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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

From U.S. Department of Justice To Walmart Greeter? Not That Walmart Is Calling...

At first Jeffrey told my family that I needed to be "out looking for a job" when he took my savings account to "hold for safe keepings" and keep from me.  Then when I went out and applied for the job that I'd been working to get back for the last fourteen years he called them personally and told them not to hire me?  Does that make sense to anyone?  So I'm suppose to go out to look for a job but only the job that he wants me to have and not in San Diego.  Um.  Yeah.

So now I'm suppose to guess what that job is?  

This is 29 fucking Palms.  The job pool ranges from McDonald's chef to Dollar General floor manager to Howard Johnson's front desk to Burger King parking lot attendant.  Um.  I can apply to be a Walmart Greeter at 49 years old and hope that they call me for the next six weeks like I did at the District Court too, but God only knows if Jeffrey will allow that either.  You see, I can't figure out what is and what is not acceptable to someone that is in charge of my money that I made the last time I had to work at a low end job and save every penny so that when this happened I would be able to survive.  Have you ever saved $27,700 when you were making minimum wage?  I did.  I saved it while working part time at the Holiday Inn Express overnights for eight years knowing that if I lost that job I would be able to move and live somewhere that I could get a decent job again and make decent money.  I didn't  count on Jeffrey stepping in and convincing my family member that he knew better.  He doesn't.

Now I am going to have to dodge bullets and try to keep a minimum wage job while convincing a new boss that I'm not a bad employee while Laurie and Brian call their asses off and try to get me fired for the next five years if I can even find a job in this area.  If it is at night, I'm going to have to dodge bullets and hope that nobody is hired to "stage a robbery" like Laurie said yesterday or like Steven Frey was robbed when he worked overnights at a convenience store.  You see when Jeffrey took away the District Court job opportunity that I applied for last month he destroyed my chances of ever working again.  I'm done.  There isn't any chance left.  I'm a dead man now,

Thanks Jeff.  Welcome to Walmart.

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