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If she wasn't trying to kill me, then why call off the police officer summoned to the E.R. on the morning of my second MRI? Why call the hospital to ensure that I would not receive any medical treatment for a destroyed skull. The problem with Lori LaFond knowing where you are all the time is that you can't get help of any kind before she can make a phone call and tell a lie about you. The fact that I reported the rape and nobody showed from the PSPD to take my report is one thing, but for that same department to then tell the City Council of Palm Springs that I'd waited "too long" to report it to them is ridiculous. I didn't wait, I took a day to try to figure out what happened, went to the hospital, was denied services, went back two days later, brought my bloody clothes and reported the rape...and was denied again. Obviously the MRI's from those visits show something horrible...what happened?
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Friday, April 14, 2017

Reliving The Nightmare: Why Is Jeffrey Katzenberg Obsessed With Laurie's Biggest Fantasy Coming True?

Get a job!  Don't get a job!  Move out of the home!  Don't have a place to move!  Make some money, steal his money!  This is classic Laurie LaKrueger and now she's got Jeffrey Katzenberg buying into the Nightmare!   He's enlisted the help of almost all of my family members and now they are doing everything that they can to hurt me too.  There is no place to go...there is no place to live...there is nothing left because he is trying to get me killed.  My attorney won't step in the way she's been told to and the police officers are just letting Jeffrey and Marilyn get away with murder.  Nowhere has there been such a clear cut conspiracy lined out with criteria that nobody is stopping.  This is a plan.  A plot.  A plan for a murder...and they are getting more and more aggressive about making it happen.  I get it all day and night now...and my own family is being used to make it happen.  Jeffrey is behind it all and he won't stop until someone is dead!!!!  I don't know how else to tell you all that he is trying to get me killed, but this is what he is doing.  He is working WITH DRUG DEALERS AND DRUG ADDICTS TO GET ME KILLED...PERIOD!   What he thinks is so funny, is working with and making come true, the ideas of the person that has tried to kill me now for almost forty years.  This isn't, at all, funny for me.

The latest version of Jeffrey's nightmare is the complete invasion of my family.  Laurie couldn't get inside my family to destroy my family ties, but Jeffrey's money could.  He's allegedly been buying off pieces of my family's loyalty to "do things" to me.  By giving people bits and pieces of this story, he allows them to think that "he's helping me" by doing things like, "making me poor" so I'll "go back to work" or "stop smoking"...this is so fucking ridiculous.  The underlying Hitler-like plan has nothing to do with "helping" anyone but Laurie and her criminal friends.  Behind the scenes, and in front of his wife, he is conspiring to commit a murder.  Mine.   He's having me thrown out of my home.  He's allowing me to be put into situations to have warrants issued without having witnesses available to fight against the liar that had it issued.  He's stalling the employment process of a new job.  He's keeping me from having really good insurance that would help me pay for my life.  He's stealing my life savings and calling it "protecting me"...all of this is some kind of bullshit excuse for torturing me while using members of my family to do it.  In other words, Laurie's Ultimate Fantasy.  Turning members of my family against me.

The last time this happened a member of my family turned for help to a member of Laurie's family and my brother in law ended up dead.  Same players too.  Bessie Smith.  Bryan Anderson.  Laurie.  Missy Pissy.  Barbara.  Laurie and her meth....her brother.  The whole situation escalated into a lie vs. lie situation where someone ended up dead.  This is the same situation and nightmare that I find myself in again.  Laurie just loves setting up the same thing to happen twice.  My family member has, once again, turned to someone that is, well, not very being honest...and he, in turn, is going to get me killed.   I'm horribly exposed now.  Now I have absolutely no chance of surviving.  Jeffrey and Marilyn have taken every single thing that they can....I am barely able to breathe.  I can't go to the casino without being hassled now...Laurie apparently has a relative there.  Now if I go to get coffee, I get thrown out.  It's just more of the same.  I have no friends, no family, no money and a family member that is Hellbent on making this happen.  She wants me dead for money.  I can only imagine that there must be some kind of profit in my death.  Is that what you've promised her Jeffrey?

During the course of this investigation there are already two deaths that were absolutely avoidable.  Shawn Parrish, an attorney and friend that I was interviewing when I got back from Sedona, Arizona and another man very connected to Laurie.  This investigation should have protected both of them but I was not allowed to know anything about their situations because Jeffrey would not allow me to.  He doesn't allow me to know anything important.  Instead, he spends his time plotting and planning how to contact anyone that would help me to keep them from doing it.  This is an absolute nightmare now that he has family members lying and planting evidence for him.  This crime is getting worse and worse because of him.  There is no excuse for what this man is doing to me.  He knows that there are at lease four provable attempts on my life.  Two intentional HIV infections, a shooting  and a rape where my skull was beaten in.  Then there are the x-factors where I was given a staph related pneumonia twice and was hospitalized.  The other attempts are questionable like the trip to Sedona and others....this is one of those things that Jeffrey overlooks and acts like is no big deal.  Apparently, helping a serial murderer is something he enjoys.

He knows who robbed his home...the same people that are suspected of my murder attempts, but he refuses to press charges on them.  This tells me one thing...he isn't willing to do anything about it.  He even retrieved a stolen puppy, a cocker spaniel, from the burglars, but wouldn't press charges against them.  Literally, he saved the dog, but wouldn't save me.  This is how little concern he has for a human life.  A dog was saved...a human life is not.  He is a masochist.  He is a sadist.  Literally, he retrieved a stolen cocker spaniel from her residence and he won't press charges on her for the burglary or stop her from stalking me.  This isn't gross negligence, it is gross human being.  Apparently the puppy was being mistreated...but I'm not?  This is how sad my boyfriend is...he won't save me like the Katzenbergs would save a dog! own family member treats dogs better than me.

This is the saddest family I've ever seen.   When I tell all of you that Marilyn Katzenberg is inhumanely sick, think of the dog.  I want you to understand that she literally would save a dog that had been mistreated for a few years than a human being that has been stalked and tortured for forty.  It's because I'm gay.  It's because I'm HIV positive.  It's because Jeffrey hates gay men with HIV...even though we are a tax write off for his charity.  He's not worth the time that Hollywood has spent on him and his wife.

The dog literally lives a better life than I do.

There is something that needs to be said about how much of this fantasy that Jeffrey is making come true for Laurie.  He's delivered to her every single solitary player that he possibly could to this scenario.  Laurie is literally living her high school fantasy.  Some of them even get to watch her torture me.  It's like he's living a fantasy come true for her.  What I want to know is what he's getting out of it.  I want to know what the punishment is for making a serial killer's sociopathic dream come true?  I wouldn't be surprised if he talked a family member into giving Laurie a key and handing her a Coke bottle to rape me again.  My family member is so money greedy that she probably would do it.  She is so money grubbing and greedy that my life literally means nothing to her.  She wouldn't help me if her life depended on it.  She lies to me.  She turned everyone against me.  If she is asked about it she becomes immediately defensive.  She's literally turning herself into Laurie Jr.  It's sad to see what she's become.  I've never thought that she would be capable of doing what she is doing to my mom, dad and me, but money is her main goal.  Anything for money.  She, as she reminds people, has her own family...I guess the rest of that sentence is...and she'll kill me to make them happy.  I think I'd rather live anywhere than near her and Laurie ever again.

Jeffrey has brainwashed her into believing that hurting me, is the best thing for me.  Who the fuck is this guy?  Hurting me?  Who the Hell does he think he is?  I'll say it right now, if something happens to me, it is 100% his son Benjamin's fault!!!  His son was entrusted with my safety.  If someone hurts me or I am put into a position where I am killed, his son is 100% responsible for the negligence that allowed it to happen...there is no doubt about it.  100%.  His father and mother would have had no way of accessing the information about me and my family that his father used to hurt me if it wasn't for him...and the information was misused by his mother and father to do just that without my consent or permission.  He was chosen and given this responsibility as an adult and he will be 100% responsible in the case of my death.  He did not inform the U.S. Attorney about this crime in a timely manner.  He did not do anything to prevent this murder from happening.  He did not try to help me from this plan that he knew his father embarked upon.  He knew his father was trying to make me poor and keep me unemployed...he would not get involved and wouldn't let my boyfriend get involved either.  He is 100% complicit with this conspiracy if something happens to me...if I am made homeless or destitute, it is his fault!!!

What happens from here on out is due to a lack of diligence by Bryan Anderson and Kenneth Davenport whom, for some reason, refuse to follow the law.  The pair seem to think that torturing an informant is more important than helping one.  I have tried and tried to convey to them both that this is a serious situation that I need to be out of.  I am in tremendous fear for my life because of your negligence.  I am scared out of my wits.  Your lack of involvement is underwhelming me and you lack of professionalism says that you don't give a shit about the lives of the people that I am trying to save, including my mother, father and myself.  My whole family includes the three of us too.  Someone else doesn't seem to believe that.  She is selfish and she isn't a good person any longer.  If she isn't removed from this investigation and without my money, she will likely be indicted as a co-defendant.  I won't be forgiving anyone with a history with Laurie like hers.  I am furious that every time I need her help all I get is bullshit and hate.  More pressure on me from that person is the last thing she needs to give me.  I've tried to give her information that I thought would make her happy, instead she is treating me like I'm some kind of asshole.  I am not willing to cut her any slack any longer.  I am a person too.  I've lost just as much as she has and much much more.

Jeffrey and Marilyn Katzenberg are not trying to help me.  Stop believing that lie.  It is an absolute lie.  They have nothing but the worst of intentions for my father, mother and me.  This is Laurie's fantasy and my nightmare.   I want my other family member to know one thing.  You are killing us.  You are literally taking our lives from us while you plan your new life with Jeffrey's money.  I think that you are the lowest form of family member I've ever seen and I'm not surprised that you would trade the three of us for your precious family.  Once, I tried to include all of us, you excluded me.  Now I'm only concerned for me, mom and dad, you clearly can handle the rest with Jeff forever!  Have fun.

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