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It's Spring and it's time to do some cleaning. I gave someone some advice the other day about removing the negative aspects from your life on a yearly basis. It's time I let go of lots of baggage that I've been carrying around for friends of mine that dropped it off then went on vacation for 8 long years. I am a person, first and foremost, and what I needed from my friends was completely denied by Jeffrey Katzenberg and his wife. You think that parents would be nicer when you teach them about what happened to their kid, not these two. Instead, it would appear that continuing the tradition of implanting homosexuals and giving them AIDS is something that the Katzenbergs least where their FRIEND, Missy Pissy is concerned. Best of luck to you Benjamin.
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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Laurie "Lisa" La Tweeker: The Alleged Timeline Of Terror (Forty Years of Torturing My Family)

Some terrorists strike all at once after many years of planning. Like Osama Bin Ladin.  Some terrorists are part of an organization.  Some take responsibility for other terrorists and act like they did something that they did not do and some just strike out on their own.

Then there is the strange case of Laurie La Whateveryouwanttocallher.  Now I am going to give you the version that I know and what I have been able to piece together from what I have learned from the years that I have been involved with her.  Some of this is alleged, some of this is found in her own diaries in her own writing, some of it is based on facts and most of it is shocking.  I can tell you from first hand experience, I have no idea why she picked me.  I don't know.  I really have no idea why someone that I don't know would ever do something like this, but I do want to warn everyone that it is the stranger that you don't know that can do you the most damage.  So this is the short version of the stranger inside me. (No, that is not some kind of metaphor for some kind of psychotic break, it is a fact that someone has RFID chipped me and she constantly is ordering me around and trying to affect my life now for almost thirty years, but it started way before I knew her.)

From what I can gather, her older brother and sister knew my father, a high school teacher and coach, and my sister, a sports star, before they knew me.  My dad was a high school weight lifting coach and basketball coach and my sister a blond pretty athletic star.  I never knew that Laurie existed.  She didn't go to grade school with me.  She didn't live in my neighborhood.  She was a year ahead of me in school.  She apparently lived on the military base growing up and went to a different elementary school than the kids that lived in town.  I lived in town across the street from her aunt whom I knew very well and loved.  I knew her cousins, one of which I knew really well.

My father use to spend summers running a pool for the Parks and Recreation Department for the kids to swim and by then Laurie and her family had been thrown off the base, apparently for some behavior of Laurie's, from what I hear.  One of their neighbors, a woman named "Candy" became obsessed with my father.  She wouldn't stop bothering him and Laurie, apparently wanted her to act like she was having an affair with him.  My mom and dad didn't like her being around.  That all happened in like the fifth grade for me.  Apparently that became a huge situation that Laurie became involved with.   My sister spent summers in Arizona and that situation blew up one summer when my father and mom tossed "Candy" out of our house...and that was that...she never came around again.  In the sixth grade, Laurie did something else horrible.  I still hadn't met Laurie.  I still didn't know she existed.

I was in the sixth grade and about spring break, my sister in her freshman year, my father got arrested.  Some kid on his golf team's parents accused him of having sex with their son.  This kid lived next to Laurie in Sunfair.  Just like the woman, "Candy", the year before.  This time my father was arrested.  He lost his coaching job, it was in all the papers.  My dad was involved in like a two year court case that ended in a trial in San Bernardino, California.  I was a witness in the case and I knew it wasn't true because I was a witness to one of the things that was suppose to have happened and IT DIDN'T!  I knew it was a lie!  In the mean time I started seventh grade and the first day of school I met Laurie La Tweeker...there she was.  The first time I saw her she was a teacher's aide for my science teacher and she was a total bitch.  She was trying to be mean to the whole class and it was obvious that she was trying to seduce the teacher.  It was strange.  It didn't take but a week and they called us into the office, the whole class to ask us if she was acting inappropriately.  Of course, I was in the middle of my father's case, so I just said it wasn't right and they pulled her out of the class!  I wasn't the only student.  Apparently, according to her diaries, she was trying to seduce this guy...Laurie is like that!  She was calling this teacher at home and stuff, weird.  

Laurie then started rumors about my friend Karen and me with my friend Doug and wanted him to beat me up and it ruined our friendship with Doug for many years. Karen and I remained friends.  Still are.  This would be problematic later.

I never really saw Laurie much the rest of Junior High School, my dad was acquitted just after eighth grade and I was ready to start high school.  On my first day of high school just before I walked to my first class, Laurie marched up to me and screamed, "Kevin Bond, you're a FLAMING FAGGOT AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT!!!"  I asked my friend that I was with, "Who was that?" She said, "Lori, don't you remember her?" I said, "No. What was that about?"  She told me that she was crazy and I pretty much left it at that.  I just figured I'd been through something awful with my dad and I wasn't going to make another problem happen on my first day of school.  So I let it go.  Laurie and her friend, Julie, would do this to me two or three more times over the next year or two and she would enlist a few more friends to try to beat me up which made me realize that I would have to be careful about where I went and what I did.  I knew that she was more than angry, she was evil, like deadly evil.  There was this horrible, like, I want to kill you feeling I got around her.  She has this kind of anger that I can't describe.  It's pure evil.  

Eventually during her senior year she would push a kid in front of a moving car because she thought I was driving and tell everyone that "Kevin Bond" ran that kid over.  I wasn't even at that party.  I purposefully didn't go to that party because I knew she was up to something like that.  The kid got a broken femur.  One of my friends never went back to school and at our Twenty Year Reunion, Laurie went and accosted her again!!! She literally went to our twenty year reunion to see the girl who had the party at her home and tried to confront her again!!! Unbelievable!!!  Laurie tried to get me to go there to that reunion, but I knew not to go there too.  I have a sixth sense about these things!  I know better than to go to them!

You see, my high school feelings about this girl were well founded.  She's freaky.  So when I left for college I felt free!  I loved it!  For the first year of college I was free!  I did get a letter from Laurie, pretending to be Kelly Barnes, also from Sunfair where Laurie lived, saying some awful things about me while I lived in the dorms, but I never wrote back.  I think her brother went to where I was living and stalked me there and she send Doug from Junior High School to visit us, but overall, I was unscathed until I went to Palm Springs where I was knocked out by Laurie and was intentionally infected with HIV and implanted with an RFID chip one night.  My life was then over...and it has been ever since.  The last thing my life needed was to give her full access to my every movement, something that she always wanted.  It was the worst thing that could have ever happened.  Not only would she find out that I was gay, for sure, but now she could tell everyone that I had HIV, that she gave me...and she did.  Only in her version she left out that she gave it to me.  In her version I was a faggot with AIDS that gave it to everyone and didn't tell them.

In the winter of 1988 I got sick and converted to HIV positive but Laurie was watching and she knew that she'd done this. She could hardly wait to spread the news.  You see with RFID chipping she could listen in.  She told everyone she could find.  I told nobody except the people in my family.  They told nobody.  You see in 1988 it was a death sentence.  I hadn't had sex with anyone.  I'd never used needles.  My infection was a complete mystery and a tragedy.  Laurie did this to me.  She knew it and was so proud of herself.  There was no such thing as genotyping in those days.  If you tested positive for HIV antibodies you had been exposed to the virus that causes AIDS.  You were going to die withing 6-8 years.  My life was over.  No sex.  No way.  You can ask my girlfriend if we ever engaged in sex, she'll tell you.  Kevin and I never had sex, ever.  We didn't that's the truth.  She knows that I'm not that kind of person.  I love her very much to this day.  She's married and has kids and she knows that I would never have put her or anyone at risk.  I am gay, but this isn't something that I would do.  Laurie contacted her, her maid of honor and many of my fraternity brothers and people that I worked with at that time.  I was humiliated, but I wasn't doing what she said I was doing.  I'm not that person, I'm just not that guy.

At this point the "cause stalking" started.  I was living with my best friend Mindy whom was living with me from New York.  She had left Wells College for a year in San Bernardino while I was in school at U.C. Riverside.  The stalking was bad.  She noticed it and so did I.  My sister and Bessie Smith were in school at Cal State San Bernardino.  Other friends of mine were living in a home near U.C. Riverside.  One of them was Joe Estrada, he has his own story with Laurie that I am sure he will love to tell in the future.  He has some experiences that I am certain will add to this story, though I am not certain he knows how they tie in.  At any rate, living in Colton with Mindy afforded me the opportunity to see my sister on occasion, work and notice that I was being followed all the time.  I didn't know why.  People were everywhere.  Especially when I worked at a restaurant called Spoons in Riverside.  I've heard that Laurie has a lot of memorabilia from that restaurant.  She's called co-workers from that restaurant.  There were lots of strange occurrences that happened there.

I moved into an apartment in Redlands with my then girlfriend where the stalking got worse.  I started doing drugs to calm my nerves until I noticed that some of my girlfriends friends were nosing around in my room, then I called my sister who seemed to already know what I was doing.  Laurie had already contacted her.  I know the signs.  I moved home to sober up before moving to San Diego to go to legal assistant training at U.C.S.D.

As soon as I started at U.C.S.D. the stalking started again.  There were people everywhere.  I will tell you now that I never knew that I had a chip inside me that told these people were I was or what I was doing.  I could never figure it out.  I just figured they were following me around.  I knew it started back in college and just couldn't believe that they wouldn't leave me alone.  Looking back, yes, I can believe it's Laurie.  Her obsessive nature is world famous.  She's not the kind of person that you want to have anything to do with.  She can become obsessed with you for absolutely nothing.  She could see you in a coffee shop and that's it.  The stories that she makes up in her head are far more dangerous to you than any reality.  Not telling someone about it is your worst enemy.  The kinds of things that she tells people about you can cause you real life problems.  When you see what kinds of problems that she caused for my father you know, if you don't talk about what she is like before she gets there, you could go to prison.  Ask Christopher Monti, who spent a year and a half in jail because he didn't speak out soon enough.  People don't realize, if you don't talk about her, you won't have a defense.  You have to put it out there soon and fast.  She is a lying piece of garbage.  If I were Jeffrey Katzenberg, I would have billboards with her picture on it saying, "This girl is trying to ruin my life" with her picture on it!

Advertise her craziness.  Now I have told you what it was like leading up to my shooting in San Diego then the rape in Palm Springs before, but this is how she led up to the rape and beating in Palm Springs and the shooting of my brother in law too.  This girl is on a mission with her brother to destroy me and my family.  With help she will make another attempt on my life.  Now she has Jeffrey's family friend, David, working with her.  Coach Steve Fabian is another victim of Laurie's lies here in Palm Springs.  A made up accusation of child molestation of a student that was a complete fabrication.  Another person from 29 Palms.  Another friend of my father's.  Another coach.  Another friend of my family.  Another school girl fantasy.  Another teacher's aide.  These are all bullshit stories where Laurie is trying to live out some fantasy through someone else.  It isn't true.  Laurie is a bald faced liar.  She lies about everything she can think of.  I don't know if her older sister knows Steve Fabian or if her older brothers do, but someone in her family might.  There is a good chance Laurie read some yearbook of theirs and thought, "This would be funny and I can tell them that I know something about it!"  Laurie knows Steve's neighbors and "Dave" allegedly lives near Steve Fabian and knows him.

This is all bullshit. Someone has to stop this girl and her brother from making these kinds of accusations against innocent people and infecting people with the AIDS virus.  This isn't funny at all!

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