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Saturday, July 8, 2017

The ACLU, Disappearing DNA, Disappearing Witnesses and Jeffrey Katzenberg

It feels like a million years ago now that the ACLU wrote a letter for me asking serious questions about the interview that was taken the night that I gave my report of a rape.  The police officer that took the report was horrible to me and said and did things that were way out of line.  The things he said, the actions that were taken were all exacerbated by an arrest that no charges were filed for the very next night when he and two of his police buddies took me to jail naked wearing only a towel.  Like I said, nobody pressed any charges.  The phone call to the police came from out of nowhere...we all expect that it was Laurie.  The same police officer that the ACLU had questions about, came back the very next night and arrested me without a single complaint being filed.  I was taken and drug tested and there were no drugs found in my system.  I was left there to sleep overnight in jail while my home was left unlocked all night long to be robbed.

Some of the information that the police officer gave that night is key to understanding that the police were lied to by someone not involved in the investigation.  What was told to me by the officer wasn't something that I reported but was told to him by the hospital that said that nothing was wrong with me.

I want people to know something.  The ACLU letter that represented me was completely truthful.  What has happened since is simply an attempt by Jeffrey Katzenberg to keep taking my civil rights away from me by keeping others from reporting the truth about that rape.  He, allegedly, is in receipt of information about that interview, the MRI's from the nights of the emergency room visits, witness reports, and lots of other information that he refused to allow to be told to anyone.  My own health has been at risk the entire time since.  Witnesses have been relocated, asked not to say anything and I've been left without any kind of medical attention for my own injuries..

My own civil rights have been severely damaged.  He is also in receipt of the results of the original DNA testing that proves that the police lied to me about the results over the phone and knows of others that have the same information, allegedly.  Keeping this information from the press or from the law enforcement community or from my attorney is completely illegal.  I am horribly hurt and damaged by his insensitivity and his carelessness.  There is no way to express my displeasure and mental state because of this huge mistake, if that is what he is calling it.  I believe it was done to protect his former employees Missy and David.  I'm so ashamed of him.

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