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Friday, June 16, 2017

Just Who Is Responsible For Looking After Two Fugitives From Arizona From March of 2010?

We all know that I am the experienced courtroom deputy clerk from the U.S. Department of Justice for the Southern District of California.  That is a federal court.  I can only tell you who would be responsible if I knew the names that the siblings were arrested under, who the arresting agency was, what court they were charged in, who the sureties were, what the conditions of bail were and where there were living now.  There are a lot of x factors when it comes to the responsibility of this question.  In short, the State of Arizona is ultimately responsible for the return of these criminals to their state.  They have to know who they are really looking for.  They have to know where to find them and they have to know what names they are either living under or whom to talk to to find them.  It would make the most sense to talk to someone that was in Sedona at the time of the arrests or that was involved in the crime.  That would either be the victim of the crime, co-conspirators, anyone involved in the questioning of that crime or anyone that I asked to come and keep us safe.  These people all have a stake in being truthful.  That's a lot of people that aren't being honest.

In the meantime, it has come to my attention that two people may have signed the bonds that set both Laurie and Brian free and that two or three police officers from the State of California know who they are.  This is a serious situation.  Whether they are current or retired police officers they know their responsibility to the safety to the community with regards to the biological safety of the public.  The supermarkets, pharmacies and convenient stores all are at risk of biological crimes with what Laurie has to spread...think about it.  Two sureties on bonds, three police officers and two fugitives...these warranted fugitives need to be returned to the State of Arizona to face charges.  The victims of this crime demand justice and so do the other victims.  It is your responsibility to provide the correct agency with that information.  I require that you provide that information to them.  That is my request.

As the lead informant in this case, I would suggest that the smartest route to prosecution of this situation of domestic terrorism with the least amount of potential casualties is through the State of Arizona via an identity hearing and removal hearing through the Western District of California.  It makes the most sense.  All of this can be done through Alana Robinson.  She knows the procedure.

What I am aware of is this.  While in Tuscon Brian was arrested in a stolen car that belonged to the Katzenbergs.  It was from California.  He used a fake name and was bailed out by Missy Pissy.   Then he and his sister were arrested in Sedona using two fake names and a story was give using the Katzenbergs, bailed out by Missy Pissy and David the Dickhead.  So the defendants are linked to the Katzenbergs two times in two places in a week even though they are not linked by name.  They are alson linked by bail surety.  The bail surety is there with Mrs. Katzenberg, staying with members of my team.  Why she bailed them out is unknown, it wasn't under any authority of  mine.  It would make sense now that the information of their whereabouts and fugitive status would then and now fall upon Marilyn Katzenberg and Benjamin Katzenberg, including the true names and aliases used, surety information, stolen car information, bail money information and location of the fugitives.  In the meantime, the movement of these two fugitives is up to the security team of Jeffrey Katzenberg to keep Brian and Laurie from getting close to my employer, family and friends.

I am worried that this is not being done.  If Brian makes another attempt to steal from my employer, I won't have any other choice than to go to the sheriff.  We've had too many things stolen from my own parent's home.

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