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Could Lori and Brian survive on just one victim of this crime paying the bills for everything that they do? Not if that victim is me, I can tell you that. Lori lived under the impression that I would inherit part of my family's water company for a very long time. Remember she has kept an eye on me since I was 19. I am not really that type of person, however. I don't look to inheritances for security and don't really care about stuff like that. Right now I am living the nightmare that happens when Lori is too far from her hunting grounds to find people to hurt me. So she has to do it herself. Not the most comfortable position now that she has five people there helping her.
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Saturday, June 24, 2017

HITLER For A New Generation: Jeffrey Katzenberg

Did this man fund a terrorist organization that targeted gay men and funded a child pornography operation?  Did his personal assistant Melissa pay a bail bond to release two alleged child pornographers to get out of jail in Sedona, Arizona after salacious pictures were found in a home where the boys were both bound and gagged.  Did he then help to hide the criminals in California right down the street and keep them secreted for seven years without telling the authorities while stealing monies from the victims of rape?

Is he the new Adolph Hitler?

The answer is cloudy right now, but one thing is for sure, this guy is one of the most evil and unconscious men in the universe.  Quite honestly I can't stand to look at his ugly face.  What he has done to my life and my family is unforgivable.  He has taken at least ten years of my life and thrown it in the garbage while allowing a woman and her brother to terrorize me day and night.  He sacrificed my last ten years and wouldn't let me have medical insurance, a job or any kind of contact with any of my friends.  He wouldn't allow me to have any kind of assistance from anyone who had evidence of the crimes against me.  He literally allowed crimes to be committed against me and told people not to tell the police.  He is a sociopathic maniac that is so self absorbed that he is literally trying to keep me from having any kind of future.

Jeffrey Katzenberg should be held responsible for the release of both Laurie and Brian from Sedona, Arizona under the most suspicious of circumstances.

Once again Jeffrey cost me another job.  I applied for another job somewhere and because Jeffrey stalled again for his girlfriend Missy Fucking Lesbo Pissy, I didn't get the god damned job that I was highly qualified for, because Jeffrey couldn't pull his stupid self absorbed head out of his glorified Hollywood ass long enough to see that I needed that job to get out of this god forsaken desert.  Instead, I get to live down the street from the girl that has raped me twice and tried to kill me over five times, because Jeffrey and his lovely wife bailed her out of jail.  Jeffrey, you see, is a sadist that is hellbent on keeping me right next to this horrific bitch from hell.  I don't know what his damn problem is, but, he seems to enjoy stealing my money and trapping me in this kindergarten from hell where I have to babysit four children under four years old every single day of the week all day long not getting paid.  I have no job, no life, no friends and Laurie yelling at me all day long while Jeffrey and his fucking wife sit around and count their money all day long doing absolutely nothing for seven years while a fugitive threatens me from down the street.

How much money did Jeffrey pay to get Brian and Laurie out of jail?  A hundred thousand in cash?  That's ten cash!!!  That's a whole lot of bail money down in cash if that is ten know what that means...almost a million dollars in bail in total...only Jeffrey Katzenberg can come up with that kind of money in cash.  Who in the universe would bail out the woman that gave their son HIV?  Who in the universe would bail out the woman that gave 650 gay men HIV? Who in the universe would bail out someone that traveled to Sedona from California to stalk a police informant that was there on vacation with a gun?  I mean this guy isn't a very smart man, he's a lunatic.  It's no wonder that he doesn't want me to get a job, he doesn't want me to live.

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