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Friday, June 2, 2017

Flight Or Danger To The Community: The Shawn Parrish Factor in Laurie and Brian's Bail

The Missy Pissy Factor continues to rise...just how dangerous was bailing out Laurie and Brian from their Arizona jail cells?  You might only have to ask a few people to know the answer to that...unfortunately some of them are Laurie's own family members.

When considering bail, a judge takes in to account many different things.  Of course the crime committed is the bar, but then there are other factors that must be ensured when setting a bail for Laurie and Brian, who were using fake names.  Let's all be happy about one thing, the State of Arizona does take DNA samples of accused felons so that if something occurs like what did, the suspects can be DNA matched for authenticity of identity...Laurie likes the word identity because "titty" is in the word.

Flight, means that the court must consider the defendants risk of not returning to court, which they did not do very well since both defendants used a California id.  That alone, in another state should have raised the bail or not allowed one to be set.  I am assuming that a fake Arizona address was used in the securing of this benchmark.  There is no way that any judge would let a California resident to leave the State of Arizona with such just isn't done.  So the surety must have given an Arizona address where the pair would reside.  Did both Laurie and Brian use the same residential address?  Now how would two separate defendants that didn't state the nature of their relationship as brother and sister use ONE Arizona address as their place of residence during until the resolution of their cases?  Which one of these people has an Arizona relative?  Brian and Laurie or Missy Pissy?  Was the residence a Katzenberg residence?

One thing is for sure, Missy Pissy knows the residence because she would be guaranteeing the return to court of both where was it Missy Pissy?

Second, here's the big one, upon returning from Arizona, I went to Shawn Parish's home to talk to him about what I was doing on this case.  I told him specifically about Laurie and Brian and what this case was about.  I told him about what went on in Sedona, Arizona with Anthony and myself and I was very detailed.  His roommate D.J. was also told about this situation and I let him read the Dr. Hall Book, "A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America", so the household was up to speed on the female drug dealer that knocks people out and infects them/implants them.  Shawn was fascinated.

Since Laurie and Brian had asked them to sell GHB for him in the past, the pair had the product delivered again to his home where the Jonathan Mendenhall storage locker was being billed.  Shawn was beginning to figure in as a big witness to this crime.  It wasn't much longer that Shawn would suffer from the same effects that many recurring victims have with the bacterial staph infection that comes along with Laurie's diseases.  He would die in the hospital of complications from the pneumonia that took his life.

Someone has also suggested to me that Laurie and Brian's father may have died from similar complications after the Sedona release.

This disease factor has been a major part of this investigation from the very beginning and I can attest that I even made the PSPD aware of it with my own bloodwork from my rape.  I turned in months of blood work before and after my rape to illustrate that the suspected rapists carry many STD's that are harmful.  This was known!

The deaths of these two individuals may be directly attributed to the pandemic effect of the biological warfare that we all face when dealing with Laurie and Brian...the targets are reinfected over and over again.  Laurie, herself, calls these super germs, her "offspring".

This would show a danger factor,  but there is something else that is equally compelling.  I told both of Laurie's cousins to stay away from her when I ran into them at various places around town.  It is alleged that both of them had drugs planted in their vehicles and were arrested without knowing that they were there.  Both of her cousins were visitors at her home and had drugs planted inside their cars.  One cousin went to jail for a year and a half and the other was kicked off of the Marine Corps Base and lost her job.

Now that we allege this, I want to make this point.  I allege that Brian LaTweeker, when he was arrested was going to do the same thing to Jonathan and myself while we visited friends in North Scotsdale, Arizona the night that he was arrested.  He was on a mission to plant drugs in my car, to which he had a key.  The stolen HIV meds from my trunk illustrate that he did, in fact, have a key to my vehicle as the meds were found in the rental home in Sedona.  Brian was arrested with drugs on him and in him, but he was allegedly trying to find the home that we were visiting in, in North Scotsdale.  This, fortunately didn' t happen, but I am constantly being threatened that the pair will try this again here and now while I am living with my parents.

I want to be clear.  I do not use drugs of any kind.  If any police officer should have me arrested for drugs in my vehicle, I am stating now, for the record, those drugs will never belong to me.  These two have a long history of planting drugs in vehicles and calling the police.  They have plenty to use and they have done this before.

So flight and danger has been illustrated by the poor choice made by Missy Pissy to bail the pair out.  This may have resulted in the deaths of two people and the infections of others.  Bad idea!!!

I'll tell you something everyone, this situation where a shake of the titties and a wiggle of the ass lets out severely dangerous prisoners is not something that we can hide. This has to be dealt with immediately.  You can't keep this a secret.  Too many lives are at stake.

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