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I feel icky today. It's the kind of feeling I get when I've spent too much time thinking something is going to work without me doing it myself. I do not like what is transpiring with Lori and her 5 friends in that shooting gallery of a home that they live in. There is an overwhelming feeling of depression and loneliness. Lori always thinks that means that I'm about to use drugs, I'm obviously not. There is a really big part of me that needs to know something is going on besides my efforts. You all may know better, but I do not and I'm tired of this bitch constantly acting superior to everyone else. This is not how you handle an investigation...I don't know how else to tell these people. You don't sacrifice one person for any amount of other people. Start playing like a team've got to do better.

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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Hiding Fugitives: Mrs. Alice Mendenhall Hiding Fugitives From Justice

In this case of deception and lies, there remain many warrants for arrest for fugitives from justice that all think they have it made in the shade.  Enter, Kevin.  Guess what, dear friends that bailed out on me, I'm still a police informant for the People of the State of California and I want you caught.

First and foremost are our two illustrious siblings that have infected, robbed, child pornographied and pretended to be everyone from Roscoe P. Coltrane to Jessica Ek to escape justice.  With warrants from the Palm Springs area to Sedona, Arizona this group of misfit remote neural operators runs an underground railroad for people trying to escape justice in every form, telling each other, "If we all stick together, none of us has to get into trouble!"  No matter how sickening the crime is, these operators do everything they can to hide criminals to keep their enterprises safe.  From petty thefts to attempted murder, these remote neural operators remain some of the sickest and most hateful people on the Planet Earth.  Turning their backs on their friends and family like they were nothing to them.  I just love being the person that all of you parents used to make the excuse that you helped them because your "kid was in danger".  That really won't hold water when you see how many times your kid used the most famous line of all, "If you don't stop bothering me, I'll tell Kevin what you've done."  It's a crime to say you're in grave danger and throw me under the bus that way.  You can bet your lives I won't be supporting you any longer.

Then we have Alice Mendenhall's two favorite fugitives from Justice.  There is Anthony Dabiere that tried to set up the Jonathan Edwin William Mendenhall Foundation on facebook with Alice Mendenhall, after Jonathan's death in December of 2010.  Oh you should have seen the exchanges between Anthony and Jonathan's mother online at the anniversary of his heart attack and Cedar's Sinai hospital stay in Los Angeles where his entire family came to visit him.  Interesting how much Anthony "missed" his "longtime companion" and how close he and Alice Mendenhall became after his death.  It was so alarming to find out that at the time of his death that Jonathan was out of the State of California with a criminal warrant out for his arrest and a huge civil judgment against him from his boyfriend's father.  Jared's father has a civil judgment that still hasn't been paid because of the timely/untimely death of convenient that he is still alive and well, hiding by his mother's side.

Then there is Antony Dabiere, who witnessed crimes in Arizona and never reported them to the police.  Anthony also has a warrant for his arrest for not reporting for his own jail term after being sentenced on a drug charge.  Now that he has aided and abetted in the fraudulent death of Jonathan Mendenhall and tried to set up a foundation in the name of his dead "best friend" with Jonathan's mother on facebook, Anthony has a whole litany of crimes that he is going to have to answer to and I'm just the guy to help the police and U.S. Marshals find him.  Failure to serve a sentence is the equivalent of a bail jump and charges keep racking up for the pair of friends that bailed on everyone and left for San DIego with Alice Mendenhall.    Then there are the crimes that he failed to report in Arizona and his "relationship" with the deceased. Harboring a fugitive and taking a bribe for silence isn't exactly the kind of thing that I work with the two of them have more problems looming than they ever thought.

Then there is Christopher Monti whom didn't talk to Jonathan...but knew that he wasn't dead.  You didn't see that police informant talking to anyone about that crime either.  What you see is a "strong armed robber" that was sentenced to a year and a half in jail coming out and working for the same criminal enterprise that put him in jail in the first place.  Like a human pussy he stopped being a fighter for God or other people, he, instead, took another bribe and put his own mother and nephews together with Alice Mendenhal who seems to be running a home for way ward boys with fugitive status.  What a wonderful group of parents you have all turned out to be.

Now, once again, they are all going to claim that they "were in fear for their lives" but only because they too were reading the minds of the criminal that they loved to watch torture me, instead of helping.  In other words, they were completely negligent in the theft of my bank account, the attempts on my life and other crimes against me and my family.  In essence, they traded my family for their freedom, but freedom isn't free, my ex friends.  You have committed the worst crime of all, betrayal.  You have for sought the one person that could have kept you safe, me.  I refuse to help a single solitary one of you ever again.  None of you came to my rescue and not one of you understands how dangerous you have made my life.  No meds, no insurance, no job, no hope and each and every one of you knew, from the beginning that Jeffrey Katzenberg had no intention of ever helping me with his son like you knew I was led to believe.  You are a bunch of assholes that never helped me one tiny bit.  Instead, you watched while Jeffrey, Laurie, Brian, Missy and David tried for nine full years to put me in jail where you all belong.  You want to burn a fucking bridge Alice Mendenall, consider it burned.  There is no way that I will help you fucking idiots.  You watched me go through the whole process of being restrained and gagged while you did nothing.

This could have led to the arrest of Laurie, but instead you chose yourselves.  I think that was a poor decision Anthony and Jonathan and I think it speaks volumes about where your loyalties lie.  You didn't do anything to help me while Laurie lied her way into a workplace where she didn't work, a person that she wasn't, claims that weren't true, knowing all the while that you were in Arizona visiting her behind my back without a single word.  The same place where pictures were taken of a child and a naked woman and where drugs were manufactured.  Neither one of you could step forward to help me, but you ran to the safety of Alice Mendenhall's money as soon as you could.

Then there is the illustrious Marie Monti.  Who, once again, asked me to help her son and who, I told was going to go to jail if he didn't do what I said.  I made t-shirts to warn everyone about what would happen.   I wrote emails to the police about this.  What happened?  He went to jail because Jonathan and Anthony wouldn't come forward and say what happened in Sedona, Arizona.  You two did more harm to me than anyone then you pointed Laurie, Brian and Jeffrey at me like a loaded gun.  Now you are going to beg me to help you and the answer is, "fuck you."  Got it.  There isn't a chance in Hell that I'm going to help either one of you ever again.  You bailed on me.  Now I'm going to do what you should have done a long time ago.  Sip your fucking martinis now Anthony, while you still can.  I am coming after you both with your betrayal and I hope you both choke on them.

Then there is little Barbara, keeper of the zoo.  I just wanted to thank you again for all the bullshit you and your father have caused me.  Failing to do anything that I've asked you to do has now cost you everything it could.  Do not expect me to help you because every single time I asked you for your help, the answer was, "No."  Now, my dear, the answer to you, is "fuck no".  Understand that?   You ran as fast as you could to take another bribe.  While you managed to save your ass, you threw me under the same bus with your former roommates.  Doesn't look very helpful does it Barbara?  Knowing full well that Bessie Smith and Missy Pissy are two of the biggest enemies of my family, you watched them come and steal everything that you knew they would and "warning Jeffrey about it" isn't good enough, is it?  Woefully insufficient is what a jury will think knowing that you too have been shot at and nearly beaten to death, you simply picked up your heels and ran some kind of chicken shit bullshit artist.  You did nothing but hide and point her at me and my family with the worst operators of all.  There isn't any safety is all your best friends and your worst enemies working together.  Good luck now.  You are going to need it.

A bunch of fucking liars you all are.  Covering up my rape and forsaking me for your own lives claiming that YOU WERE IN DANGER, BUT I WASN'T?  That's so much bullshit that I won't stand for it one more second.  You have lied your last fucking lies.  I won't ever call you friends again.  Friends like you end up with people like me and I won't do anything more to help you.  You have done the worst thing to a friend that could ever be done.  You fucked with my forty years tortured family and I won't forget it Jonathan.

My mother was the ONLY person that told me the right thing to do.  She said to me, "Why do you do this for all of these people, not one of them has EVER done anything to help you?  You should forget about them because they aren't true friends." You know what, she was correct.  You aren't friends, you are looking for a hand out.  You are looking for a free pass that I had to pay for with my skull, blood and life.  You aren't friends at all, if you want to know who else agrees with me, ask Shawn Parrish, ask Jared, ask Laurie's father.  You can't, because they are dead now too.  These are the kinds of friends that get you killed.  Not the kinds of friends that are there when you need them.  If I were any of you thinking about living where Alice Mendenhall has an interest, think again... she isn't offering me any solace or any kind of gratitude for the pain that her son put me through for this many years.  Instead she did that for Anthony and Barbara and Christopher's family as a way to shut them up too.

This whole situation was caused by a whole bunch of lazy assed do nothing parents that don't give a fuck about anyone but themselves.  They'll all try to blame Jeffrey and Marilyn Katzenberg, but they also all knew that neither of them was ever going to help me like the told everyone.  That man and his wife are killers.  They ignore everyone else and forsake children for money.  Everyone knows that the two of them are behind all of the lying and deceit but that doesn't let you out of your obligations to the community even when you move somewhere else.  You deserve jail sentences for your negligence and your hiding of the evidence Jonathan...what you did was nothing short of angering the worst terrorist in the universe so she would blame me again.  It is your family that is negligent Jonathan.  They should have their heads examined.  Faking your own death, how Laurie LaTweeker of you and Anthony, did you get that one from the Young and the Restless too?  Cowards.

Not a single one of you deserved my help.  Not one.  None of you proved yourselves worthy of justice because every one of you defeated her in silence.  I hope that when God and the law find each and every one of you that you ask me for my help so that I can turn you down just like you turned me down...over and over again.  I will smile in your face and say, "I don't think I know you," then turn and walk away just like you did to me.  That's what you deserve Jonathan.

Now I have a misdemeanor warrant too, thanks to my friends...but I have a plan for that too.  I'm going to turn myself in for that warrant then I'm going to take it to trial.  You know what happens then Alice?  I subpoena you, your son, your daugther, Anthony and  Bryan Fuckhole Anderson....that's going to end with your son getting arrested for his warrant, Anthony for his warrant and the rest of your fucking little families who have participated in this game of fuck Kevin and his family over, isn't it Alice.   I can force you people back to Palm Springs to answer to these warrants and you won't ever be able to do this to me again.

Here's how my plan works like a dream...all by myself,Christopher Fucking Monti.  You see while all of you were play remote neural terrorism with me and my family, I was waiting my turn.  This is how it goes from here on out Alice Mendenhall.  I turn myself in for a warrant that was illegally issued on behalf of a woman that filed a restraining order where she didn't work.  All of you are involved in covering up the Sedona, Arizona.  You all knew that Laurie was doing this and instead of following the law, like you should have been doing for my informant work, you let me fall.   You didn't come forward when you should have and let this restraining order and the City of La Quinta look like they were acting on behalf of an employee that didn't really work there.  This is going to prove very costly Alice.

Instead of putting, yourselves where you should have been, you hid saying that you were "afraid for your life" from the very girl that filed the restraining order against me.  That shows negligence...and it allowed for that restraining order to be filed illegally on behalf of the girl that you saw and stayed with in Sedona, Arizona.  Your silence cost me my life.  Instead of answering that complaint, I gave Jonathan and Anthony and Jeffrey's attorneys a chance to get involved by removing that complaint to the U.S. District Court, Western District of California.  This should have given your attorneys the chance to tell the petitioner's attorney that she was lying.  It should have alerted Bryan Fuckhole Anderson that this was being done, instead, while you were "fearing for your life," and not mine, you let it slide...all the way through to a stay of that action before Hon. Lawrence Best.  The same judge that I proved was doing things against Anthony and myself.  But you couldn't be bothered.  Once again you fucked me in favor of yourself.  You saw Laurie stalking me and did nothing about it. 

The restraining order, stayed in federal court, was illegally issued anyway by Larry Best without a court hearing on the calendar.  This should have given you plenty of time to prepare for the woman that you feared.  You had hundreds of options.  You could have told her family about it before there was a ruling.  You could have told the attorney representing the City of La Quinta.  You could have told the police.  You could have told your own attorney.  You could have done any number of things to protect you and me...but you ignored it completely.  Instead, you watched Laurie push the restraining order through his court with more lies about me and Laurie.  You did nothing to help me.  Then Christopher wen to jail because of it.    The court issued a restraining order when the matter was still under a federal stay.  Even then Mrs. Mendenhall could have said something but she balked again.  All of you parents could have, including Barbara too.  You didn't do a thing.  Then, in another amazing step, Laurie prepared for Jonathan's obituary...once again, Jonathan did nothing but hide.  Then she went after me again, hoping to violate my probation by having Larry Best issue a misdemeanor warrant for Laurie for a job that she didn't have...also illegal.

You see everyone, this is how the law works.  That misdemeanor warrant is based on lies.  I, as the defendant in that case, have the absolute right to take it to trial no matter what the district attorney threatens me with.  I won't be railroaded either.  I am going to take it all the way to a trial where I begin to do things like this:  I.) subpoena Laurie's mother 2.) Subpoena Laurie's sister  3.) Subpoena Bryan Anderson 4.) subpoena Mrs. Mendenhall and Dr. Alicia Elmore (since Jonathan died in your home) 5.) subpoena Bessie Smith, Missy Pissy and David the Dick 6.) Subpoena Anthony Dabiere  7.) Subpoena Christopher Monti and his mother 8.) Subpoena Marilyn Katzenberg and Benjamin Katzenberg.  9.) Subpoena the owner of the Sedona rental home 10) Subpoena Chief Bryan Reyes of the PSPD.  11.) Subpoena the DNA results from the Department of Justice for the rape where Laurie and Brian remain suspects.   Then we're going to remind all of you that this is FREE to me as the defendant that Jeffrey Katzenberg made poor. 

Issuing me an illegal sentence on a "burglary only charge without drugs" will also do something else for Comm. will take the case right out of his hands.  You see when you make a ruling on a restraining order that is stayed in federal court, you've become an issue that needs to be dealt with.  His misdemeanor warrant is no longer subject to his jurisdiction, but just in case it isn't I have a sentence for that burglary that is NOT legal that he imposed.  Prop 36 given to me on a non drug related charge is an illegal sentence by statute as well as the ruling during a stay, you see he doesn't get the chance to hurt me again.  By statute he has made two horrible mistakes.  A commissioner can't impose and illegal sentence for drug diversion and he can't rule on a federally stayed case. Comm. Best is out of the picture.

You see the whole time I was waiting for all of you to screw me again, I was planning my attack.  I knew none of you ever do anything to help people like me, because you use me to keep Laurie at bay.  That is also illegal.  If you know a crime has been committed against me, using my name as a way to keep her at bay is called, "blackmail".  Blackmailing Laurie with my family's problems with her is against the law, Anthony Dabiere and Christopher Monti.  Jeffrey Katzenberg has used this one to the hilt.

While Jeffrey Katzenberg continues to try to extort information by using me, he is committing a crime.  He can't use my family and the crimes that Laurie has committed against me for information about his father's missing money.  He continues to play Heisenberg with my life.  I am not that guy you play with under these extreme circumstances.  You wanted to use me and my family again?  It isn't going to happen.

What I will do is this...I will ensure the services of Roger Tansey and find one of his friends that works for Jeffrey to do it, Ken Moses.  He knows all about what Jeffrey has done and he isn't stupid enough to lie for him.  You'll recall that Bryan Anderson and Roger have a history together Roger has the chance to beat him to a bloody pulp on the witness stand for the girl that gives everyone AIDS in Palm Springs, Bryan's ex girlfriend, Laurie.  Isn't this going well now Laurie?

What I am loving about this idea is simple.  I trusted my friends to help me and they fucked me over so badly that now, I'm the one that has all the control in this situation and it's all based on a restraining order filed by Laurie herself.  Her words.  Her lies.  Her bullshit and all of you could have helped me with one single phone cal to M. Katherine Jensen, Esq. like I asked you to do, but you couldn't be bothered.  Are you bothered now, Jonathan?

I am wondering what Jonathan's mother is going to say for Jonathan whom is "deceased" and hiding? Will she say he's dead?  Afraid for his life?  A fugitive?  You see I can't lose with that witness...because she lies, she goes to jail.  Then there is the matter of that civil judgment against Jonathan that is boyfriend's father has but hasn't been paid...I'll invite him down for the festivities as well.  I'm sure he'll be interested in knowing that Jonathan was mixed up with Laurie too...that should be interesting.

I can do all of this and I can start it right now!  I have no friends.  None of you have ever delivered for me. Not one fucking time and all you ever had to do was talk to me about it, but you flatly refused.  Now I can do everything I ever wanted by simply taking a tiny misdemeanor warrant to court and taking Laurie right there with me.  Let's see you hide now Jonathan?  Taking all the evidence I needed with you and hanging over my head like some kind of invisible carrot that I can't have. You did this to infuriate a monster at me and that has caused me tremendous problems and emotional distress.  Intentional emotional distress Alice.  Just like getting a death notice for someone that I was working with on this crime and never addressing it.  That is called intentional.

You see what these parents think is POOR Kevin that we can fuck with day and night until we feel like doing something, isn't so poor after all, is he Jeffrey?

This is all statutory, Ms. Laurie LaTweeker, there isn't any argument about it. When a judge breaks a law it isn't up for discussion, it's written in the law.  You know like having sex with someone under the age of 18.  It's a statute Laurie, it is final.

Taking bribes for "family security" Mrs. Monti?  Not the nicest way to say thank you to the person that told you the truth about this whole situation.  I did this for you and you fucked me.  All you have ever done is move her like you and Christopher planned and fucked me in the process.  Your son is doing nothing for me.  He's been hiding just like Jonathan because of your stupidity in allowing him to participate with Jeffrey and Marilyn Katzenberg's plan to rob my family.

Selfish friends have no place in my life.  I've done everything that these men could have ever wanted, in return, the told me to "fuck off."   I don't like being told to "fuck off."  I provided each and every one of them my finest work product to secure their freedom and in return I had $27,000 stolen from me by a billionaire and his awful wife, whom you all "trusted".  That isn't the kind of person that anyone should trust now is it reasonable people?  You aren't reasonable people, you are terrorists and you are Hellbent in destroying my life to save yours.  I think that is horrible considering the neck I stuck out for all of you. 

One thing that victims like me are very aware of are dirty operators like all of you.  Promises, promises and more empty promises, but Laurie fucked all of you over with her bullshit restraining order that I've never filed an answer to, because my side of the story involves all of you.  Now you know why I didn't lock myself into an answer Alice, it's because I wanted to give your son and Anthony a chance to be heroic for our community and the sunk to the level of liars.  Not telling the story is a lie, Anothony.  Putting a friend's life in jeopardy because of your silence is a crime.

I told you all the truth and you used me and what Laurie has done to my family to hurt me...I think it's deplorable what happened since.  Shawn Parrish was a good friend to all of you and now he's dead because of you.  You ignored him to death.  You watched as she killed him with her brother and that's not the only person that died because of you all is it?  I'm sure that there are other people that died because of your selfishness too.

I tried to warn both of these men about what Laurie and Brian were doing but you all couldn't be bothered to follow through. You ignored them to death.  You won't have such an easy time with me.  Jeffrey's already taken my health insurance and meds, but I'll be damned if he'll do it without you all being guilty for it.

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