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Thursday, November 13, 2014

REPOST: How Angie, The AIDS Virus and My Team Can Show You How Intentional Infections Can Be Traced To Lisa Beyond A Reasonable Doubt

This is our friend Angelina Pitt-Jolie.  She is a remarkable person that knows stuff that a lot of people are looking into these days.  It is with her inspiration that I will tell you the story of HIV infection, the HIV secretary and why fourth place isn't always the worst thing.  This one is tough to explain, so I am going to try my best.

By now you have heard the story that this woman above had her genes tested to see if she was a likely candidate for breast cancer.  When she found out that she was, she made the decision to have a double mastectomy to avoid that horrible disease.  That decision was based on genetics.  Most people would love to look like Angie, wouldn't you?  She'll tell you diet, exercise, proper nutrition and all that, but if you want to look like Angie Jolie, it is impossible, know why?  Because your DNA isn't the same as hers...or rather, it's the same, it's just coded differently to make you look like you and Angie to look like Angie.

This is what Angie really looks like to a forensic epidemiologist...somehow, she still looks sexy huh? lol.  Yes, ladies, those lips and eyes are on there somewhere...

Science has come a very long way and even though this strand of DNA might not look like much, when it is put together as a looks like Angie Jolie.  Don't be upset though, because you have this same basic just aren't put together like Angie are put together like you are.  That's why you look like you do and she looks like she does.  Every single cell in Angie's body, looks like this strand above.  Her hair, her lips, her eyes...every cell, just like you.  It is unique to's just a combination of half of mom's DNA and half of dad's...and even if you had Angie's mom and dad, unless you were an identical still wouldn't look like's just the way they combined.  The possibilities are endless even between the same mom and dad...only one Angie ladies, sorry.

That's the first part of our lesson, now grab a cup of coffee and digest how unique you are...there's only one of you in the entire universe that is put together the way you are...see, you are of a kind.

Here goes the second part of our lesson...stay with me...

You know what's on the outside is also on the inside too....Angie's blood looks like her fact if you took a sample from her beautiful skin and a sample from her blood, the DNA strand you see above would look exactly the same...identical, because it came from her.  With that in mind, lets talk about the HIV virus...oooh scary!!!

This is the HIV kind of looks like the Death Star from Star Wars...and for a long time it was....but not to worry, there are now medicines that can be taken like an X wing fighter flying down the canal to shoot the medicine right into the virus rendering it helpless...(actually it just keeps the virus from doing it's thing, but I like the Star Wars reference)

Though it looks like the Death Star, what it is really like, for you Star Trek like the Borg .   It is a collective...retaining the DNA from each person that gets the infection and passes that information on to the next person that gets the virus, maintaining each individual's DNA strand that makes them unique and adding the new person to the end of the chain...It's like a history book of who had it first, who had it second and whom had it third.  The HIV virus essentially takes a piece of each person it has been in and puts them in order of whom had it first...and subsequently...

Once thought of as the perfect killing machine, this little monster is actually the perfect secretary...telling you exactly whom passed it from whom to whom...only it doesn't show you a picture like you see above with Angie, you see the picture the forensic epidemiologist sees when he sees Angie...the one that looks like a spinning ladder.  When it passes from person to person, the first person's ladder is added to the bottom of the next person's the DNA strand of the virus, doubles...gets longer...from person to person.

In our case in Palm Springs, California...when it comes to electronic harassment victims...the HIV virus only has three ladders before it adds the E.H. victim's DNA.  That's what they call a very early strain.   The ladders are neatly organized by the virus IN ORDER...with the fourth person being the E.H. victim's at the end of the ladder...that means he or she got the virus from the number three ladder...without a doubt, no if's ands or buts.  No doubt.  So far we can tell that the third place ladder is from a woman, by looking at what her ladder looks like.  Scientists are smart, they know how to read these ladders, just like knowing that Angie was at a high risk for breast cancer...if they can know that, then they can also know the gender of the DNA...that's simple.

I find it helpful to show you this is what it looks like.  Here's the story of Red Man, Yellow Man and Blue Woman....numbers one two and three on the virus that we are looking at's ladder.

Click for Larger View please

At some point Red Man meets Yellow Man and the HIV virus inside of Red Man enters the body of Yellow Man....this could have been through sex or infected needles or any way that blood contacted blood...Laurie like to say that they were "butt ramming homos", but I like to think of it as a blood to blood handshake with bad need to be so vulgar Laurie.  In a handshake there is contact between these two people with no space's the only way the virus can pass...Red's blood with HIV virus meets Yellow Man's Blood without the virus....
Click for Larger View please

Yellow Man, then meets up with Blue Girl...we know she's a woman because her ladder says so (but her ladder isn't as pretty as Angie Jolie'  Yellow Man and Blue Girl's blood shakes hands and guess what happens?  You're right!  The HIV virus secretary records that meeting...she's really good at the details too...she remembers what color eyes Blue Girl had, her hair, whom her brother is and all sorts of things...HIV virus is like the secretary of the decade...she deserves flowers or something on Secretary's day.
Click for Larger View please

So the Secretary has done a very superior job in recording who's blood met whom and in what's just the way she is.  The order that the blood shakes hands is very important for the victim's of this crime.  Blue Woman, allegedly, likes to shake hands alot...and she likes to do it at the same time that someone puts an RFID chip inside of the victims.  We know this from the "Book of Slaves and Shadows" which is a hand written account of RFID "hook ups" (I like to call that implantation, but Brian LaTweek calls it "the hook up"...the handwriting in these "books"matches remember her don't you?
Click for Larger View please

Here's where our story gets interesting....4th place!  It would seem that the 4th place position on the HIV ladder guest book, keeps going to people that have never met Blue Woman.  They never shook her hand in person and don't know that they've ever met her.  Even more odd is that the majority of these 4th placers are gay men...almost exclusively except for a few women and a straight man, but none of them remember shaking her hand or "butt ramming her" as Laurie how did Blue woman get on these victim's ladders?  The only possible way is if she introduced her blood when they weren't aware of the introduction...Blue Woman is very rude that way.  She's bossy and intrusive.

She also seems to be very friendly with Lisa...if she isn't her...because these men are told that "they have AIDS" and Lisa tells the police that they are HIV positive before these men have ever been arrested.   How would Lisa know that?  She must know Blue Woman...

Lisa use to tell everyone that I was Yellow Man, but the truth is that I've never introduced my blood to her...we've never had sex and I've never shared or used a hypodermic needle.  The City of La Quinta's employee also admits that she hasn't had anything to do with me since high I certainly can't be Yellow Man, I'm gay and I don't shake hands with my blood with any women or men...I think Lisa is hiding something.  Here is what it looks like when an electronic harassment victim's virus is observed:
Click for Larger View please

What my team is doing is looking for all electronic harassment victims that are RED-YELLOW-BLUES WITH THEIR DNA LADDER NEXT IN SEQUENCE.  My team has already been tested and I can allege this...we have a lot of RED-YELLOW-BLUES...that have never intentionally shaken hands with Blue Woman with their consent or knowledge...she's who we think is responsible for our RFID chipping and the addition of her HIV guest book to our viral strand.

See, that wasn't hard to explain at all, was it?

Here's the other news...other viruses that are Blue Woman's....also do the same thing...Blue Woman adds to the chain of syphillis, TB and Hep C...all contributed to us by the one and only Ms. Blue Woman...this is what we call "beyond a reasonable doubt" and it is the other crime associated with Electronic Harassment...."intentional infection."  It has to be intentional, because the fourth placers never know whom she is, but she's introduced her guest book to all of us, without a doubt.

Fourth place...usually reserved for the most disappointed athlete in the stadium has now become "the new black", in terms of it's popularity.  It's quite fashionable these days to be fourth place and, if you take the correct medications, it isn't deadly any's manageable.  It's what I like to call, "dangerous fashion" Kendall Jenner in a see through looks dangerous, but if managed properly, it's just fashion....or in our case, just a virus that can't hurt us.
Click for Larger View please

Thanks, Angie for your input on this demonstration!  You are the most beautiful strand of all!!! After all, aren't we all stars???

I would also like to remind you all, after consulting with my notes, that there is one woman that always insisted that people that buy drugs from her use them right in front of her...and she would ONLY let them use a needle that she prepared.  She calls it a "trust issue"; that woman was known years ago in Warm Sands as, "Laurie the Drug Dealer".  I know that this "needle only that I prepare" policy has been told to me many times...perhaps this is how the virus is spreading from woman to man....I don't know, but many of those men didn't use needles either...suspicious???

It would appear, forensic epidemiologically speaking, that we have a Blue Widow on our hands:
Is Lisa/Laurie The Blue Widow of Palm Springs?
She Hates, Then She Kills!!!

(The only thing she's missing is a scrunchy and her brother to hide behind!!!! OMGMKO!!!)

Moneyballs, I was going to go with this tag line for Lisa: The Blue Widow.
"Lesbian Regrets, So She Injects"
"Gay Men Reject, So She Injects"
Only an Oklahoman like yourself can give the opinion...remember, you're a big part of this project!!!

One last thing...we know from other blood and tissue samples collected that there is a man, a brother, that is from the same mother and father as The Blue Widow, found in many of the places that she is.  Including Sedona, Arizona and in various homes around Palm Springs...his DNA shows "Male" so whe know he isn't the Blue Widow but his proximity to the Widow is always very close!
He may also be a Widow, but none of the tests so far show that he is on the ladder before the EH victim is infected.   Only time will tell if he is the intentional provider of STD viruses as far, nothing yet.

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