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No matter what Lori and Brian LaFond have to say, people need to understand that we are in a different age of information. The crime of making a person a computer interface-able thought stream without their permission is an eventuality that people must start to grapple with now. Interfacing a person's biological privacy to an entire community of unknown individuals violates human and civil rights laws. It goes to the heart of religious beliefs, social beliefs and sexual beliefs. The implications of ignoring this new breed of internet predator is imperative to understand. No person's biological privacy should become the subject of DARK WEB humor. This kind of criminal is new and must be dealt with in an American way that shows that we all could be victimized by this crime.
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Monday, June 19, 2017

We Need To Avoid A Dangerous Situation: There Is A Clear Danger To Our Community Right Now

If you were two young men that were photographed and molested as children, told the police about it, turned in the two people that did it, identified them in person, the police charged them, then the suspects posted bail and never showed up again in court, wouldn't you be worried if the suspects knew where you were?  It would be a whole lot like this picture above.  What if you were these two minors that were now young adults and you knew that there was someone that was once like them and you knew that his whole life was spent trying to stop these two people from following him and every time he tried people helped the suspects get away?  Wouldn't you worry?

I would.  I'm the guy that the suspects have been hurting his whole life and the two minors that have now grown up did report Laurie and Brian to the police in Sedona who allowed the pair to post bail and they never returned to face charges.  The two young men are now tracked, just like me.  They know that they can be followed so they want Laurie and Brian to be caught.  My job, as an informant, is to protect them.  I'm going to do my job.

Apparently Laurie and Brian have been very fond of these two young men for quite some time.  They were residents of the LaPalme complex and were once photographed there while Laurie was wearing a Kamikaze T-shirt in the pool that was see through and was arrested.  Her brother was photographing her basically topless with these two was salacious and their mother complained.  Good for her.  These are the same two guys that were in Sedona that were photographed and drugged with their father.  Now they live in fear that Laurie and Brian will do to them as she did to me at Steven Frey's home the morning that they raped me.  Fortunately for me, the siblings were DNA swabbed by the Sedona Police Department when they were booked and that will match the DNA on the FIRST DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE report that we have that Chief Bryan Reyes omitted from my rape investigation.  

We have that report and he can't get rid of it.  The Riverside Department of Justice Lab also has it and they can't get rid of it either.  He's kinda screwed.

So now my suggestion is simple.  We need to protect these two young men.  They are simply the two guys that need to meet my friend Alana Robinson.  I have many ways of making this happen.  One of the best is through my team member Antony Dabiere.  He knows the channels.  I would use that angle first.   You can either go through my attorney or go through Peter, RBB, then Alana...either way it is smart.  They need to do this asap.   I mean now!  There isn't really any time to waste when it comes to their protection.  The crime of creation of child pornography with minors from out of state is federal, without a doubt.   The crime of drug manufacturing of GHB, if it was charged, is probably dealt with better on the state side of Arizona law.  The laws work this way generally.  Cases are best served where the penalties are harsher.  If the penalties for drugs are harsher on the state end for drugs, they will be filed there...generally.  If the crime of child porn is tougher  federally, it will go there.

I'm uncertain that law enforcement knew all of the ramifications of the things that they found in that home at the time that the pair were in custody.  There were probably lots more things that were uncovered afterwards.  The bail amounts may not have reflected the crimes that they are now accused of.  Whomever swore to the validity of their identity are now in BIG trouble.  They swore to know who they were, their fake identities which now will tie them to the conspiracies.  Now the boys and their father need to tie them to the suspects.  Alana Robinson needs interview the three of them, Anthony and Jonathan and anyone else that was there.  Understand?  This is extremely important.

The sureties did the State of Arizona and the U.S. Government no favors by ensuring the safe return of the defendants to court by swearing to the validity of their identity. Swearing to a fake identity, is a crime, but the danger that it represents is far bigger.  At any rate what the court will consider is what happened because of that afterwards too and their role in the bail jump.  The damage is done so far.  It is clear that if David and Missy are the sureties, that both knew that the defendants were not who they said who they were.  In a drug dealing organization, I can't believe that the State would do any kind of cash bail without doing more to find out more about the sureties.  What they do for a living?  How long? Talk to their boss?  These are standard questions.  Drug dealing organizations are notorious for having cash coming from the proceeds of drug sales or criminal activity...posting of bonds immediately is questionable and should be done with much caution.  This was not a good situation in was clearly not well thought out.  Given the suspects statements that I've heard, I would have been very cautious about allowing any bail to have been posted without a thorough check of all of the sureties.

At this point it is important to let the people that have heard from these defendants and sureties know where the lies were told.  They need to know the truth.  When possible they need to be told that the DNA can show that they are, indeed, brother and sister, then identified by name by their own mother.  A clearer picture shows the deceit and creates a confidence in an investigation.  You have to show that you are concerned for the victims and the safety of the public.  You want to help the State of Arizona.  Find a friend.  Help that person and warn them that Laurie will contact them using a variety of tricks.

Whenever possible use a non implanted person.  Don't give away any information that Laurie doesn't need to  know about.  Be crafty but be legal.  The smarter you are with your deception with her, the more confused she will be.  She doesn't understand the law, so use it against her.  What she thinks she knows is based on her Coachella Valley experience, we all know that mess.  The real world works much differently than that.  Victims have rights.  Laurie and Brian, fake names or not, gave up their rights to be on bond, they are fugitives and remain that way...see what rights they have waived Benjamin and use them.  Use every single waived right to ensure a safe and legal capture. 

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