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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Do You Cry at Weddings? Why Laurie's Wedding To Her Brother Brian, Is Making Us "Dewey"! (All Puns Intended)

There are tears of joy and tears of sorrow...and there are "Tears in My Heart", but that's something different.  There are "dewey" eyes and a City in Arizona, named Dewey.   What is Kevin trying to get at?  You're gonna laugh until you cry when you read this one.

Remember when I told you that I took a trip with my friends to Sedona, Arizona to tell them thank you for all the nice things that they have done for me?  One of the best aspects of that gesture was how close Jonathan would be to his father, a Lutheran priest in Dewey, Arizona and step mother.  I thought it would be cool to pay them a visit and give Jonathan a chance to be close to his father whom he loves and trusts.  He's done it before, so this was close to where we were staying.  Having a father that resides in another state is great for a visit!

Now I want you to think about what I told you happened near the end of Laurie and Brian's stay in Sedona, Arizona.  Brian had already been arrested and released from the Tuscon area, but he tore off one ankle bracelet and gave the judge some place where he said he would be staying during the pendency of that case.  Can you believe that the theory is that he actually gave Jonathan's father's address???  Yes, I am now working on the theory that Brian LaTweeker, had the balls to tell the court that he would be living in the home of Ed and Sharon Mendenhall in Dewey, Arizona while he was on pretrial release.  Then, Laurie and Brian got arrested.  Then they were released on pretrial release under false names.  Where do you think that siblings though that they would be staying?  Of course, they used Jonathan's father once, why not use him again.   Literally, the two people that went to Arizona, to put an end to our lives, had the nerve to use Jonathan's father's home as a residence for their pretrial living!!!

Jonathan can't stand either of these two and of course, then I started hearing how Jonathan was "dead" in a letter from Ed and Sharon Mendenhall that mentions the word "Ransom".  There is a picture of a gun to Jonathan's head...and a letter that mentions a "ransom" from the very person that they said they were going to live with.

Does anyone think that someone's plan went awry?  I do.  I think that Laurie and Brian planned to extort money from the Mendenhalls with a fake death and ransom letter while using them as an address for their pretrial release.   You can read, in the letter, that pastor Mendenhall says, "I didn't go to the funeral or memorial" because he wouldn't have gone along with anything like that...if he wasn't there then he could be in the home where the siblings were suppose to be living and I'm sure he told Jonathan that he didn't like this whole thing with these two criminals.  When you show that you won't put up with them, they tend to leave you out of the story.

It would also prevent me from talking to Jonathan or finding him.

Jonathan, clearly, has a BIG STORY TO TELL that Laurie and Brian don't want him to.

Then there is story about Brian and Laurie "getting married".  You have to understand Laurie's lying.  She probably told her mother that she was going to be living with Jonathan's father and that she and he "got married" in Sedona.  To bolster those lies she faked some wedding pictures using her brother as the groom.  You see, Laurie's mother doesn't know what Jonathan looks like, so any wedding pictures could possibly make it look that this story was true.  Faking some wedding pictures with her brother in a wedding dress?  Is that crazy?  Yes, it is.  So that's why we think that Laurie staged a wedding...for other red herring purposes.

A fiasco de Laurie...with pictures and warrants for their arrest.   I don't think that Pastor Mendenhall is going to go along with this.

I have the letters, emails and pictures from Sharon and Ed Mendenhall...and funeral/memorial information from the Pederson Funeral Home in Cadillac, Michigan.  This was an elaborate scheme.  It didn't fool me.

There is a huge mess right in Dewey, Arizona created by Laurie, Brian, David and Missy Pissy.  Using our families to justify your arrests?  Not a good idea.  Then Laurie adds insult to injury and files a "workplace violence" restraining order for the City of La Quinta as an employee, using her own name...but not where she works.  A fiasco again...I'm calling her bluff.

Now these parents have reason to look into this situation that is comical it is so illegal and stupid.  That it took seven years to unwravel, isn't surprising.  It needs to be straightened out with law enforcement from a State where the PSPD has no business getting involved.

The photograph of a gun to Jonathan's head is a sign of Laurie's sickness..."a shotgun wedding" or evidence for a ransom letter...either is ominous as it is ridiculously stupid.  Which do you think?  What I am telling you is that this photograph represents "danger" and the sick nature of Laurie's "soap opera" style solutions.  It's like pretending to be a police officer or an employee who shares the same name as she does.  She's sick and twisted.  Using this evidence shows what a reasonable person would do.  If I make that effort, she will come up with another "General Hospital" style answer.  If someone that isn't implanted does it, she won't know who to call and lie to.  This is what this blog is for...solving problems around her system of mind reading.  Use it for what it is worth.

Now it's your turn Alice, Ed and Sharon.  Let's see what you can do with this information.  I would suggest following the law to the letter.  I know you will.

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