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Two days off were not peaceful, they were full of Lori screaming and acting like an idiot. Tonight we we will look at how she controls everyone around her by using her mouth and meth. The entire time I've been telling her to stop talking to me, she's been getting more and more convinced that someone will save her. You can't save a person from herself. She will find a way to get attention if it means destroying everything and everyone else. It is quite interesting to hear how she controls her nasty group of friends.
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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Domino Effect Of Attempted Murder Of A Federal Agent...

If Tracy Johnson can work for the court why can't I John Morrill?  There's a real problem going on right now with me and I'm kind of pissed off at someone that I use to consider a friend of mine.  A really close friend.  You know I once was a really competent and dedicated employee of the Justice Department that resigned my position because I got shot at and thought it unsafe to continue under the circumstances that presented itself...electronic surveillance.  Then I learned that I could easily be taken off the system and not be under surveillance and I was not recognized under the system like Tracy, who works in the courts just fine, but John Morrill, doesn't think that I'm capable, so he didn't hire me...and now, I'm not a friend of his any longer.  It would seem odd to me that I worked for 14 years to solve a crime that really impacted the federal court and is paramount to the infrastructure of domestic terrorism in this country yet a District Court Clerk wouldn't even interview that's loyalty to a friend and patriot isn't it?  Fuck you're a real dick.

You know what else really pisses me off.  I'm really good at what I do.  I work really hard at that job.  I'm totally dedicated to it.  I doubt that anyone in the country would have sacrificed their whole career to have done what I did to find out how this works and give up what I did to do it.  I've been shot at, raped, beaten, infected, stalked, arrested seven times, no convictions, followed to Arizona...and homeless.  Now I can't even get a job because a rich billionaire follows me around and tells people not to be my friend or talk to me. Hell, my own boyfriend won't talk to me anymore because of money.

You know what I think is really crazy?  All this stems from an attempted murder by a girl that's stalked me since I was 9 years old.  Really.  When she couldn't take my success in San Diego she sent her brother to shoot at me.  Then all this stuff happened and I learned about the crime.  I came back home and this same girl got a friend of hers to work for the billionaire and when she got arrested in Arizona, the billionaire got the girl bailed out and here she is again keeping me from working for the court that I resigned from the first time...ruining my dreams again.

I can't work.  I can't get a job here.  I don't have anything because I did the most patriotic thing I could.  This billionaire won't let me leave.  He keeps telling everyone he wants me next to the girl trying to kill me.  Why?  Why won't someone take me away from her?  What is wrong with all of you????  I can't have a job because I was trying to save lives?  I can't work doing what I do best because I was stopping a terrorist?  Did I do the job too well by being honest?

I can tell you one thing, I will never forgive my friend for making me feel like I wasn't qualified to work there.   I honestly feel like the world's biggest loser now.  Man do I feel like killing myself.  There really isn't anything left to live for.  Thank you Jeffrey Katzenberg.  You are the world's most selfish fucking jerk.

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