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When you hit the end of June through the month of July, you know one's Laurie's Birthday and it is not safe to be a victim of this crime. The text, "I want him dead by my birthday" flashes through my mind like a neon sign and I think to myself, why doesn't anyone understand what that means to me? Um, when that didn't happen and someone follows you for this many years it seems like an unfulfilled fantasy for years...and I can't understand what this is all about. It never ends. Now I'm in the position to keep trying to stop this from happening with a group of parents that continue to not understand. This has been a shooting, a rape at 19 that gave me HIV, another rape at 39 that crushed my skull, then a trip to Sedona to do something sinister where parents said's like everyone is playing a game with no concept of what it means to me and my family. It's sick. My life may be pathetic, but it is still a life. Why?

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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Have You Ever Noticed How Persnickety Laurie Is With Her Holier Than Thou 1920's Moral Judgment Of You?

You'd think she was wearing a nun's habit and a self imposed chastity belt!  Have you ever noticed how Laurie's rules of behavior are for everyone else are while a needle is sticking into her own arm?  You are supposed to do as she says and not tell anyone what she is doing.  Bullshit!  This girl is so full of shit I can't stand her.  Why everyone is so secretive about her activity I will never understand.  We need to do a much better job of telling everyone what she is doing with her brother every single day.  She blabs to everyone about what everyone else is up to all day and night.  Most of it is lies and the rest of it is bullshit.  I want people to see the real her.  I want them to hear the real her G-Eazy!  I want them to see her introduction to Christopher Monti and her use of Oscar Meyer hot dogs at that introduction.  She's a filthy rotten liar and she needs to be shown as that filthy rotten liar for once in her life to everyone.

I am so tired of hearing all about her "high and mighty-ness"!  Pushing off her "I can do this to Kevin's Family and get away with it bullshit is as old as sixth grade with me.  Isn't there a diary somewhere that shows that she's done this before that we aren't using?  I am really wondering what it is that we are trying to prove here people?  We need to show a history of her trying to hurt my family guys.  She is literally trying to accomplish something with us that she wasn't able to do a long time ago and I don't like it.  I want the people, like Bessie Smith, that have seen this happen before, to be responsible to this situation...they want absolution, they need to step up for what they have failed to do.  This is time to show that Laurie is the person that has been doing this.  NOW is the time.  Putting me through a daily nit picking session isn't helping me to resolve a lifetime of being punished by her weird need to hurt my family. Frankly I've paid my dues.

I'm over this.  This situation is getting old.  I'm like the only member of my family that has never been free of Laurie my whole life and I've had nothing to do with her ever.  I've never had a thing to do with her family or her.  Not one single thing.  Ever.  I am ready to get rid of her nits....

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