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Laurie is so fucking stupid. She honestly thinks that what she is doing is making some kind of sense to people that David and she have done something amazing to stop me from working and completing what I have to do for my own cases. Regardless of what others have failed to do, I have an obligation to the truth. I am obligated to let people know that they are being manipulated and that they have been used to cover up serious crimes against me. These people act as if I don't have the right to solve my own shooting or rape. That's crap. If you want to be a victim to a rapist or someone that's tried to kill you, I suppose that is your right, but I don't choose to be that person. I won't keep quiet about what I know has happened. I am frightened and I am living in a world where it feels like nobody cares. It's a dangerous place to be living. The flip side is that I'd rather be dead than living dead. I hate how this feels.
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Saturday, May 27, 2017

A Network Full Of Criminals: Monti's, Mendenhall's, Katzenberg's and Anyone Else That Wants To Fuck With Me

The list of criminals is long and the number of families involved reads like a who's who of the social registry, but one thing is for certain: not one of these families has ever reached out to help me or my family.  I think that what is going on now is just a simple game of selfish selfish selfish.

This is the most ridiculous group of families that I've ever encountered.  Never have more families engaged in more criminal activity surrounding such a variety of crimes to organize into a group of hate mongering assholes.  Save yourselves right?

One thing that most of them forget is that I don't have to be loyal to any of you.  If Jonathan tries to do something without trying to help me, I'll say he isn't credible and point to the years that he played dead.  I won't help your family either Jonathan if this is the way that you and your family is going to continue to treat me.  You have done so little in seven years to help anyone that Jared would probably puke.  From what I've seen, you and Anthony have bailed on this entire community for some kind of life of luxury and hiding.  Well, friends, I've got some bad news for you.  I'm not amused any longer.  I'm sick to death of the "privileged" getting away with murder and child pornography.  What the Mendenhall family has done to me is unforgivable.

This whole time I had to worry about Jonathan and Anthony and all they did was bail on me for this entire project?  I'm the one that found the flaws in your cases and you chose to disappear forever.  People have a way of finding people like you and holding you both responsible for helping Laurie get away with torturing me in favor on your brand new lives.  Neither one of you has been a friend in seven full years.  You both turned your back on me because Barbara told you to leave and take her with you.  Fine...bail on me and I'll turn my back on you.   You've made your decision and now I'm making mine.  You want help from me in the future, beg for I can tell you, "No!"  I'm going to turn my back on both of you from now on.  I don't need friends like you and I don't want friends like either of you.  When I needed you, you said, "fuck you" and left me to fend for myself...well, I've got news for the both of you.  I can do things that will make your families both look as shitty as you've made me.

Once and for all gentlemen, we are done.

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