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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Mug Shots and Bail Signatures: Not Hard To Identify Brian And Laurie's True Identities From Arizona, With Some Help From Big Daddy

So while most of us are disappointed in the poor decision making of Jeffrey Katzenberg and his bailing out of suspects that should have been left in Arizona jails during the month of March 2010, I want to let you all know that there are some really stupid things that Laurie, Brian and Missy Pissy have forgotten that the rest of us know about.

Identity means more than a fake id.  When you are arrested in felony cases in Arizona, as in California, your DNA is taken and so are mugshots and fingerprints.  So even if Brian (not really pictured above, but close enough when you consider that he is a "woman on the inside") has had his photograph taken and his DNA entered into the Arizona CODIS (Combined DNA Index System).  Though he gave a fake name, his fingerprints are on file too.  That means he's still carrying all that information around with him.  He can't change it.  The real kicker is that they photographed him.  Although he thinks that was "all the way over yonder in Arizona", his victims are primarily right here in California, as are Laurie's, which means that we can identify him for the person he really is, not the person he identified himself as.  In other words, I don't give a shit if you call yourself Donald Fucking Duck, if your mother or I can identify you as Brian Fing LaFweeker, that's good enough when you have skipped out on bail and they can make a positive id with fingerprints and DNA given in Arizona.  All it takes is a positive ID and a witness, like Jonathan whom apparently was there the day you got bailed out by Missy Pissy and Laurie!!!  Here's something else.


I am kind of feeling Ariana Grande right now.  The feeling that someone followed me on vacation to plant an enormous amount of drugs on me and had a key to my car to do it in another state, frankly, frightens me.  That took some serious planning.  It took conspiracy and it took coordination.  When the plan failed, it shocks me to think that the person that was slated to do this was using a stolen car from the Palm Springs area with ties to Jeffrey and Marilyn Katzenberg.  This crime happened n 2010, it is seven full years later.  If the money used to bail this guy, Brian, out was provided by the owner of that car to another person for the purposes of bail and surety guarantee, then I am being stalked by people with finances that can cause me great harm.  Not only was this man bailed under false pretenses, using a fake name and sworn id by a surety that swore that she or he knew him as that fake name, but there is the matter of the stolen vehicle that was never prosecuted.  HUH??!?!??!?

Yes, I reported this stolen vehicle being located in the parking lot of the LaPalme complex long before it was taken to Arizona.  If Brian drove that vehicle to Arizona...then Jeffrey knew it, he knows what he is thinking.  There is no possible way that he didn't know it.  The arrest should have been impossible for Brian to get out of.  The rumor is this.  Brian used the "plan" to plant drugs as a way to blackmail Jeffrey into putting up the money for bail and putting that money into Missy Pissy's account.  Remember folks, I did not want Missy Pissy there.  She was there to accompany Mrs. Katzenberg and Benjamin on that trip to keep me, Anthony and Jonathan safe.  That was the whole plan.  Missy Pissy and David were added by Jeffrey whom apparently had an alternate plan for Anthony, Jonathan and myself.  When Brian was arrested Missy Pissy made an impassioned plea to Jeffrey for the bail money...and he complied...what the circumstances were, we aren't clear on.  The DHS8 have all of the information.

Missy Pissy would then have to show that she had the financial funding to ensure the suspect would return to court.  However, since the money wasn't really hers, she really didn't.  It was Jeffrey's and he has so much money that losing that much means nothing to Missy.  You see, she had nothing to lose by saying this money was hers...Jeffrey, on the other hand would have looked involved in a plot to plant drugs on three informants for the PSPD and didn't want Brian to say this, whether it was true or not.  I wouldn't have bit on that but Jeffrey apparently did.  The rumor is that he bailed Brian out even though he knew that Brian and Laurie were suspected in his own son's rape and that he is the subject of my shooting in San Diego.

Here's the other thing.  Both Jonathan and Anthony were aware that Benjamin and Mrs. Katzenberg were going to Sedona, Arizona, but they thought they were there to help us...when Brian was bailed out, it was rumored that Missy Pissy, Laurie and Brian forced Jonathan to go with them to the courthouse so that they could threaten Jonathan and tell him, "If you think that Jeffrey is going to help you, forget it, he's our friend and he's the one that bailed Brian out, so you and your friends can forget him helping any of you!"  That was the absolute wrong thing to say to my friends that work for me.  I had plenty of other people working on this case while we were there too.  Threatening Jonathan didn't stop there either, there is allegedly a picture of a gun put to the temple of his head from that trip after the bail was posted.  You can see clearly that letting Brian out of jail was an attempt to threaten police informants out of state while they stalked us.  This is typical Missy Pissy thug drug dealing...wiggle, jiggle and then act like some kind of thug Long Beach drug dealer.  Remember, David, Jeff's other friend is there too, telling him the same thing.

The entire time, Marilyn and Benjamin are hearing that Jeffrey has just bailed out Brian, our suspect.  This is in direct contrast to what we agreed upon with the use of this system.  The agreement was that this was to be used to put the suspects in jail, not to bail them out of it.  Apparently this happened again with Laurie too whom is rumored to have been arrested while in Sedona, Arizona as well.

So, not only did Jeffrey bail out Brian, he also bailed out Laurie for a charge that may have something to do with lewd conduct with a minor or sexual conduct of some kind.  I don't know the specifics.  Here we are again with Missy Pissy bailing out the suspects in our case or having something to do with it.  Why would Jeffrey do this?  Once you have set the standard of, "I'll bail you out of trouble"  you have engaged in criminal enterprise...this is very serious.  Now that seven years have passed and Christopher was put in jail, Jonathan was made to look dead and I've had thousands of dollars stolen from my saving's account, you can see what bailing them out did to all of these police informants.  It had a tremendous obstructive quality to our lives.  Laurie got herself caught and so did Brian, Jeffrey had no right to take this from us.  We were on vacation and our freedom could have been taken away from us for decades and I guarantee you NOBODY would ever have bailed us out of jail for anything.  The three of us would still be in Arizona rotting in a jail cell.

Mugshots and fingerprints will do all of the identifying that we need to put Laurie and Brian back where they belong to answer to the charges that they have pending in Arizona, I have a friend there that was a Sheriff and he don't fuck around.  His daughter is a victim of this crime and she also has had a vehicle stolen and used in one of these crimes.  My shooting in San Diego, allegedly, was involving her stolen truck and camper shell.  She is no stranger to this "steal a car and commit a crime with it" scheme.  This kind of "no responsibility" to the crime bullshit is just that...bullshit.  You commit the crime, no matter what name you use or vehicle you drive, my team is going to find you and hold you responsible, even if the car owners don't want to.  The victims of the crime demand justice.

So why seven years and who signed the bond paperwork?  First of all there are issues involved here.

Let's deal with the bond paperwork first.

I am a former court clerk and one of my main responsibilities as a clerk was checking bond paperwork for completeness and compliance.  This is what I did.  The surety is the person that signs off on the bond.  Usually the court requires and examination the surety or sureties as the court has ordered.  In federal court, they require one or two signatures depending upon the seriousness of the charge.  Now we can consider a few things here.  1.) The car was stolen and reported from California.  2.) There were drugs involved (most likely GHB, meth and needles, knowing Brian, possibly some pot for his own use) 3.) He probably had money on him which could get him a possible sales charge depending upon how much drugs he had on him.  A couple of thousand is way too much with a quantity of drugs.  He wanted me to go to jail for a long time so you can bet it was over an ounce of meth and GHB is bad in any amount. 4.) They believed his fake id story but now they will find out that it was a phony so add that to a bail jumping charge neither was considered at the time bail was set.  5.) Brian was likely high as a kite when he was arrested so a D.U.I tacked on to those first three and you have a bail in the area of about $75,000 or more, depending on the court.  Ten percent would have to be posted in cash with a signature or two of two examined sureties for the remainder that could show that they were good for the remainder of the bond.  So someone had to plunk down $7,500 in cash, go to the bank and print out that their account had at least $80,000 or more in it then had to show up and swear to the court that this was the suspect's true name and address, that they knew where he would reside and that they would get him back to court.  Now this is an out of state a court is highly unlikely to say that this defendant is allowed to leave the State of Arizona, so where did these sureties say he was going to stay?  There isn't a judge anywhere that would let him leave the state he's charged who lied?

What address did these sureties give?  What lie did they tell then?  

The surety or sureties then sign the bond and the court okays the bond and the defendant is released but someone pulled off a huge snow job on the court.  When the defendant did not show back up, a no bail bench warrant was issued and the bail was revoked.  That was seven years ago so THERE IS ABSOLUTELY A WARRANT FOR HIS ARREST SOMEWHERE!!!  Remember, when they catch Brian they are going to add bail jumping and false identification to his charges.  Also the sureties will now be charged too with perjury to the court having sworn as to the identity of the suspect.  Now they have committed a felony or two or three in their sworn statements to the court including their assets and their residential claims as to where Brian would be residing, because he never lived there.

In other words, a complex situation has just now turned into a shit hole disaster that is as easy to fix as a photographed mug shot and DNA/Fingerprint comparison can be made.  Arrested by the local sheriff and transported to Riverside District Court for extradition to the  U.S. District Court in Phoenix, District of Arizona.  

Now we have the issue of who put up the money.  Was it Jeffrey on his own or did Laurie steal it?  Who knows.  That's up to Jeffrey to explain.  It does seem odd however that his car, his stolen home items and all the work that my team did never was acknowledged...why wouldn't you thank the people that found your burglarized home items?  Jonathan and I found everything after Sedona, Arizona and I've heard nothing.

I also want to add that this whole situation has me completely baffled...why in the world would anyone want to hurt Anthony, Jonathan and myself.  We did nothing but help this entire situation with the Katzenbergs.  What Missy Pissy and David did there was horrible to us.  They turned us into some people that were bad...bullshit.  Our lives were Hell.  All we've done is defend ourselves for years.  We don't live privileged lives here people, we live very hard lives.  We lived at soup kitchens, ate off grapefruit trees and none of us could ever do anything.  We were the poor that we protect.  We still are.

I feel like Laurie and Brian tell people that I've somehow attacked their family and that isn't true.  This started with me when I was 9 years old.  All I've done was what people did to me.  Laurie and Missy pushed it with me.  When they should have backed off, they went too far.  Nobody accused Laurie and Brian of rape...that all happened because Brian and Laurie forced me out of Steven's home one night and took me to my parent's vacation condo...hahaha, very funny, until they called Bryan Anderson behind my back and I ended up at his home the next day without my knowledge.  All of a sudden he's asking me to become an informant and I said, "Not now, I'll think about it."  That got me raped.  Once raped, it was Bryan again that told me to report it to the police.  I did.  The next day I got arrested twice and taken to jail.  I got arrested seven times without any arrests and spent one week in jail without a single charge being filed the last time before I said, "That's enough, I'll be an informant" because these girls and Brian would NOT STOP!  It was these people that pushed it, not me.  My skull was smashed, my money was stolen, my job was taken from me...and then Laurie wanted to blame all this on me...NO FUCKING WAY.  I am not the kind of person that you push like this.    She pushed me to do this.  Now I WON'T stop.  

You followed me to Sedona, dear.  Not the other way around.  If you can't handle the problems you caused, too bad.  I'm not going to just let you go to cause more.  I'm going to do everything I can to put you in jail just the way you would do it to me.  If you think that you and Missy Pissy have had problems before, taking my money wasn't the way to make me go away either.  You asked for it girls.  You wanted more got em!

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