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Once again, Lori was soliciting people to help her because she wanted me to get mad at Jeffrey Katzenberg and Alice Mendenhall. Not going to happen. These parents rank among the top people that Lori has indirectly and directly harassed for years and years. My mother and father are the same as these parents too. I support all of the families of the hundreds of victims that Lori and her brother Brian hurt. So while she screamed at me to blame Jeffrey, she tried to sweet talk him into complaining about me. It isn't that way. I'm a person, but I'm a smarter person than that. Lori LaFond is the problem, not me.
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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Welcome To Sedona, Arizona in March of 2010

We were suppose to be in San Francisco or at a Kathy Griffin concert in Palm Desert at the McCallum Theatre, but the time share for Diamond Resorts in San Francisco was booked and Kathy Griffin was only the one night and I needed a few days away with my boys, so I took the money out of the bank account, that never existed now btw, and booked us a trip to Sedona, Arizona at the Sedona Summit.  A beautiful place where the three of us were going to stay for five days.  Now remember, that bank account that I took the money out of, now, never existed...strange how things come full circle isn't it?

I wanted to take my two friends that had been working with me on this project and for me as informants on a trip.  I had more than enough money saved up, my mom insisted that I take a vacation because I'd saved so much and had been working so long, and I knew that the police had just botched all of the DNA evidence.  I needed to get away.  Anthony needed to get away.  Jonathan needed to get away and he needed to see his father.  His dad lived in Dewey, Az and it was close to Sedona, Az, and I thought what the heck, it would be like a spiritual retreat for all of us.  Good for our heads and hearts and a chance for Jonathan to connect with his father, whose own father what a Chief of Police from the Long Beach area of California.  Win, win.  We all needed a break from Laurie and Brian.  My mom suggested the site that my family had stayed in many times and I jumped at it.  Sedona Summit.  Gorgeous.  See for yourself:

So, as you can see, we were ready to relax.  This was meant as a vacation to get away from Laurie and Brian who had spent the last twenty or so years trying to steal, hurt, infect, tamper with and violate our families.  Six full hours away from Palm Springs and a world away from where all the pain of remote neural monitoring would ever be.  Laurie, a world class shut in, never leaves Palm Springs, so we figured that we would be safe.  Think again.

At this point in time, I'd already been shot at in San Diego, raped and severely beaten in Palm Springs.  The PSPD had completely bungled and covered up the rape case and Laurie had told everyone that, she and her brother "had gotten away with everything!"  It was a crushing blow to our investigation.  Unknown to all of us she was telling people that Anthony, Jonathan and I were about to go to Arizona, "but we weren't coming back," allegedly.  Sinister, to say the least.

What I've been told are some eerie things about this case that are rumors that I want you all to know about.  I've heard that there were abduction kits found and receipts to that effect.  Rope, duct tape, ammunition for a small caliber hand gun, zip ties,a chainsaw, a shovel, an electronic key was found to the Sedona Summit room where we were staying, the knock out drug used to rape me previously was found, Sedona Summit locations and other information about where we were and what we were doing.  There are allegedly pictures of Laurie aiming a gun at Anthony and myself in a parking lot.  There are communications to the effect about "finishing the job that she and her brother started."

Among other pieces of evidence found are my high school class ring with my signature inscribed inside the ring.  A silver Josten's ring with the #44 and a basketball and my name KEVIN left in the home that they rented. Information about me and Anthony in that home all over that place.

There is DNA evidence left in that home of drug manufacturing and drug use.  The manufacturing of GHB and the paraphernalia of needles and methamphetamine.  Designer drugs.  Stolen property.

The next rumor I would like to address is that of children being taken across state lines.  Now I was told that there were kids in that home the entire time that I was being communicated with.  Two to be exact.  A big brother and a little brother.  This is something that I know Laurien and Brian are in to.  I have reported to the police about a cache of movies made by the siblings before. "Little Angel Videos" are what Laurie and Brian called them before.  They are child porn.  Anthony has also reported these movies to the PSPD.  These reports got no attention from the PSPD.  The current Chief of Police did nothing with the information and I have an email that said that Anthony was "in custody", which he wasn't, and that he possessed "little or no valuable information" about these films, which is complete bullshit.  Anthony was approached by Laurie to market these films and SAW THEM.  They are sickening.  U.S. Attorney, Laura Duffy, needs to speak with Anthony Dabiere right now about what he saw and was approached to market.  He came to me about these films and the Chief of Police asked me to send him witnesses.  When I did, he balked according to his email, then we were stalked by the manufacturer of these films and were damn near killed in Sedona, Arizona by her and her brother.

This is vital for the U.S. Attorney to know!  It is important people.  Anthony is 100% credible.  The fact that both he and I have seen these movies is important! Nobody is paying attention to this and we know they exist!  Why isn't someone finding them?  I know Angel, I lived with him.  Bryan Anderson knows I know him, I lived with Angel...he lived in my sober living home when Bryan Anderson came by for a domestic disturbance for which there is a citizen's complaint against him.  I am telling the U.S. Attorney that this situation was handled completely perfect by my team.  We followed the law to the letter and were punished for doing so by the police and Laurie.

Back to Sedona.  I don't know if the rumor is true, but, like I said, I was told that there were two boys that were in that rental home.  I was told that there were two Playstations that were purchased to entertain these children while they were there.  I don't know if they were there with a parent.  I don't know if they were there legally or if there is a custody issue with them.  I do think that if they were there and a parent was knocked unconscious and one was photographed across state lines with a nude adult that there are implications on the federal level for solicitation with a minor and federal child pornography manufacturing charges that would apply.  These are serious charges.

The stalking of a police informant, victim of a crime, interstate is also a crime by federal statute 18U.S.C.2261a says that you can not stalk someone interstate across state lines for that purpose.  Anthony, Jonathan, Benjamin, Mrs. Katzenberg and myself are all employed as informants for the police department of Palm Springs.  I am the signed informant and the other four are my employees.  I asked both Mrs. Katzenberg and Benjamin if they would please come to Sedona to keep an eye out for me knowing that something was going on just prior to the trip.  It was a gut feeling that I was getting because of the way that Jonathan and Anthony were behaving just prior to our departure.  You can never be too careful when dealing with Laurie and Brian.

The email from the Chief of Police was concerning to me because he was the person that asked me to send him witnesses to child pornography.  He was the person that instigated that conversation.  When Anthony volunteered that he had seen these films I immediately asked him if he would write down what he had seen and then asked him if he would go to the police, see Bryan Reyes and report what he had been asked to do.  This is everything I was asked to do.  There was nothing planned about it.  Anthony knew the names of the boys in the films.  He knew what he'd seen.  He knew the apartment at the LaPalme Complex where he'd seen the films.  He knew lots of information, but someone intercepted him outside of the police department and took his report and it got no attention.  This wasn't ever dealt with properly.  What I got from the Chief's email was a complete white washing of the entire incident.  Anthony was there voluntarily, not "in custody".  He was doing his job.  Anyone approached with distributing child pornography has a duty to report it to the police, for the police to dis-guard that information in an email to me is horrid.

In another email to me from the Chief titled, "Your disrespectful email to me" I want to call attention to one more thing.  I found that Steven Frey owed almost a half a million dollars in back taxes to the IRS.  At that time, Steven was the suspect in my rape case and I showed it to Bryan Reyes.  Steven had not been arrested for drugs or the rape and had not yet been questioned.  When I sent that email I asked the Chief, I said, because it had taken so long to get the DNA back, "Can a person with this kind of money buy justice?'  That's when I got that email that said, "Your disrespectful email to me" and he invited me to look at the first DNA report that showed that there was evidence of two suspect in the bloody clothing that he took me downstairs to look at.
He then told me, "You've been right on the money Kevin and we're gonna get these guys," right in front of Anthony Dabiere.  A year later I got a call from the same Chief of Police and he said, "there's no other DNA on those clothes but yours and there is nothing more our department can do for you..."

My point with this is that once Steven Frey was arrested, the police knew that Steven owed a half a million dollars in back taxes, why wasn't he referred to the federal officials for this money?  It could clearly have been investigated as the proceeds of drug money.  The GHB found in his possession at the time of the arrest was clearly enough for the type of prosecution that the federal government would have been interested in prosecuting, but the state dropped it.  The reason is simple.  The GHB came from Laurie and Brian...any investigation as to it's origin would have investigators finding the manufacturers and that would have brought attention to the monies for the tax lien and the GHB.  This was all dropped because of the two people responsible for those crimes.  Instead of this being prosecuted the way it would have been for anyone else, Steven was given a suspended surrender date of six weeks and a year and a half in jail for something that the feds would have put him away for fifteen years plus all that tax money.  This would have helped the government do a lot of good in finding out millions of dollars in mortgage fraud.  Instead Laurie and Brian walked away again.

Then there is that "workplace violence" restraining order after Sedona, Arizona.  After all the problems that Laurie caused in Sedona...she had the nerve to file a restraining order against me, pretending to be someone else, even though Jonathan and Anthony saw her there!!!  This should never have happened.  There is still a warrant for my arrest because of it.  This is insane.  Someone follows me, a police informant on my vacation to an out of state location to "finish the job" and does all of these things and I end up with a warrant because nobody is talking about what really went down in Sedona?  This isn't how crime is fought.  This is how crime is not fought.

The criminals in this case are getting away with way too much and it has to stop.  I haven't done anything but take punishment after punishment for getting beat up by a department that asked me to do a job for them that I did perfectly.  My friends did their jobs.  Simply because they don't want to get caught without doing their jobs, they sacrifice me.  This isn't acceptable.  I want Laura Duffy and these parents on this case doing something now!!! I need to be eating again!!!

So what really happened in Sedona, Arizona?  Well, I have a police contact there, or at least I use to.  His name is Todd Stevens.  I do know that there were some U.S. Marshals in town here looking at a case involving two people and I don't know if they are the two people in this case.  It would seem that the names are close to what Laurie and Brian would use.  Jessica Christine Ek and Christopher Meade were the two people that the U.S. Marshals were looking for.  I don't know if they are also known as names used by Laurie and Brian.  I'm not sure.  "Jessica" and "Christopher" have been used by Brian and Laurie before and you know that Laurie and Brian have been using fake id's for many years.  That we know to be true.  We need the U.S. Attorney to nail Laurie and Brian down to their true names.  It has to be done.

It would seem to me to be extremely beneficial to have whatever case is strongest brought against the two of them done quickly and have an identity hearing and a competency hearing.  Hopefully that hearing can require that DNA be drawn for both suspects.  My rape case would be the perfect case and that can be accomplished federally with the first DNA report from the DOJ in Riverside County and the stalking across the state lines of a police informant, don't you think?

My concern at this point is misdirection.  Laurie has, in the past, used texting and emails to misdirect everything.  She's used the accounts of almost every single victim that she can, including my own. is the only email that I use.  I don't use any other because she's managed to use cellphone verifications of password codes to steal these passwords.  It is never safe to use your cellphone to verify your password for anything!  One thing that people need to realize is that her computer from home needs to be confiscated as soon as possible.  The U.S. Attorney needs to make a concerted effort to capture the computers that are now inside the home at the IP address where she is living.  The Verizon computers that they have allow her too much access for portability and access to text stealing.  This is how, I believe, she has been sending texts and emails from the PSPD headquarters from a Verizon Droid phone.  All of the emails that I received from Chief Reyes' account came from a Verizon Droid phone and I doubt that they were from him.  This kind of security breach should be protected against by the City Attorney and should be shut down until the City of Palm Springs secures it's server.  There is an electronic devices policy that every City of Palm Springs employee signs.  This will be delivered to the U.S. Attorney today for review.  It clearly outlines that RFID devices like remote neural chips are not allowed.

I want to be clear, this type of communication is not allowed by city employees.

I am also hearing that two more of my employees were the subjects of a plot to be "kidnapped" on this trip to Sedona, Arizona.  This is one of the latest stories that I have heard.  Both Benjamin and Marilyn Katzenberg were invited on this trip to keep an eye on this situation for me as employees of my informant work.  While there, it is rumored that the two were the subject of a kidnapping plot dreamed up by Laurie and Brian with help by Missy Pissy.  Apparently there were some knock out drugs given to Missy and they were confiscated by a security person for the Katzenbergs.  There were plans to retreat to Mexico by Laurie that were not carried out.  I don't know any more details, but this seemed to have been foiled.

Another story involved pictures taken with Jonathan and a handgun held to his temple with Laurie and her brother.  Jonathan was seated while either Laurie or Brian held a small handgun to his temple.  I would later receive a "death notice" from Jonathan's father and step mother with the word "Ransom" in it as the last name of two people used.  Jim and Judy "Ransom" was the name used.  The whole thing is that I have been trained that when there is a questionable death and the word "ransom" is used, that this kind of information should be brought to the attention of the F.B.I.  I have asked that this be done many times.  Jonathan's death is questionable as to some of the details that I've received concerning the circumstances and some of the information that I got after his death on Christmas Day, 2010.  If he is not dead, clearly this kind of information is illegal and the planted obituaries constitute another federal crime for their appearance in two news papers in Michigan and Arizona.  There was also another obituary placed online at for Jonathan and an attempt to set up a charity called the Jonathan Edwin William Mendenhall Foundation through a fake facebook page of Anthony Dabiere's that I believe Laurie was using.

I did manage to do a radio show for Dr. John Hall while we were in Sedona, Arizona and that was probably the most productive part of the vacation.  About the only peaceful part of the trip was the morning that we left.  Anthony and I weren't exactly getting along, but he wasn't really mad at me.  He was angry because of everything that had happened.  I bought him breakfast at the world famous Coffee Pot, see below:

Rather than going home the way we came, I decided that we were going to see the Grand Canyon.  At first I thought that Anthony would kill me, but by the time we got going, we kind of relaxed and he kind of liked the idea.  So we went to the Grand Canyon and it was the best part of the entire trip.  I think we both finally relaxed and spent about and hour and a half wishing we were throwing Laurie and Brian over the cliff into the bottom of the Grand Canyon!!!  LOL.  But then again, what did the Grand Canyon ever do to deserve them?

When we finally made it home we slept for a good two days and whatever happened in Sedona, Anthony went to Barbara's and gave her all the information.  The transfer of whatever evidence he had went to her and she gave it to whomever she needed to get this case to whomever she needed to.  Barbara has tremendous ties in the Arizona area and she and I have worked together for many decades now!  She will continue to cooperate with federal officials here in California because we are a team.

Since then it has been difficult.  There was the weird "workplace violence" restraining order for the La Quinta employee.  That one still has me baffled.  I was told the name of the girl that was talking on the microphone was linked to the name of this girl I went to high school with.  If you know her history with me and the things that "Lisa" says to me, it fits, but without being able to confirm, I did what a police informant does.  I tried to eliminate her.  Using Anthony's suggestion I put up my own facebook page.  On my own page I asked if anyone knew where I could find this girl because I'd heard that she was a lesbian now and that I was looking to eliminate her as a suspect in an investigation I was working on.  To me, the word "lesbian" isn't a negative thing.  To her, it is a bombshell.  Apparently she is extremely homophobic still.  She always was!  It set off a windstorm of hatred.  I quickly eliminated my facebook page.  That was basically all it took.  Of course, she doesn't have a facebook account.  But she got ahold of that information the second it was posted.  Lisa would have known that too, wouldn't she?

Let me explain something right here and now.  When you are a police informant you give a description of the suspect.  If it is a Mexican or a black suspect do you say they are white?  If they are male do you say they are female?  So why if they are a lesbian can't you say lesbian?  There is no law.  Lisa is a lesbian, ask any victim of this crime.  Lisa is in love with Missy!  We all know it and we all have heard it a thousand times.

I'm not looking for a married woman.  I'm not looking for a heterosexual man loving children loving female.  I'm looking for a lesbian that hates men.  Not all lesbians are like this, but Lisa is!  We all know it that are implanted and we all know that this is what she is like.  Period.  Those of us that know Laurie, also know that she is like this!  The woman that I was asking about on facebook has a huge reputation for hating men and hating homosexuals, especially homosexual men.  I should know, she use to try to get in fights with me in high school by pushing me in the back while it was turned to her and calling me a "FLAMING FAGGOT" until she got thrown out of school, M. Katherine Jensen, something she neglected to mention to her attorney.  When the City of La Quinta's attorney filed this "workplace violence" restraining order against me, she didn't know that I was a) a police informant for Bryan Anderson b.) had been stalked to Sedona, Arizona months before c.) was involved in a rape case where Laurie was a suspect with her brother  d.) that there was another person that shared the exact same name in the same family  e.) that I was HIV positive and that the person suspected of intentionally infecting me with HIV 30 years ago was that person that shared that name  f.) that I was the person that was shot at by her brother while working for the U.S. Department of Justice in San Diego for which there is a police report and an open investigation.  You see, none of this was known because Laurie played phone games with her.

Anthony and Jonathan were not made available to her.  They should have been made available to her so that she could have been told that Laurie was not the employee of the City of La Quinta that she was representing and that she was someone else.  In this instance, I was left to fend for myself and it has cost me greatly.  I have suffered immeasurably because of what has transpired because Laurie has been on the rampage ever since thinking that she has gotten away with something again.  This is not the acceptable way to protect your informant.  They are now hereby required to speak to Rutan and Tucker to let them know whom was in Sedona, Arizona to let them know what she was doing and that this is not the City of La Quinta's employee.  It is vital that both Jonathan and Anthony let them know that the City's employee is not at her job during this period, at least, not the one that signed the restraining order.

This situation was exacerbated by a lack of understanding of what it was costing me mentally.  I had to fight this entire ordeal by myself.  You see it couldn't have been workplace violence in the first place if I was on facebook asking people if they knew where I could find this person, because clearly I had no idea where she was?  How is that "workplace violence"?  I obviously had no idea where her workplace was.  Still don't care.  Never been there.  Never called there.  Never been to La Quinta and never had anyone go there.  If the policy at the City of La Quinta is to discriminate against someone because someone thinks that someone is LGBTQ then that is a problem that the City needs to deal with, not something that I've caused.  Clearly the problem is with the City and the attorney has pointed that out for me.  Looks to me that the employee thinks that lesbianism is a problem for the City of La Quinta, not me.  I feel sorry for her.  Nobody should work in an environment that isn't safe for LGBTQ people.  We should look into that for her.  Poor girl, I would stand up for her rights.

Sort of makes me sick the way that Laurie bends sexuality and gender to fit her needs.  I've never really been one to like the way she hits and chokes then turns around and acts like she has a chalk line around her.  I think that her brother literally lays her on the ground, traces a chalk line around her, then she hides behind a corner, she comes out and hits some guy, then she falls on the ground, inside the chalk line and acts like some kind of victim.  She and Missy Pissy both do this one.  It's crazy the way some women think that they are exploited when they are the ones doing their own exploiting.  Sad really.  I'm probably the biggest supported of women's rights that you'll ever see in a gay man.  It's true.  I've studied more, I've written more, I've learned more and I'm sensitive. G'wan girl.  I know more because I think gay men survive better through women's rights...that may sound funny to some of you, but the struggle isn't all that different.  As go women, so do gay rights.  Look at the struggle for equality of women in all culture and you will see how well we are doing as a society...thank you Gloria Steinem.  Once you unlock the mystery of the opposite sex, you can begin to understand the equality issues of all sexual equality and there isn't much difference.

I've done my research.  I've had tremendous teachers and seen many different examples.  Don't fool yourselves when it comes to this crime's inception.  I know what the U.S. Attoney will tell all of you.  This is not a crime of sexuality.  Broken down into pieces it is a crime of crimes.  Color blind.  Sex blind. Race blind.  I will tell you something different though.  From a victim of Palm Springs perspective, this was a hate crime.  This was a crime committed by a woman that hated gay men.  For whatever reason she has always hated gay men.  Some will tell you it was because she was infected with HIV, but I'm going to tell you something else.  She hated gay men long before she was infected.  Long long before that.  I've known her long before she had this disease.  My personal opinion is that she hated her own sexual feelings about her own sexuality.  A homophobic homosexual.  Coupled with sociopathy, this can lead to some serious complications with a masochist sociopath.  In the most severe cases this can lead to a serial sociopath masochist killer.  This in it's most chronic case with the addition of methamphetamine addiction has created a unique monster; a female with complete control over her brother who has similar traits.  Someone whom is willing to store her own blood with pandemic disease in a refrigerator until she is ready to attack.  She has designer drugs that leave a victim paralyzed but awake in their own body to simulate an alive victim that can't move in a world where she can take what she wants and look how they think about her afterwards.  Then she can follow them around for years reminding them about the night she took what she wanted from them.  It's the most horrible scenario for any victim.

There couldn't be anything worse for the victim of rape.  So many of these men committed suicide rather than hear her talk to them this way.  So many of these men would rather die than let her have this kind of control of their minds.  Think about what that was like for them.  Would you want to live a life where your mind was constantly telling you that she could get to you whenever she wanted, again?  It's not a life worth living is it?

She talked to some of them up until their very last breath even with their own parents in the room.  Even their moms and dads didn't get to say goodbye without Laurie getting the last word in.  Sad isn't it?  Not one second of silence without Laurie breaking into that last second of life...isn't that inhumane?  Laurie is always doing what God has said not to.  She doesn't believe in the sanctity of life or God, so she forces that on everyone else.  It's about her hatred for her mother's religious beliefs.  She'll show her mother all about God.  Where is your God now, mother?  She's asked me that before while Jeffrey hangs on to the money I don't have while I ache for food. What did God do for you today, Kevin? Where is your money now Kevin?  Why didn't God give you your money back Kevin?  I guess it's because Jeffrey isn't God, Laurie.  God allowed me to make that money, Laurie.  God allowed me to have that job and make it.  God didn't take that money from me.  It isn't God that's keeping it from me Laurie, so I guess it isn't God's fault that I don't have it back.  Don't blame God for the fault of men Laurie, that's someone else's problem.

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