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Oh she's just been awful lately...thinking that she's in so much control over everyones' families. Little Miss Big Mouth Lori and her friends trying to control everyone and what they have to say about her. I just want you all to know that she isn't controlling anything about me right now. I'm working and it takes a lot of effort at this point to keep a perfect standard with my job and do this project. The investigation into Lori's problems with her system of torture and thievery falls onto the shoulders of Christopher Monti, Anthony Dabiere and Jonathan Mendenhall at this point. Look to them to do the job that I can't do at this point...they should be working as hard as ever to bring justice to the masses. I can only do what I can living so close to the Mistress of Hate. Under the current circumstances, I have a family to watch out for and I have to earn a isn't easy with a killer living down the street. These three men are perfectly capable of ruining Lori's life...they should be doing just that. Non-violently, of course...
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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Who Wants To Tell Lisa Damiani?

Who wants to be the person to contact Lisa Damiani to inform her that it is alleged that both Laurie and Brian La Tweeker were bailed out of jail with the full knowledge that neither was using their true name and neither would be returning to court and both were known to be users of an illegal remote neural monitoring system in Joshua Tree, California at the time that a police informant, me, was working on a case against them.  I am also the person that was working as a courtroom deputy for the U.S. District Court when these two individuals were co-conspirators in the drive by shooting that led eventually to my leaving my position with the Justice Department.  Lisa was my lawyer at the time.

Jeffrey Katzenberg's employees are suspected of having money funneled to them from Jeffrey and his wife and son to have these criminals released knowing full well that they never intended to return to the State of Arizona while providing fake names.  They are also aware that the siblings have continued to live in this area near me while stalking my family ever since.  Jeffrey, himself, is suspected of using this system to follow me around and gain access to information that was not approved by myself at a police informant and was used to take monies that I'd saved while working for the hotel that I was employed for.

I agreed to work with this system for the police as an informant for the sole purpose of recording Laurie and her friends as they harassed me to gain information for a prosecution of this crime, not to provide anyone the ability to stalk me and do what Jeffrey has done.  This informant work done this way is in no way allowed to be used to prosecute me.  The recordings are all used as an informant wearing a wire on my end.

Lately Jeffrey has been going well beyond the limits of what informant work I agreed to and has been communicating with the criminals that he let loose on bond and are fugitives as well as their sureties without turning them in to the police.  I am suffering without being able to be employed as they are calling all of the possible employers that I have applied to including the federal court...allegedly.  I applied to work at the intake window and wasn't even granted an interview, which I am completely baffled by.  I am highly qualified for this position.  I can only imagine that someone has interfered with this process.  Only very few people knew I applied.

Why are these fugitives not in jail?  They shot at me in San Diego and there is lots of evidence that Jeffrey won't let come forward.  I want justice for this crime.  I want Jonathan Mendenhall to give this evidence to Lisa Damiani.

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