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Boy did I make Lori mad today...all I had to do was talk about how much I love Christopher to someone from my work! It was like a shockwave delivered to the heart of my stalker. Lori must have some kind of weird thoughts going through her pin head tonight because she is twirling around like Linda Blair's head on a possession victim. What kind of lesbian is in love with a gay man to the point where she freaks out when he talks about his own boyfriend? Lori has some issues with reality and not knowing what it is. I know that Christopher must just cringe when she starts hearing that I don't have any kind of feelings for this high school loser! She's using yearbooks from Junior High School and high school to make up fantasies about some life she never had. I'm considering locking myself in my home again and not coming out. Total Single White Lesbian Female material. Calm down Lori, you've been dumped before...
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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Lesbian Barbie The Drug Terrorist: Also Known As Missy Pissy

You know last night I went to a job interview at 9:00 pm and got the job by 10:00 pm, by 10:01 Laurie and Brian knew exactly what they had to do to keep me from finalizing that job happening even though I'd gotten my new schedule.  Forwarding phone calls, listening in to interview questions and thinking of ways that she can call my new bosses to tell them things about me to get me fired before I even started the first day.   You know something?  This is never going to work and I'll tell you why.  It won't work because it is terrorism.  It is a constant threat of "do what I want you to do or I will do something to you."  It is how Jeffrey wants to prove to Missy Pissy's parents that she wasn't able to do anything for he's using me as an example.  You fucking piece of Hollywood garbage.  He's trying to use me, to show them that Missy is a fucking loser because Laurie wouldn't let her work by having Laurie join her in getting me fired.  How cute is that?

Isn't Jeffrey a piece of fucking garbage?

Missy Pissy is a fucking lazy assed bullshit artist that wanted nothing more than to sit around and do drugs.  Ask her old girlfriend that dumped her.  It wasn't like she wanted to work in the first place.  She had a job where the boss knew all about what Laurie did and she couldn't get fired for it, but instead she chose not to work there and party instead.  When Laurie and Brian were arrested, Missy Pissy bailed them out.  There is no way that Missy and David are any kind of good examples of what Laurie does to the working class educated person, I am.  I'm the one that's put himself through college.  I'm the one that had a job since he was 14 years old and I'm the one that loved working.  This whole bullshit example thing isn't true.  Missy Pissy is a drug dealing whore and she wants people to think that she had no choice but to ruin other people's lives.  I never did...and I'm the person Laurie's hated all her life.

This whole thing makes me furious with Jeffrey...he continues to tell people that I have to go out and get a job.  When was the last time that you went and interviewed at 9:00 pm?  When was the last time that you got three jobs in a row and didn't get them after someone else called up and got you fired before you started working?  Jeffrey is a fucking jerk.  I worked here in Shitville U.S.A . for eight long years making minimum wage and saved my ass off only to have this man and Missy Pissy steal my saving's account so that Missy Pissy could try to "make her point about not being able to live with Laurie in her life".  How is that showing anything?  Missy stole that money that I isn't she the fucking problem?

Don't confuse yourself.  The problem here is a billionaire that has paid for terrorism and now every single time his blond bimbo cries about it, his terrorism uses me to show how it could happen to a loser like her.

She's a fucking terrorist...and he's helping her.  Why can't Jeffrey help a good person for once instead of the stray cat out on the porch???

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