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No matter what Lori and Brian LaFond have to say, people need to understand that we are in a different age of information. The crime of making a person a computer interface-able thought stream without their permission is an eventuality that people must start to grapple with now. Interfacing a person's biological privacy to an entire community of unknown individuals violates human and civil rights laws. It goes to the heart of religious beliefs, social beliefs and sexual beliefs. The implications of ignoring this new breed of internet predator is imperative to understand. No person's biological privacy should become the subject of DARK WEB humor. This kind of criminal is new and must be dealt with in an American way that shows that we all could be victimized by this crime.
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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Got A Problem With Identifying Laurie and Brian LaTweeker In Another State, I Have Your Solution!

Remember that game show "What's My Line"?  On this show celebrities, like Lucy, would try to guess which one of three contestants were telling the truth.  You had to guess the identity of the person telling the truth.  It's a whole lot like when Laurie and Brian are on the phone or when they get arrested in Arizona with fake id's.  You just never know who is telling the truth.

Guess what?  I have a sure fire way of helping out the Arizona authorities and it is 100% within my rights to do so.  As a defendant with a warrant for a "misdemeanor" I have to go to the court to clear it up (take note Jonathan, Anthony and Christopher).  I have an absolute right to confront and cross examine witnesses against me and to call witnesses on my behalf.  Since the warrant arises from a girl named Lori LaFond, whom is seen in the picture on the front of this blog and whom identified herself as "Bryan Anderson's four year girlfriend", I have the right to confront and cross examine her.  Now I have the right to defend myself against the false allegations that she made when she got that order and warrant.   This means that I can have her take the stand and give her true full name...that means that if Arizona authorities are looking for the girl that was in Sedona, Arizona and bonded out without returning thanks to someone named "Missy Pissy" with her signature, they can nab them both for perjury and for the warrant that is pending out of the Sedona, Arizona area.  They can take them in to custody right there and then.

Then I also have the right to call her brother Brian LaFond to the stand to see if he was in Arizona at the time of my vacation.  You see this goes to the stalking of a police informant which was discussed in Ms. LaFond's allegations for the restraining order.  Once Brian hits the stand and states his true name, Arizona officials can pick his ass up and take him back to Arizona with Missy Piss and David the Dick for perjury for his bond that they both allegedly signed and posted for him.  You see all we need to do is get them on the record with their true names and their mama in the courtroom and viola, "Roscoe P. Coultrane" is now Brian LaFond, car thief from California arrested in Arizona and bonded out fugitive.

Bye Missy, Brian, Laurie and Dave....have fun in Arizona.

Here's some of the other witnesses that can be called.  Billy Beach.  David Beach.  David's other son.  Marilyn Katzenberg.  Jeffrey Katzenberg's pilot.  Jeffrey Katzenberg's head of security.   Lori's mother.  Lori's sister.  My three friends that took Lori to Sedona.  The list goes on and on.  Here's the fun part, we need to have these people talked to by our attorneys for other matters concerning Christopher Monti and myself.  So thanks to Laurie and Jeffrey, you all have a lot to look forward to.  I do plan on calling Rae Fernandez, Bryan Reyes and Bryan Anderson too, since Laurie claimed not to know a single police officer at the PSPD AND because she says that she doesn't know a single thing about me since high school.  What do you think the record we have shows about Rae, Bryan and Bryan?  Think we can impeach these three officers if we need to for talking to her at work?  Uh oh...looks like Jeffrey blew it for all of you.

I told you, one little misdemeanor warrant can ruin this whole thing for all of you.  You can all thank Lori LaFond for that.

Someone might want to prep the U.S. Marshals Office that came out here looking for Jessica Ek and Christopher Mead, I think I may have a solution to their identification problems it's called the witness stand.  If need be, I'll have an identity hearing too just for fun.

I have an absolute right, as the accused on a warrant, to take that warrant to trial, misdemeanor or not.  There are lots of other issues at stake.  I won't accept a dismissal, I won't take a plea.  I will do everything I can to identify Lori and Brian for other authorities.  That's my right as the accused.

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