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Lori and Brian are going back to "old school" terrorism, for the ninth or tenth time now. Threatening my family, threatening other families and basically trying to convince everyone that nothing in this world can touch the two of them. They have help too, but what we are dealing with is meth addicts. These are the worst that this category has to offer too. They are the lying, stealing, cheating, do anything they can to keep them in drugs kind of meth addicts. They've proven themselves to be nothing short of the worst criminals that Palm Springs had to offer. Missy, David, Lori, Brian, Christian and Leah are all part and parcel of what happened in Palm Springs. Elite dirt bags are still dirt bags.
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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Extortion For Torture: The Entire Month of May Was To Find Out How Missy and Laurie Stole Jeffrey's Father's Money

Jeffrey Katzenberg has reached an all time low.  Rather than give me back the money that he stole from me, he chose to give Laurie and Brian another month to "torture Kevin" so that he could find out what Laurie and Missy Pissy did to steal his father's money.  This man is a sick fucking pig.

This information was told to me at 12:50 am this morning while Laurie completed another weekend of torturing me and trying to piss me off.  I am furious with this asshole.  Rather than go through the proper legal channels Jeffrey and his father agreed to another month of torture for me, with Christopher's approval, so that Laurie would tell him how she was involved in the theft of some alleged money that was taken from his father.

Apparently he's stupid.  This is called extortion and during this month he kept my money so I lost all of my Medicare insurance.  Now, because of him and his father, I have no HIV medication and no health insurance.  This is the kind of man that this person is.  Hateful, wreckless, stupid, criminal and full of shit.  He thinks that money will eventually be something that I would accept as an apology.  He is dead wrong.  I want jail time for this lousy piece of shit and he and Christopher can go to prison together for it.

This kind of agreement to torture for information is terrorist in inception and it is something that he and his girlfriend Missy Pissy have been doing since the day that she helped him steal my saving's account.  What this man is doing is using my HIV infection as a weapon against me and my health comes second to something a simple bank check could have found.  He is a sadist and deserves to be put behind bars for the rest of his natural life.  Hopefully, that won't be long.

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