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Saturday, April 29, 2017

How Do You Set Up A Murder Remote Neural Monitor Style? It's All In The Con-Texts...

So, as most of you know, I once was working as a courtroom deputy clerk for a United States Magistrate Judge at the Southern District of California in San Diego for the United States Department of Justice.  For many years I was being followed in what is now being called "cause stalking".  I had no idea how this was being done at the time, but I spent lots of years before that writing diaries about the phenomenon knowing that there was a group of people doing this to me and the people that I worked with.  It was awful.

They call this "cause stalking" because it is done for a purpose.  What that purpose is, is unknown to the target.  It is "up to the target" to find out.  Most of the target's time is spent not knowing and wondering "why"?  I could never figure it out.  I knew it began after I tested positive for HIV in 1987 and while I was living in Redlands.   It had been many years before and had followed me to San Diego, but it had turned up the heat right before I was shot in July of 2003.  The stalking was crazy.  It was everywhere!  There were so many people following me that I spent hours writing in my diaries about it.  I figured that it had to be someone from my past that had done this to me, but I had no idea why?

I never figured that it was this girl from high school that had a sick fascination with me and my family, but once I put the story together it made perfect sense.  She is the only person I have ever known with such a freakish sickness.  She has always been psychotic.  I've never known anyone with such a weird hatred for me and my family.  Actually I've never really spoken with her on any realistic level.  She's always come at me with a vengeance that was sheer terror.  It was always brutal attack and it has always been ambush style.  The only time I've ever been in the same area as she has been when there wasn't a confrontation was within the last year when she oddly showed up at a friend's father's memorial service eerily with my entire family there.  We didn't stay for long.   I, knowing that she was the person that had done so much to me, wanted to leave immediately, I felt ambushed again, knowing that she'd followed me to Sedona, Arizona years earlier with her brother.    I've never liked her and I've never wanted to be anywhere in the vicinity of her.

So when I found out that for years she'd been telling people that she and her brother were responsible for the shooting in San Diego, I wasn't surprised.  Knowing that I am a victim of remote neural monitoring, isn't a surprise after years of studying the phenomenon and learning about how this has been done.  An RFID chip inserted near my audio cortex at my temple when I was infected with Laurie's HIV virus at 19 years old while knocked unconscious one summer in Palm Springs, gave she and her brother the ability to "cause stalk" me for all of my life.  When I lived in San Diego, the stalking continued while I worked as a federal employee and allowed them to follow all of my activities at the federal courthouse.  They followed all kinds of employees including judges, U.S. Attorneys, public defenders and clerk's offices officials.  They photographed and contacted them as well.  There are handwritten notes and phone numbers that Laurie and Brian collected for all of them that were left behind.

The "cause stalking" allegedly had a sinister twist to it.  Allegedly, the killing of my brother in law, which Laurie and her brother have something to do with because of some meddling text messages that caused a fire storm of problems, left the pair with a blood lust for another killing.  Laurie lusted for another killing, mine.   In a series of text messages on a phone that is now allegedly in the possession of one of our team members, we have found text messages to and from Brian and Laurie from the time of my drive by shooting that talk about the "murder plot".  Something to the effect of "I want Kevin dead by my birthday" from Laurie herself.  There are others that are from her that talk about how this should make my sister "very upset".  Her brother Brian, whom is alleged to be the shooter, is responding to the effect that is going to do it and that he has the ammo.  On the night of the killing Laurie is aware of where I am and that I've taken an alternate route home.  Now she is in Palm Springs, so she has to be using remote neural monitoring to locate me and I am aware that something is going on because I thought it was awfully quiet.

She, after the shooting, allegedly tells her brother what I report to the police and then sends out texts to people right after the shooting that I'd been the victim of a drive by before I've even told anyone.   She later tells her brother where I am staying and whom is there with me. She then tells him where my car is and that the window is open and to go back to steal things.  He replies that he won't because police will be all over the place and that they know what to look for.

This is the anatomy of a conspiracy to kill a federal officer...this is what needs to go to Laura Duffy and the SDPD with Bonnie Dumanis asap.

You see, there is one thing that I have learned about Laurie and Brian...they honestly think that if they aren't in the area, that they can claim that they have nothing to do with the act of a "murder".  Um, have you folks ever heard of Osama Bin Laden?  Remember, terrorism can be ordered from half way across the world and you can be responsible for thousands of deaths...we still went there, found him and held him responsible.  There are many ways that you can order the death of a person and be held responsible for it when someone else commits the crime.  Starting in motion a series of events that leads to the death of another person is another way.  When you start a series of text messages based on knowledge that you gained from an illegal system of surveillance, you have started in motion a chain of events that leads to the death of someone intentionally...that death is your matter whom pulled the trigger.

The next thing that should be looked into is the death of my brother in law.  Yes he was shot and killed in self defense, but the series of events that lead up to that killing were text messages that were the result of information that were learned because of Laurie and Brian allegedly listening in to conversations with Bryan Anderson and myself with this system.   What Laurie learned about what was happening and how people were protecting themselves coupled with a series of text messages sent from Laurie to the people involved in that horrible death....caused that death.   Laurie manipulated it, allegedly, in the months prior to my shooting in San Diego.  Apparently she had a thirst for blood during this period...

I don't know if Laurie had mentioned to her mother if she knew that her uncle and my sister had been in San Diego with my two nieces to go to Sea World during this period just before the shooting, but I'd lay odds that she did.  During this trip, I spoke with him and he told me some things about protecting my sister whom had been having a rough time with my brother in law.  The specifics, I won't say here, but I will tell you, I know that Laurie and her brother heard.  I went to New York shortly after that for a trip.  When I returned from that trip, I received a phone call that my brother in law was shot and killed that night.

Eight or so months later I would be shot at too.  

I know that Bryan Anderson took Laurie home for my brother in law's funeral which Laurie did not attend and that she was fascinated by the sidewalk where he was shot and killed and she was also fascinated by the bullet hole in my car door where I was shot too and visited the same home where the car was stored.  She may have taken pictures of both.  Doesn't this seem a bit odd for a girl that seems to have nothing to do with me or my family?  She sure does seem to have a lot to do with these situations and have a lot to say about them.  I would also like to add that Bryan Anderson does seem to bring her name up when they occur.

What does she say to him when they happen?  How does she talk to him about them?  In his head or in person?

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