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Thursday, April 6, 2017

I Need Help...Seriously, I Do.

It has become apparent that there is a game being played here that I am not unaware of.  I am in a very awkward position that most of the victims of this crime are not unfamiliar with that none of us appreciate when it comes to Laurie.  "I can't just let this person have a job."  If you know Laurie, you know this position very well.

It comes after she has infected you and she has stolen your money and has tried to ruin your reputation with your own family.  Then she starts to try to make you look like her and her lazy assed brother that never worked a day in their lives.   They start this thing where they act like you are "living off of your family".  In the first place, when I moved here, I took a job and started saving money from my SSDI disability and from that job in a savings account knowing that this day would come.  It was an agreement that I made with Mrs. Katzenberg that I would work at that job until such time that I would save enough money for Christopher and I to live on so that we could work on this crime somewhere together.  I saved almost $30,000.

When, after almost 9 years, she and this local team hadn't made any headway with Laurie and her brother, I decided that my disability was too much to continue and Laurie was constantly trying to get me fired from that job.  When I went to take that money from the bank the money was gone.  I drew unemployment until my SSDI was stopped.  Then Laurie and Jeffrey embarked on a campaign of trying to put me back to work again.  Remember folks, I am really disabled.  You have seen the injuries from my rape and you know that the brain injuries I suffer from are very serious.  I haven't even been able to see a neurologist to have this taken seriously and Jeffrey won't even allow my family to know the true extent of these injuries.  He simply won't allow anyone to tell them the truth about any of them.  He is more concerned with forcing me back to working at a low paying job in this area with Laurie near to keep my family in danger rather than allowing me to have the money back that I saved.

In the meantime, while holding on to my money, he is watching while Laurie and her brother call any and every single place that I would apply to work for and spreading rumors about me to keep me from being employed locally.  So I can't get a job and I can't do anything which is causing a ton of friction between my family and me.  My sister is also pushing my mom and dad to believe that I don't want to work, which isn't the truth.  I have had a job since I was 14 years old.  I have never been broke like this in my entire life.  If it weren't for Jeffrey and Marilyn Katzenberg's 9 years of stalling this investigation, we would already have been done suing the hospital for negligence for the brain injuries that were never diagnosed and the police department for the rape that they never investigated.  Jeffrey refuses to let my friends even speak to my mom and dad about what they know Laurie has done.  He won't allow me to have any of the benefits of what they know has been done to me.

I need help everyone.  I need someone to stop him from constantly putting me in danger.  I want my money back that I saved.  There is no reason why Anthony Dabiere, Jonathan Mendenhall and my friends shouldn't be talking to my family about what has been done to me.  Mrs. Monti and Christopher should already have spoken to my mom and dad as well as Mr. and Mrs. Mendenhall.  I don't know why these people haven't been given a chance to explain to them what I have been put through.  There is no reason why I should have to live this way when I have given 100% to this investigation and to their families so that Jeffrey can sit with my money and treat me like I don't matter to any of them.  This is an outrageous situation.  I can't imagine that these families don't want to help me.  If my sister isn't going to give me back the money that I saved and that I worked for to keep this situation from happening, then my mother and father need to know why she is doing this to me.  If the police aren't going to do their jobs and get this back to me, then I will speak to the district attorneys and their own police chiefs and let them know what they have done to assist this man in torturing me and they can deal with the repercussions of their own torture.  This isn't right.

Why shouldn't they lose their jobs?  Why should I have to suffer wrongly for doing what I have done to protect innocent lives when they aren't doing anything to protect people like Laurie's mother or her family.  I have done everything I can think of to protect the innocent lives of people that Jeffrey won't warn.  This is a situation where people are being exposed to diseases that are highly infectious and deadly.  Nobody is doing the job for the innocent here.  Just me and Laurie's mother.  Someone has to have a much higher concern for the public at large than us.  We don't want anyone to die because of negligence any longer.  The toll is too high.

Someone has to do a better job than sitting around expecting someone else to do what a millionaire shouldn't be doing from his son's home.  He needs to give me back what he stole and quit acting like it is something that my mother and father need to be apologized to about.  IT IS MY FUCKING MONEY AND I NEED THE CASH NOT THEM.  I WORKED FOR IT AND I PAID THE TAXES ON IT.  THEY DID NOT.  I AM NOT A CHILD AND I DEMAND IT BACK.  TODAY WAS THE PERFECT DAY TO HAVE IT RETURNED AND HE DID NOTHING ONCE AGAIN TO DO IT.  MY OWN FAMILY MEMBER DID NOTHING AGAIN TO HAVE IT RETURNED.  I NEED TO MAKE PLANS TO MOVE THIS WEEK AND HE IS MAKING ME FEAR FOR MY LIFE.  WHERE IS THE JUSTICE IN THAT?

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