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Sunday, August 27, 2017

"Sometimes To Stay Alive, You Gotta Kill Your Mind": Especially In Palm Springs, California...With Our Police Department

Lately there has been a lot of talk in the news about freedom of speech and that's really good, but if you think that you are witnessing the most important aspect of what is going on with your human rights in this country, you are sorely mistaken.  It's your freedom of thought that you should really be afraid of losing.

There are about 650 gay men in Palm Springs, California that can tell you that what is really scary, isn't when people express, in words what they feel, it's is far more scary when someone reads your thoughts and punishes you for them by informing the police and lying to them about you.  Freedom of thought and the manipulation of what you think is far more invasive and potentially destructive than any freedom of speech problem.  At least you know where you stand with free speech.  You know your opposition.  With freedom of thought, you don't even know who your enemy is and you don't know who is behind your punishment except for the law enforcement officers that arrest you with impunity and have complete control over the justice system in our area.  There is no other place to turn in Palm Springs.  There is no internal review or internal affairs department here.  We've been through seven Chief's of Police in a very short period of time.  Our current Chief is going to lose his job too...guaranteed.

The thought police are what we have.  They spied on the gay community with RFID devices monitored by a tyrant drug dealing bitch that hated the gay community and gave us disease and destruction to the point where we all were getting arrested at an unequal rate.  The sentences were different too.  The arrests were questionable.  The circumstances were questionable, but her legend was growing.  "Jessica" was becoming and URBAN LEGEND throughout California.  She's like the Bigfoot of Palm Springs for the gay community.  Everyone knows about the girl drug dealer that calls the police and turns you in.  The bitch with the big mouth that makes everyone HIV positive.  She's so nasty nobody likes her.  She's been around for so long that I've heard about her in Los Angeles and San Diego.  Nobody wants to be in Palm Springs any more.  The cops are crooked and she's behind all of it.

She goes by "Lisa" or "Sara" or any number of names but the cops all know her by "Lori" and her brother is "Brian" and she's known me since high school.  She's known Bryan Anderson since high school.  She grew up in 29 Palms and she isn't who she acts like she is.

She's always been in trouble. She's always been a druggie.  She barely graduated from high school and she's been obsessed with my family for years.

I've never been friendly with her and the stories she tells about me are not true.

The truth about what has happened here is nothing short of a hate crime.  She doesn't like homosexuals.  She's screamed it at the top of her lungs in high school and I can prove it.  That it has carried into her adult live isn't surprising.  That she followed me around isn't either.  It does explain a whole lot of odd occurrences in my life and now I know why.

Protecting Freedom of Thought is the most important thing we can do for Free Speech in this country.  Without Free Thought there can be no Free Speech.  It is THE MOST important aspect of humanity!!!

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