offensive," she just said.  Fuck you again bitch.

She and Missy don't just have some nerve, they have no sense in their heads.  You can't simply mock someone like me to this point.  I'm not the kind of person that you can sit on the other end of a telephone line and say these things to and get away with it.  I won't threaten you online and I won't do anything illegal.  I'm not a stupid man.  I became a police informant to have you arrested peacefully and without violence. Legally and sane.  You can continue to mock me all you want.  Sticks and stones.  One day you will cross the line and I will be standing there will all the metaphorical ammunition I need to blow you both away into a prison cell for the rest of your man hating lives.  You see girls I know what you are both looking for here and it's just not gonna happen for you.  Neither of you is going to go near my sister again.

As we speak I am asking my attorney to prepare something.  It's called a permanent order of restraint.  It can be prepared because of some pictures that were taken by Laurie a long time ago with her brother.  These pictures were taken at Steven Frey's home.  I'm sure that Laurie remembers them.  Jonathan had them and they have been seen.  One of them was used on a postcard, ring a bell, Laurie?  Because of these pictures and what they depict, and order can be drawn up to keep Laurie and Missy away from my family permanently.  I wouldn't try to stop it either, or you could end up answering questions sooner than you'd like Laurie and Brian.  M. Katherine Jensen, might also like to see them as well, Ms. Thang.  So if I were you, girls, I would start thinking of a different "safety net".  The one that you were both trying to rely on, has huge holes in it.  Big deep ones that put you both in a place that neither of you is prepared to land.  Understand Brian?

You see these kinds of orders don't need a civil hearing.  These kinds of orders are based on actions that are being investigated on a criminal level and keep you from going near families that are protected.  It also prevents you from contacting others to contact my family dearest.  If you continue to pursue Facebook and other friends of ours, you will be arrested.  In other words, stop immediately.  Stop texting as my family.  Stop asking about my family.  Stop looking into my family and stop acting like my family dearest.  You have got no more safety net.  Both of you girls need to find a new hobby and it better not involve us.  It's been far too long.

This kind of stalking that you are doing is finished.  If you have a problem with the way this is being handled call Lisa Damiani, she can tell you how it really is.

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