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Thursday, April 6, 2017

I Know What Matthew Shepard Felt, I Feel It Every Day, Thanks To Jeffrey Katzenberg

For those of you out there that have had the opportunity to meet with the family of Matthew Shepard, I would like to let you know that I would love the chance to speak with his mother.  I want to let her know something that I know.  I know what it feels like to be Matthew.  I know what it is like because I am beaten like him every single day by an evil man that leaves me helpless, tied to a fence and left to die, every single day.

He's been doing it for years now.

He loves watching people take every single swipe at me that they can.  He just loves it.  He gets all kinds of pleasure out of knowing that every time someone has offered to help me, that he won't let them.  When he took my dream of stopping this from happening to me, he handed my bullies more ammunition to continue to beat on me for years and years, just so he could sit and watch it some more.  Jeffrey Katzenberg loves to watch people beat up gay men, mentally.  He just adores it.  He and his wife watch this happen every day and what's even worse, he loves to watch the family of that gay men do even more damage to that man after the bullies get done doing their job.  He loves to take away everything from that man.  He likes to take everything from him.  He loves watching him struggle.  He loves watching them cry.  He loves taking their money.  He loves destroying them personally, professionally and financially.  Everything he does is to hurt these men.  He has never done anything to stop these bullies from beating on these men...sometimes they are even little boys.  The girls, he won't allow it, but the boys, he won't stop it from happening.

He is a complete and total homophobic man.  He hates gay men.  He won't help them and he won't allow us to help ourselves.  What his agenda is with us is completely supportive and completely dominating.  I should know, he made a promise to ruin my life above everything else and that is the only promise that I've seen him keep to anyone.  The rest he breaks without a conscience.

I've never seen a man so obsessed with ruining another man's life.  I've never seen a wife so committed to helping him.

Matthew Shepard was targeted for being himself and, one night he was taken, tied to a fence, and beaten, left to die in the middle of nowhere.  I'd almost have rather been him.  Is it better to have died after one night of suffering or to be beaten daily by a woman that has stalked you since she was nine with the help of your own family's ignorance and help.  Thanks to Jeffrey, we will all be able to compare, thanks to his Nazi-like insensitivity.  He and his brother are the two most insensitive men in the entire universe and they should be held responsible for their continued experimentation on the deprivation of love, understanding and cruelty towards another human being in this situation.  Both should be heading to prison for what they are intentionally inflicting upon me without any reason at all.  Taking my life savings is such a cruel way of showing everyone what they are incapable of doing for other people.  These are the two most obnoxious men in Hollywood with the two most insensitive wives.

They should lose everything they have and live poor forever. 

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