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Saturday, June 10, 2017

7-11 Surveillance? Not A Good Idea To Be Stalking Me In 29 Palms, California

Want to know who the tweekers are in 29 Palms that are stalking me and my family?  It's really simple.  You can spot them a mile away or at the counter of a convenient store like 7-11.  Laurie and Brian are continuing to be the pains in the ass that they always are.  Trading tweekers for stalking, they sent some guy into the 7-11 here to say that I stole something...then they called the store manager.  A friend of mine.

The guy at the counter screams that I stole something that I paid for and then left his name and his video image on record.  Like I said, I paid for the merchandise and now this guy wants to say something else happened.  This isn't how you want to do drugs in this community.  I now know who you are and what you look like and if you don't stop harassing me, I will have the police pay a visit to your home.  Was it worth it?

I just want everyone to know something about Laurie and Brian.  The next time the two go on another Walmart shop lifting spree or steal a box of Snickers bars from the Circle K in Joshua Tree (yeah I know about that too), I am going to slam the two of them right in the face.  I can guarantee you that Brian didn't pay for that box of candy that he put his jacket over and stole while his sister stood at the register!  Listen Laurie, you better start paying for your stuff, because I can do better than you.

I have news for this old tweeker, your drug dealer is being watched and so is his AIDS giving sister.  What I do to catch the people helping them, is all a part of what I am doing to stop this crime.  Go about your business or I'll get into it.

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