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Monday, April 17, 2017

I'm Literally Living In Hell: Completely Avoidable Situation Was Made Possible By Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress

For those of you that don't listen, and I wouldn't blame you if you didn't, I am living in absolute Hell.  Jeffrey Katzenberg has created a situation out here in the desert with Laurie that is beyond unbearable.  It is worse than ever before and I am completely unprotected.  My entire family has been used.  My entire life is turned upside down.  I have absolutely not one single friend in the entire universe helping me and this is completely his fault.  Jeffrey did everything he could do to destroy my life and paid people to do it.  I think what is most annoying was his continuing belief that this would "be good for me".  He is completely wrong.  What it has done is ruin everything about what I love about people.  He is a complete asshole and he needs a jail cell for doing this.

Currently I am living in a home where there is nothing.  I mean literally there is nothing.  No television, no Internet, no furniture, no dishes, no anything.  In an attempt to force me to do things to make me look like some kind of grinder monkey, he enlisted the help of my parents whom have ridden my ass constantly about getting a job in a situation where his own friends keep me from getting one.  Yes, he literally has forced me to apply for jobs that he knows that I won't get just to frustrate me.  I apply and interview just so his friends can call and keep me from getting the job.  I've been told that even he gets involved in telling prospective employers not to hire me or that I won't be around this area long enough to employ.  What I really appreciate is his complete lack of concern for my HIV situation.  

I have had this disease now for thirty years and Jeffrey decided that he wanted to "make me poor" so that he could "show people what Laurie does to these victims"...apparently.  This would mean that he wanted to show people how Laurie tortures that really necessary?  Is that something that any of you would sign up for?  I know I didn't.  Many of you are wondering why I would even have a boyfriend that would be around Jeffrey and watch while this happens, guess what?  I don't.  I've been thinking about this for a very long time too.  I don't want a boyfriend that would allow this to happen.  I wanted someone that wouldn't and for well over a three years that's what Christopher has apparently done.  That, you are correct, is not the kind of boyfriend that I am looking for.  I deserve someone that thinks that isn't the correct thing.

I've often wondered what Christopher would feel like if the situation were reversed?  I doubt he would have been as understanding as I was.  I'm over it completely now.  I needed someone that would stand up for me, not lay down and take it.  He once promised to protect me, but that promise went away with money.  Jeffrey's money does everything for everyone.  He buys them all off.  He has more money than people have morals.  Apparently more money than his wife has brains too.  I told that woman to stay out of my relationship with Christopher and I was extremely clear about it.  She did nothing but get right in the middle of it.  What I did not want was her advice.  She has brainwashed Christopher into some kind of Jeffrey puppy dog that does whatever he is told, like her.

I was told that Christopher came out here to help me, but that quickly turned into leverage against me.  Jeffrey and Marilyn have used that leverage for years now and I don't like anyone thinking that I wouldn't do this job because of him.  I learned a long time ago with Steven Frey that no man is worth giving away my own value.  I am more valuable than what Christopher treats me like.  He treats me like shit.  Let's face it girls, nobody would want him as their boyfriend.  He hasn't stood up for himself and the illegal jail sentence he served.  He hasn't spoken up about his own rape even though he knows that his rapist is the same as mine.  He hasn't spoken up about Jonathan Mendehall.  He hasn't done a single thing.  His mom hasn't either.  They've all just let my family fall victim to Laurie and her brother, Brian again....forty years of torture and the best this In-Law family did was silence.  That isn't whom I want to be associated with, would you?

I've tried to be kind about this in the past, but let's face it.  I love Christopher, but he doesn't love me.  Love does not do this.  Love does not listen to Jeffrey and Marilyn Katzenberg.  Love does something different.  This isn't love...this is someone that I loved that didn't love me back.  I can deal with that, but don't ever let him tell you that he loves me, it isn't true.  I saved almost $30,000 for our relationship and Christopher sat and watched while three of Jeffrey's employees stole that money and made my mom and sister look like fools.  Is that something that I want for my relationship, absolutely not.  I'm not looking for that and if I said I could overlook that, I would be lying, big time.  He also managed to save his nephews and his own mother from Laurie but did nothing for me or mine.  He just sat and listened to Jeffrey and Marilyn tell him that they just wanted to torture me...while he watched.  That's not love, that's something else.

Now he watches, apparently, while I am living in Hell.  It is completely humiliating.  I am sure that Jeffrey loves every single solitary minute of the humiliation.  He just loves watching and listening to my parents yelling at me and the frustration of being poor.  He had to watch while everything I said and did was scrutinized.  He had to sit and think about every word I've said and everything I did.  For all that...he got a puppy.  It's just ridiculous how much Jeffrey changed his mind about Christopher.  He absolutely couldn't stand him when he first got here, even let him go to jail.  Now they are the closest of friends...and I'm nothing.   I'm the guy that made you all know who he was and I'm the guy that he couldn't do a thing for.  It's ridiculous.  The money donated for this project is all under Christopher's control...I can't touch it.  I can' use it for what it was intended and all my bills are late, unpaid or in collections.  Christopher can do whatever he, nothing.  I've heard this before with Steven Frey though too.  Always "the other boyfriend" gets to do whatever and I'm fucked.

One thing is for certain, I've been destroyed.  When I came here I was doing fine.  Saving money.  Medical insurance.  Savings account.  My own home.  Car.  Insurance.  I even got an apartment for Christopher and Anthony to use if they needed it in Cathedral City for a year.  Now, I have nothing.  Jeffrey is so proud.  He did it!!! He got exactly what he wanted.  He ruined everything for me.  How many of you Hollywood stars are out there nodding your heads right now?  I've heard.  I've heard he likes to steal money too.  Lots of it.  In the end he thinks I'm going to sign some kind of paper that is going to absolve him of this theft, he's not going to have that signature.  Ruin my friendships and relationship with Christopher and he thinks I'm going to sign a contract...FUCK YOU JEFFREY...YOU WILL NEVER GET THAT FROM ME!  IT IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN...I MEAN NEVER!!!

Today, I wanted to find out about the job that I applied for last Wednesday.  Thanks to Josh Dun's family, I had an interview that I was certain went really well.  I am sure that I got the job.  It's Monday, not a single call.  Nothing.  I am certain that Jeffrey and his friends had something to do with it.  You see, not only am I not allowed to have my money back, I am not allowed to have a job either.   Jeffrey, you see, wants a complete destruction of my life.  Everything.  He wants me dead.  I think that's really what he's about...killing me in front of Christopher.  He wants to kill me in front of someone that I loved.  That would give him the Hitler Erection of all time.  Actually, what I was told is that he wasn't happy with Josh Dun and his family for helping me out.  He was mad and then punished them by having someone call this person that worked there and interviewed me to keep me from getting that job that I really needed.  Guess that is what he is like.  So, no job.  I appreciated the help.  What I don't appreciate is Jeffrey's constant stalking and interruption.

He can't leave me alone.  He is completely obsessed with my unhappiness.  He and his wife are so negative and so mean that neither one of them has any kind of gratitude for any of the work I've done.  All they want to do is take away from the victims of this crime.  It's sad.  You would think that they would want to help these victims but they would rather spend their time fighting with the Mendenhall family or trying to steal from mine.  This is what billionaires do in their spare time.  Train drug dealers how to steal.

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