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Friday, July 14, 2017

If You Aren't Willing To Stop Her: "They Shoot Horses Don't They?"

It's been kind of difficult lately trying not to feel sorry for myself given the state of my work situation and my true desire to be far far away from the people that I know are trying to kill me.  It's really difficult knowing that someone has made many attempts to take your life and that she has gotten away with keeping you from getting hired and employed in places that you could have moved to that would have allowed you to be far away from her.  It's extremely disappointing to know that what I should have been doing was getting out of this area and what I am stuck with is being forced to stay here.  This is her fantasy, it is more of my nightmare.  Very few people understand how much I have this situation.

One observation that I have made is that one dog and two cats were taken away from Laurie and Brian because Laurie was so abusive to them; in short, she was going to kill them because she was so abusive to them.  People were more concerned for their lives than they are for mine.  It's a really sad situation.  Literally they would save her life and would sacrifice mine.

I am reminded of a movie that I was thinking about that takes place in the Great Depression starring Jane Fonda.  It's called "They Shoot Horses Don't They?" and it isn't about what you might think.  Desperate for money the story features many stories about people that enter a dance contest for a prize of $1,500, which, during the Great Depression, was a ton of money.  It takes place on a California pier and the contestants ranged from out of work actresses to other kinds of poor people that were down and out on their luck.  In between the dance contest the contestants would put on track suits and race around the dance floor on a track and the last three teams would be out of the contest.  It is a seriously sad state of affairs with teams having injuries like heart attacks and leg injuries and partner changes.   Jane Fonda's character goes through many problems during the story and has many difficulties, so many that she is overwhelmed with sadness and she and her partner end up on the pier when they are out of the contest.  So sad and without any hope left he offers Jane's character a gun to shoot herself, which she can't she hands him back the gun and he shoots her dead with her blessing.

When the police come to question him about the killing, his response to them is simply this,  "They shoot horses, don't they?" Meaning, they put wounded horses out of their misery don't they?

I think that surmises the situation that I am in right now.  I hope you all understand that.  I have to listen to a girl that put my father in jail for allegedly molesting a boy in high school which ruined our family's reputation until he was acquitted...but you know how people wonder forever...then she had something to do with my brother in laws death....she gave me HIV when she knocked me out when I was 19...she followed me all my life...she got away with ruining my dream job and shooting at me...she raped me and got away with it...she took away my dream job again...she had a restraining order against me...she threw me in jail seven times...and now I have to listen to her every single minute of the day talk about how much she enjoyed it.  "They shoot horses, don't they?"  She ruined all of my relationships.  She told all of my friends that I had HIV.  She gossiped about me my whole life.  She's basically spied on me every single minute of my life and she is so proud of what she's done.   They shoot horses don't they?

They shoot horses, don't they?

Listen, if they will save a dog and two cats from Laurie, why not me? 

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