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Ten years of terror brought to me by two waitresses and a Hollywood producer. The mental cruelty that I've been put through only makes me understand one thing...I can't be used as one person then discarded as another. Jeffrey would never even know about this crime if it wasn't for my efforts to save his son. To thank me, he stole $30,000 to help two women with questionable pasts instead of the people that I hired to do the job. He cut everyone I hired loose for some blonde freakshow with a history of ruining families. It's a shame that some people can't see gay men as equals...we already knew the girls didn't.
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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Lori: Still Crazy After All These Queers

When Lori does get around to writing her memoirs it should be called, "Confessions of a Fag Hag!"  Most of us that Lori has harassed over the years know some pretty interesting things about her.  Mostly it's all the sexual questions that she wants to know about but will never be invited to participate in.  "What did you do?  How many times? Top or bottom?  Was there a happy ending?"  All the stuff that Lori loves to know the gory details about.

Don't mistake Mila Kunis above as someone that looks like Lori, our serial rapist isn't nearly this pretty or talented.  Ours is kind of a butch rage monster that thinks of herself as a white supremacist who thinks that all fags should be punished.  She's drawn swastikas on walls, has a "hate all gay men" manifesto and is not anything like what she pretends to be in person, not that the act lasts long in the first place.

Right now I am at work and she is in the middle of another drug fueled rant about all the "mean gay men" that did this to her.  Did what?  Nobody has ever done anything to hurt this girl before she enters their life.  She use to spend all day and night pretending to be a man on  If you are a victim of this crime and you had an account, she would simply log into your account and pretend to be you.  She would start rumors or lies about you using your own account.  I learned early on how to protect my passwords from her so I would only get messages from her pretending to be other men.  The odd thing was that they never really sound like they are from a man.  They sound forced, fake and the pictures have been used on so many other accounts that you know she isn't real.

Once, I met and spoke to Christopher Monti online, Lori targeted him for rape, which was accomplished in San Diego in late April, 2008.  All I had to do was chat with someone and they instantly were marked to be implanted and infected.  Christopher's rape in San Diego is something that Jonathan and Christopher will now tell you all about.

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