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Once again, Lori was soliciting people to help her because she wanted me to get mad at Jeffrey Katzenberg and Alice Mendenhall. Not going to happen. These parents rank among the top people that Lori has indirectly and directly harassed for years and years. My mother and father are the same as these parents too. I support all of the families of the hundreds of victims that Lori and her brother Brian hurt. So while she screamed at me to blame Jeffrey, she tried to sweet talk him into complaining about me. It isn't that way. I'm a person, but I'm a smarter person than that. Lori LaFond is the problem, not me.
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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Laurie's Favorite "Chicken Hawk" Was Jeffrey Katzenberg's Inside Plant...Who Let This Guy Into My Investigation? Jeffrey, Of Course!

Oh that darn diary of Laurie's, it just keeps providing all of us with so much information that I just can't tell you enough about what I've been hearing out on the street.  Now, you didn't hear it from me, as Laurie would tell you, but, this is the latest  Actually, this is what I've been hearing.

Now, before I get started, I want to remind all of you of something.  Thanks to Jeffrey Katzenberg, stealing $27,500 from my saving's account, I no longer have a telephone, so there is no way that I can perform my informant work like a normal informant, so the only way that I can do that job is here, on the internet, so, it's his own fault for stealing the money so that I can't pay the bill.  If he hadn't stolen the money, the bill would be paid and some of this information wouldn't have to be leaked this way, but, since he's such a cheap bastard and won't give it back, he can suffer for it.

Now, here's the latest dirt.

You remember when we started this project out here in 29 Palms?  It was just me, Martin, Leah (from Carson) and Benjamin Katzenberg.  This was my whole team.  We were a well oiled machine.  Laurie and Brian were here with Christian and Jonathan Mendenhall had to come out whenever Laurie summoned him.  He hated it.

Eventually, I was worried that it would get too dangerous for Benjamin and I told him to talk to his mom and dad.  At that time, I didn't know who they were.  Didn't care.  I just worried that he was too young to take on the dangers of Laurie without telling his parents.  Little did I know they were some famous muckety mucks from Hollywood.  I didn't care.  I wanted him to be safe.  Eventually Jeffrey came and he hired, or at least I thought he hired, Bessie Smith, Missy Pissy and David the Dick.  Um, that isn't the way it really happened though.  As it turns out.  Bessie, a friend of my sister's from our child hood, Missy Pissy, and David, all knew and worked with or had something to do with Laurie's drug dealing in Palm Springs already.  In fact, what I'm about to tell you will change the entire game forever.  This is a sizzler.

Here's the story as I know it.  As it turns out.  David the dick, has been buying drugs from Laurie the drug dealer since he was in high school...dun, dun, dun...while he was underaged.   Laurie and he have been friends with her brother Brian for a long time and get this...he has "chicken hawked" for her in the past.  (Insert parental gay gasp here!)  You know what a chicken hawk is don't you.  Sit down Britney Spears because this is a shocker.  Chicken hawking is something that a pedophile does when one of their "older boys" gets too old and finds younger boys to come over and play video games with a pedophile so that he can groom them for a molestation.  In Laurie and Brian's case, usually that means for a "knock out" and "implantation" and a movie making session.  Here's the rest of the story.

You all know how Laurie has always had her eye on the Katzenberg's right?  Well, since she's had her eye on the police protecting them, she knew that the kids were always well protected.  So she knew that they were rich.  She knew who they were.  She knew who their friends were too. She knew David and his sister and Benjamin too.  Laurie and Brian have a thing for little brothers, like me when I was Benjamin's age.  Apparently, David the Dick use to live near the Katzenbergs and Laurie knew that from observing them over the years.  At some point she had David make contact with Benjamin and introduced him to a pedophile that tried to do something to him.  This guy allegedly was supposed to knock him out and Benjamin would have been implanted, which is something that you will later hear about in the rape conversations from Benjamin's rape years later.  David led Benjamin into a trap for Laurie and Brian, but Benjamin didn't get knocked out and instead told on the man who went to jail.  David never did get in trouble...he skipped out...and Laurie never got in trouble for the plan, as usual.  

Now if, I'm making this up, I want everyone to know that we are looking at a David that lived near the Katzenbergs whose mother had her car window knocked out with a baseball bat by David Katzenberg after her son said something about Benjamin and David Katzenberg got mad at David.  He has a sister named Maddison.  Does that sound like someone anyone knows?  They live near Coach Steve Fabian.    He has a father that is a teacher, probably at Palm Springs High School.  Ring any bells?  All of this information I got from listening to this remote neural monitoring system through my head.  No wires...just Laurie and David talking....any takers Chief Reyes?

There's lots more.

Does anyone know that Laurie loves to accuse high school coaches of sexually assaulting students?  Teacher's aides are special targets.  From what I know, David has a neighbor that is a female that use to be a teacher's aide for Coach Steve Fabian, whom I have never spoken with about this.  You can ask him personally.  From what I can gather, this is my theory.  Laurie has another older brother.  He probably played football at Twentynine Palms High School with Steve Fabian and knows him.  Laurie knew that David's neighbor was Steve Fabian's teacher's assistant and David wanted drugs.  David introduced Laurie to this girl while she was in high school and did drugs with her.  The girls came up with a story about Steve Fabian sexually molesting her, just like she did with my father in the early 1980's with a boy from here.  She's done this with another friend of mine too.  Two times she's tried this with my father.   David and Laurie probably tried to convince this girl's parents that something happened between the two.  Here's the thing.  Steve knows my sister, my father, Bryan Anderson, probably Laurie's mother, sister, brother and many people in 29 Palms.  This is a lot of people for her to spread rumors too.  She also loves to talk to the cops about shit like this.  She thinks it will make her rich.  It won't.  She loves accusing teachers of molestation.  It is a hobby of hers.  She is the person that police should be looking at with this David guy as the connection between this accuser and Coach Fabian.  Like I said, I have never spoken to Coach Fabian about this and have only heard Laurie and David talk about it on this system.  His sister's name is Maddison, David that is, if that helps anyone.

Here's another thing.  If his sister Maddison turned in a whole bunch of GHB that was found in a home that she rented that was colored Green, Blue and Red, that GHB was delivered by David to that home.  The batches were made by Brian and Laurie LaTweeker and I am the person that told them to color the batches.  It is called "tainting the batch".  I told Laurie to do this in Sedona, Arizona in March of 2010 so that her GHB could be easily identified by police.  When I told her to do it, I gave her the excuse that it would be easier for her to know who was using "her stuff", something Laurie loves to know.  I actually told her to flavor it too.  Tainting the batch is a signature that gives a timeline for when the GHB was made and who manufactured it.  The pair often want to know whose GHB is selling more Laurie's or Brian's.   Different colors for different dealers and different colors for different strengths.

There was also methamphetamine  with that GHB found in Listerine bottles that was marked as "foot powder", it isn't foot powder.  The Listerine bottles are all GHB and all manufactured by Brian and Laurie LaTweeker and transported to a home owned by Jeffrey Katzenberg by David and Missy Pissy three or so months ago and there are spare keys in the possession of Laurie and Brian LaTweeker.

David is the LaTweeker's chicken hawk...and he has been stalking Benjamin and his family for many years without them knowing...he came here as a plant and asked to be a part of this investigation for Laurie to sabotage this investigation from Jeffrey's end.  What Jeffrey did was wrong in helping him do it.  I don't know why Jeff helped him?

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