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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Was There A "Non-Traditional" Wedding Ceremony During Laurie's Stalking Of My Friends in Sedona, Arizona???

The bride wore a dress and had a penis...small, but a penis more or less.

Once Laurie sprung her brother from a jail cell, did she marry him?  We all know that Laurie is strange and beyond compare, but the rumor is that she wore her father's dress blue Marine Corps formal uniform when she made up her own vows to...(gulp)...marry her brother.  I know what you are thinking...was there a honeymoon?

In the midst of all the craziness that happened in March 2010 in Sedona, why in the world would Laurie put on a show like this freak-capade?  Now I've heard the rumor that she was insisting on having one of David Beach's children participate in the ceremony, but he wasn't having any of it.   Just days after springing her brother from the Pima County Jail with her friend, Missy Pissy, pretending to be a surety on his bail bond, Laurie donned her own father's military outfit (modified) and had a wedding ceremony in Sedona, Arizona.  Then she got arrested for some pictures that apparently broke the law in some way...what the pictures showed only one can guess.  We've seen other pictures...salacious and what did she photograph, with her brother that was depicting a crime?

There is speculation that the phrase "Bound and Gagged Billy" is a reference to these pictures.  This reference was in something that Jonathan Mendenhall wrote in a "Ass-trology Report for Odyssey Magazine not long after the Sedona disaster.  What was this comment in reference to?  We know that "Uncle Phil's Dildo" and "Junior's Jockstrap" are references to two items that have been used in several rapes of gay men...but "Bound and Gagged Billy"?  I fear that something happened in that home that shouldn't have.  These comments were also accompanied by a comment that says, "...set adrift on the pools of infinity," which most of us know is a reference to Jeffrey Katzenberg's pool troubles in Palm Desert.  Why were we set adrift?  This is up to Jeffrey or Jonathan to explain and we all want to know who Billy is and why is he bound and gagged?

This is a factual circumstance Laurie, do you care to explain?  These weren't words that I wrote in Odyssey Magazine, they were Jonathan's.  You'll say that you don't know Jonathan Mendenhall, but "Junior's Jockstrap" is a reference to YOUR brother.  Don't run around telling my friends that you don't know "Junior"  or who he is when there are pictures of you marrying him in Arizona; not to mention a bail bond where you bail him out of jail under an assumed name with Missy Pissy.  It all comes full circle now doesn't it Laurie?

Now, I'm not about to pass judgment on what is and is not freaky, but to me when you've already had your brother arrested and he's sat in jail for a few days before you came up with a lie to spring him, the last thing in the universe that I'm thinking that you do is have a wedding with him.  Maybe that's how their relationship works.  He gets in trouble and she bails him out then he has to do something odd for her?  It's strange to me that you would continue on with your crime spree when you've already been DNA tested.  Don't you two know about CODIS?  Fingerprints and DNA are easy to obtain these days.  Your photo on an id just confirms that you have a fake id, it doesn't mean you are the person in the picture on the license...the proof is in your cells.  DNA is the standard Laurie and Brian and yours seems to be in places that it shouldn't be.

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