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Lori, for lack of a better way of explaining this, has gone bonkers. She's lost her mind and all control over the people she was counting on to get her through her "golden years". At fifty, Lori still hasn't been able to kick her meth habit or her need to control her older brother. I honestly think that she believes that she is still attractive to young boys. She's not. She's a "boner killer" someone recently told me and I can attest that she is just that. Erectile dysfunction in a female body. No Viagra is going to cure Lori. Nastiness and hate is all she does any more.
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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Just Two Pigs Basking In The Desert Sun...Laurie and Brian

It is not flattering to know that Laurie and her brother Brian are obsessed with my entire family again and that they have David and Missy Pissy helping them get away with it by bailing them out of jail when they get caught.  Stealing money from people to post bail so that they can come back here where my family lives is a ridiculous way for four people to live their lives.  Four drug addicts living like absolute pigs right across from the local sheriff department and pretending to be other people.

What makes this situation so sickening are the amount of warrants and complaints that have been filed against these two siblings that law enforcement refuses to investigate because they just aren't smart enough to look any further than their own department is willing to go.  Palm Springs Police Chief Bryan Reyes is the lead dumb ass in this whole process.  He had her living right down the street from his department with tons of complaints about her but refused to believe the gay men that complained.

Now she's got out of state complaints and warrants that could land her in federal prison that will make this chief of police look like he covered up crimes that will make his department look like they are involved in a huge series of hate crimes for three decades.  Laurie simply won't shut her big fat mouth and she won't stop stalking her victims.  The families that she hates she won't stop trying to kill.  She hates them and she wants them dead.

Her brother is so stupid he'll do anything to kill them.

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