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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Leave It To Jeffrey To Fuck It Up Again...

Oops, Jeffrey made another mess again...what a fucking surprise.  Um, not really.  Once again Jeffrey Katzenberg has allowed Laurie to do something not so surprising while "helping me".  Yes, folks, she managed to steal $40 in gas travel subsidies from the Desert AIDS Project from me because she saw me sending it in this month.  Once again, Jeffrey did nothing to stop her or notify the police that she's done this.  Instead, he just sat there on his fat ass, while holding on to my $30,000 and did nothing.  In other words, he kept me poor, while Laurie stole more from me.  He just loves this idea of making me more poor than ever.  Oh, then he had my sister call my parents, with me sitting there, and had her offer them financial support, not me mind you, because their house hasn't sold yet.  This is about the biggest slap in the face that he could deliver.

This is how Jeffrey "supports" me.  Isn't he wonderful at it?

About two weeks ago, I applied for and was pretty sure I got a job at a hardware supply store in my shit hole town.  I interviewed really well and all was good.  Guess what?  Jeffrey stuck his big fat fucking nose into it and, well...guess who didn't get the job.  Now I have to hear my sister pressuring me to get another job while Jeffrey holds on to my savings account again...isn't he sweet?  He's an absolute Adolf Hitler.  I was actually planning on taking that job and using it to help that manager with a huge project that I am working on in San Diego.  It would have been a huge feather in the cap of the person that would have hired me.  Sort of a, "you don't know what a good decision it was to hire me" situation.  Like an "undercover boss" kind of thing, but since Jeffrey's big fat mouth got involved, I'm not going to do a fucking thing like that.  If you don't want to hire me, I'm not about to contract with you.  Good faith is good faith...if you don't hire me, one of the outspoken victims of this crime, then I'm not about to hire you on a project to help your family either.  Forget it.  I'm highly disappointed in this decision.  People are so fickle.

You see terrorism is such a bullshit thing.  I went in and interviewed and did a great job.  I went in and earnestly wanted to work.  I would have loved it, but instead, some random person decided to torpedo my need to work because of their own agenda.  To me that is bullshit.  I needed the job...and now I feel like someone stabbed me in the back.  If someone wants to stab me in the back and someone doesn't believe in the goodness and earnestness of my family, don't expect any favors from me in the future.  I won't be there for you.  I won't be understanding and I won't be concerned.  Jeffrey has made lots of people look bad in this situation promising to help me himself.  You know what this guy has done for me?  Dirt shit nothing....not one fucking thing.  He's stolen $30,000, that's what he's done.  Not one thing has this man done.  He's lied to almost every single friend of mine that he can find and he won't let any of them tell the truth.  He's an asshole.

For this job opportunity that disappeared, so did a huge contract that would have landed this small town building supply chain owner a lot of money for her family.  I don't contract with a manager that can't call me back or that doesn't respect me enough to say something about it to me personally.   This isn't professional, it's disrespectful.  I was hoping and praying for a job.  Jeffrey destroys everything he touches.  He's an asshole's asshole.  He never does the right thing.  In the future there won't be any room for this manager in our complex in S.D. good faith means not a good vibe for me.  It's sad too because I thought that there was a really good feeling there.  Jeffrey ruins all kinds of good things.  That's who he is.

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