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No matter what Lori and Brian LaFond have to say, people need to understand that we are in a different age of information. The crime of making a person a computer interface-able thought stream without their permission is an eventuality that people must start to grapple with now. Interfacing a person's biological privacy to an entire community of unknown individuals violates human and civil rights laws. It goes to the heart of religious beliefs, social beliefs and sexual beliefs. The implications of ignoring this new breed of internet predator is imperative to understand. No person's biological privacy should become the subject of DARK WEB humor. This kind of criminal is new and must be dealt with in an American way that shows that we all could be victimized by this crime.
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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Without The AIDS Virus, We May Never Have Caught Laurie: True!

There are very few people in the world that have HIV that are thankful for it.  I am one of them.  I suspect that there will be more in my situation that will feel the way that I do when they hear that this situation that we are in is actually helped by the virus that causes AIDS.  Well, it is if Laurie is the person that gave it to you, like she did to me.

I should send her a "thank you" card now that I can manage the disease like diabetes patients can.  There were many years that I couldn't and I anguished over it.  There are many people that lost their lives because of her and for them I am very angry and for their families too, so I don't pretend for a second to make light of this subject.  It is for them that I am also happy to have found the answers too.  I hope that in some way that what we have to tell them will, in some way bring an explanation to their lives.  I fought very hard and very long to save as many men and women as I could.

This may be one of the first cases in history, but not the very first, where the HIV retrovirus, was used to recombine to a DNA strand to find the killer in other crimes.  There is case law out of other areas of the country where DNA genotyping has been used to find the victims of one man that had many victims, but in our case we are looking at the intentional implantation of subcutaneous communication devices along with the intentional infection of a deadly virus.  This is a direct violation of California SB 362 .  Implantation of a radio frequency device for the transmission of data as a requirement is illegal.  So Officer Rae Fernandez, you are in a great big pot of shit right now!

But let's just look at the RNA to DNA strand.  You all understand retro viruses right.  RNA is half of the DNA strand.  It is half of the DNA ladder.  If you have half, the other half is automatic.  It only combines with a specific set of letters...and those letters spell when you take a look at who is implanted with who has this virus.  You compare that with the fact that they are almost all primarily gay men that haven't had sex with her or used a needle with her, you can see a "hate crime" emerge.

The AIDS virus is a perfect secretary for whom had the virus before whom and whom gave it to whom.  In all the cases of the intentionally infected and implanted, allegedly, the victims were infected by a woman.  In the gay community that spells, "black widow".  If you know Laurie, you know that fits her character.  If you look at her "workplace violence" restraining order, you know what I am talking about.  "Gay" means violence to's as clear as the mole on her face.  She thinks that if a straight person is rumored to be a lesbian, that equates to a "violent situation" for them at work, whether she works there or not.  Now, Laurie is the first person to "out a gay man or woman with HIV" or a man or woman for being homosexual...but do not do that to her.  I've never said anything but that I've heard that she was a lesbian, because, as an informant, that's what I've heard.  You only need ask my friend Kelly Brandon and you know this is true.  I never cared.  Personally, I think of that as a compliment, but Laurie is offended and that makes her think that someone could be violent towards her at that's the case, then the City of La Quinta has the problem, not me.  They need to make their workplace safer for their employees.

What concerns me is this.  File this under the LATEST DEVELOPMENTS SECTION. You all know about my vacation to Sedona, Arizona, right?  The one where I wanted to take my two friends out of Palm Springs for a trip to thank them for the help they had given me for helping me over the years for this project?  Well, here's some more information.  It would appear that there is more salacious information going on here. 

You'll recall that before Laurie and Brian fled Palm Springs for the comfort of Joshua Tree, where they are currently residing, they were living in an apartment complex under two assumed names.  The first was Sheree Fry and the second was Brian Johnson.  The apartment complex they lived in was at LaPalme in Palm Springs, California.  Now, I tried, after receiving a threatening text message from my suspected rapist's sister, Sheree Frey, "I don't know who you are, but the police do...", to have her restrained, in apt #74 because that is where her name appeared in that complex.  Remember, I'd already been raped.  I'd already been an informant.  I'd already been told by Laurie that she WAS Sheree I had every reason to believe that restraining her was the next step.

You know what that miserable S.O.B. Chief Reyes did?  When I went to court for that restraining order hearing against Sheree Frey, he showed up and admonished me in front of the court saying that some woman, named Vicky Rabb, was going to "press charges" against me for serving the restraining order on the apartment bearing Sheree Fry's name.  Now, I'm an expert in serving court documents.  I spent two years process serving in San Diego and have served so many court documents that it would make your head spin.  It was how I made a living.  This was done through the sheriff's department and was done completely on the up and up.  The woman that lived there accepted service or got a copy of the she either lived there or said she knew Sheree Fry.  Otherwise she would not have had a copy.

There is no subletting of apartments in Palm Springs and the Police Chief should know that.  We've all seen that...

So here's a guy coming into court all the way from Palm Springs to harass a police informant and a rape victim, for a woman that does not exist and hasn't shown up in his police department...for an apartment that bears the name of the respondent.  BTW, the server has the right to serve this document wherever he knows or thinks this woman may be found.  That means her brother's apartment, her friends apartments...wherever she can be found and it also includes her aka's.  So if this woman is living under an assumed name...she is included.  Especially if everyone in that complex knows her as the manager of the complex.  Duh...Chief Reyes.

Then there were the incidents.  You probably haven't heard all of the shenanigans and goings on that were happening that I did when I was living with Laurie's drug supplier, Steven Frey, but when you are on the "inside", like I was, you get all of the information.  Like the times that Laurie "laid out" by the pool with her titties hanging out while little boys splashed around her...and her brother took pictures of her frolicking.  Several times.  Her brother, living under the aka Brian Johnson, lived suspiciously by the pool at the front gate, where he could keep an eye on the "little boys" in the complex that Laurie and her are so fond of.  Allegedly, there were several parents in that complex that were contacted by Laurie, she claims, that were telling her to "keep and eye on them" while they were at work after school.  Brian had video games...a popular pedophile trick...inside his apartment.  There are allegedly many photographs of children from that complex.  Laurie tells people that she was a professional baby sitter.

I have been told, but have not confirmed, that police were called to what Laurie called a "wet t-shirt" contest where Brian was taking pictures of Laurie wearing a shirt that had "Kamikaze" printed on the front of it.  Her tiny titties were exposed.  These children were under the age of 18 and far too young to be near a half naked woman and her brother...and photographed with her.  There was no "wet t-shirt" contest, but apparently the children complained and cops were called.  A fake id and the pair were let go.  I can only imagine that they hid out after that in apartment 119 and 74.

You can see that Chief Bryan Reyes' admonishment on the court record had a chilling effect on my investigation.  Why wouldn't I tell him about that?  Well let me see...hmm...I'm supposed to inform a cop that says he has DNA on my clothing with two rapists suspects on year and two years later claims there is none?  Um..yeah Chief, you aren't trustworthy and I knew it then.  I wasn't about to compromise my safety for a cop that bungles a simple civil proceeding to harass a rape victim trying to solve his own rape.  If you can't go to an apartment complex and stay out of a restraining order are working with Laurie.   Why tell you anything at all?

It's simple to spot the bad ones here...they don't do what cops do.

Here is a cop that is suppose to be on my side, the victim, and here he is in the middle of a civil hearing for a woman that doesn't exist?  Come on everyone, he has access to more information than I do and he is a quarter mile from that complex where everyone has complained about "Sheree" the sexual perv from apartment #74 where everyone has complained?  He's lost his objectivity.  Clearly he had heard of the child pornography aspect of this crime because he asked me to send him any witness that had seen these movies.  This is exactly how this happened.  Chief Reyes said, "Send me anyone that has seen these films Kevin."

I went to my apartment and Anthony told me, "Kevin, have you seen the movies that Jessica has made with these little boys in them?"  He volunteered that information to me.  I didn't have to ask.  I said, "Yes, have you?" He said, "Yes, she wanted me to draw up a business plan to distribute some porn movies she's manufactured and I was going to until I saw the content.  It made me sick."  I said to him, "Anthony, you need to go and see Bryan Reyes immediately, this is very important."  He went there voluntarily.  Afterwards, I had Anthony write an affidavit describing his experience with the PSPD and his time with Bryan Reyes' department.  At no time did I have anything to do with what he saw or what he knew.  It was all his own information.  He went voluntarily and his story is his own.  In fact, I know very little about it.  I do know that nothing was done about it and that I received an email from Chief Reyes himself that contained many lies.  One was that Anthony was "in custody" when he went there voluntarily to give this information and the other was that there was nothing important that he was able to give them...HUH?  Here was a man approached to market child porn that saw movies and, by his own affidavit, had names of kids and "oodles of specifics" but the Chief of Police chose not to believe him?  This is why nobody goes to him with any information about Laurie.  He can't be trusted.

Then came Sedona, Arizona.

During the course of my initial investigation, I was made aware of the movies stolen from the Katzenberg home.  I didn't know who they were other than a friend of mine, Ken Frank, was working in their home on a computer system.  Through him I learned that Jeffrey was some kind of muckety muck for television, he said, and later I would see unreleased movies and boxed sets of television shows at my boyfriend's home arriving.  Putting two and two together, I figured the stuff was from that home.  It had obviously been compromised.  Among those films where "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer" and others.  Years before they were released, I still have the original versions here in our safe.

The stuff was showing up at Steven's home perhaps in trade for drugs or just as something for him to watch, but usually stuff would just show up.  This is how Laurie operates.  This for that...

When I was told that "Sheree Frey" , Steven's real sister was behind all of this remote neural monitoring, "the Frey Effect" was a REAL phenomenon, $412,000 in tax liens were found, lots of akas were located in Sheree Frey's name, and I was told she was living in La Palme (and her name was on the resident kiosk), I went there to investigate) thing I found was a 300SX in the #74 parking space, the space assigned to Sheree Fry on the resident kiosk.  The car cover had blown off the back so I filmed the license plate and the car and put it on this blog a long time ago.   The license plate from my own memory is 5FVN--- Ca plates.  The car cover was filmed too.  I didn't realize that the car was stolen from Marilyn Katzenberg's home.

By the way, I filmed this vehicle in that parking lot years before it was seen in Sedona, Arizona and placed it on this blog thanks to my Flip Video camera that you see here:

That very car showed up in Sedona, Arizona when Anthony, Jonathan and I were there many years later in March of 2010.  This prompted Laurie and Brian to come up with a story that she and her brother were "working with the Katzenbergs" on a porn movie while there...allegedly.  You see, if the police are called to a home where a car is present and being ticketed, they run the plates and if they come up "stolen from Marilyn Katzenberg" then Laurie has to connect herself to the Katzenbergs...the filming a porn movie must have come first...then came the car.  So porn had to be added to the Katzenberg name.  I'm sure that their family is thrilled.  The Sedona Police Department is probably still scratching their heads, but wouldn't you have contacted their family in California to tell them that you had their stolen car?  Of course, there is still that whole phone number forwarding thing where Laurie could have given a fake Jeffrey phone number and Brian could have pretended to be Jeffrey on the phone, confirming that he was, indeed, in Sedona, filming a gay porn movie with Jeffrey.  Nice, Jeff...Wonderco. what that will do for your reputation?

Now, how in the world did Jeffrey manage to keep that quiet when we needed Laurie caught for the bullshit restraining order she filed two months later for the City of La Quinta and why would he steal $27,000 from me in 2016 when I found his car for him 6 years earlier?  What in the Hell is wrong with him?

Why won't he prosecute this girl and why is his head of security such a knucklehead?

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