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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Say "Yes To The Dress": How We Know That Jeffrey's Girlfriend Employee, Missy Pissy, Contacted Laurie's Sister, Before The Restraining Order and Sedona, Arizona

I want you all to know something that I thought of today and yesterday.

Remember that trip to Sedona, Arizona?  Well think about this.  When I planned that trip and made reservations in January of 2010 for the Sedona, Summit, Laurie was listening.  That means that she had plenty of time to plot her plan out do, Anthony, Jonathan and me, in, for the work for the police department.  Little did the three of us know that people that were working with our own team were trying to do the same thing.  Literally, there were people working with members of our own team that were helping Laurie with that plan.  How can I prove that with a wedding dress?  Simple.

Before Laurie left for Sedona, Arizona, it is alleged that she stole her own sister's wedding dress.  Apparently, and this is just from what I have heard over this system, her own sister, whom I have never met, spoken with or had any kind of conversation with over a telephone, email or text, was getting married during this period of March in 2010.  Laurie, "pilfered" her wedding dress or a bridesmaides dress that she was to be wearing in a wedding that she was going to be in.  That's the story that I am getting.  Laurie took the dress to Sedona and acted like it was for a movie she was making with Jeffrey Katzenberg or his family and told this to the girls that brought her there.  That's what I've been told.  So what does this have to do with Jeffrey and Marilyn Katzenberg?

Well, Missy Pissy, as you know, lived with Jeffrey and Marilyn for a very long time.  I couldn't get the bitch out of that house and out of this investigation for anything.  I never trusted her.  David the dick and Bessie Smith either.  The three are questionable scam artists.  I never wanted them on my team but Jeffrey insisted.  I asked Marilyn and Benjamin to go to Sedona, Arizona to watch over the situation because I could tell that Laurie was up to something prior to the trip that I made the reservation for many months in advance.  Oddly enough Jeffrey sent David and Missy Pissy along.  Not members of my team...but these two idiots.  Two people I wouldn't have wanted, but two people he insisted on sending.  I would have picked Martin or Leah (Carson) to go.  They are MY team.  Instead, Jeffrey insisted on these two.

What I am finding out is that once Laurie left, Laurie's REAL SISTER found out that the "wedding dress" was stolen and contacted MISSY PISSY immediately. This means one thing.  JEFFREY'S PERSONAL ASSISTANT AND TEAM MEMBER, NOT MINE, HAD MADE CONTACT WITH THE MAIN SUSPECT'S REAL SISTER.  THIS IS SOMEONE THAT, IN A RESTRAINING ORDER, ACCUSES ME OF CONTACTING AND HARASSING HER!  THAT NEVER HAPPENED!  So later, when the restraining order gets filed, Missy Pissy never mentions to her that Laurie does this.  You can clearly see that there is a huge conflict of interest between what Jeffrey is doing with his team and what we are doing with mine.  His team is trying to inform the suspect's REAL SISTER and my team is trying to keep me safe.  Jeffrey's team seems to control mine.

When Missy Pissy gets to Sedona, Arizona, she has a need to get David the Dick into Laurie's rented home and uses the stolen "wedding dress" as the excuse to talk to her.  This means that she has spoken to Laurie's REAL SISTER.  The pair then goes to the rented home.  Missy Pissy drops of David in that home where he stays and helps to harass me, uses drugs, witnesses the manufacturing of drugs and other crimes and never reports them.  Also, Jeffrey's friends never report the harassment of police informants across state lines either.

Months later, Missy Pissy and Jeffrey do not report anything about Laurie filing a restraining order for "workplace violence" to Laurie's REAL SISTER even though she is implicated severely in the allegations.  In fact, the entire case is based on a phone call that starts the whole thing.  The witnesses in the case are alleged to have spoken to her too.  Her real sister is used over and over again but contact with her real sister is never made and the petition is filed on behalf of Laurie's mother's grandchild, allegedly with a whole lot of false allegations.  It is a real piece of harassments and negligent investigation on Jeffrey's part.  What is not done here is the reporting of this crime to the police or any attorney.  This aspect of Jeffrey's investigation is bad, but what he does to my team is worse.  He apparently advises my friends to say and do nothing to help me fight this restraining order even though they can help me.  Jonathan Mendenhall and Anthony Dabiere are advised not to contact me and a warrant for my arrest is issued.

All of this is in light of his own "friend" or "friends"  advising Laurie's family about aspects of Laurie's behavior and whereabouts.  This is dangerous and what is his agenda?

I can see real problems for the Katzenberg Family here.  I can also see problems for Anthony and Jonathan in this situation if they don't say something soon.

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