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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Incredible Kvetch: Jeffrey Katzenberg

Making up stories and not telling the truth.  Pushing his agenda and setting everyone else off to the side, no matter how important everyone else's issues are.  Making himself the center of attention at all costs.  Here he is, Jeffrey Katzenberg, trying, once again to show everyone just how powerful he is by strangling an AIDS patient and making himself look like he knows everything.  He's such an incredible person with a check book, but he's so unimpressive as a man.

I sure would like to know what he's been saying to all my friends and family that makes them so in awe of what he's "going to do" because something sure has them all in a trance.  None of them is acting like they usually do.  They've either lost their minds or they've been promised something that he isn't delivering.  Nothing in this case has happened the way it should.  There are a million reasons why this case should be way over by can count the cracks in my skull to see why.  My own family still hasn't seen the severity of my injuries thanks to one Bryan Fuckhole Anderson and a police department that acts like "nothing ever happened" to Kevin.  I can tell you one thing, there are thousands of neurologists all over the country that will say that they are full of shit.

This whole situation is as crack headed as it can be.  How long can a billionaire stave off justice against an entire gay community that has been intentionally infected using my boyfriend, my sister, my best friend and a police department?  I wonder what, in the world, would make my friends and family believe that I wouldn't choose the law over them?  They know me much better than that.  I am a law person.  They know that about me.  They know that I don't ever see the law differently.  You make your decisions and I make mine, but when it comes to the law, I am color, family, sexuality, religion and race blind.  I don't care who you are, if you are related to me, if you are a Jew, Catholic, my boyfriend, my worst enemy, my spouse, my kid or my best friend, if you break the law, you will not be seen any differently than a person in my eyes.  The law and justice are blind.  I am that kind of person and they know it.

Running around contacting my friends and family about everything he can except the things that are truthful is something that I've become accustomed to with this man.  He loves making me look bad.  I guess he thinks that is some kind of endearing quality.   I think it makes him look bad.  He tells them half truths and innuendo then lets them make up their minds without giving them the entire picture about what could likely happen.  He's basically a liar.  A used car salesman that is trying to push of some kind of warped agenda that is broken down and useless to everyone.  Nobody is benefiting from his type of "look at me" justice.  I've never been impressed.  He doesn't care about the carnage, just about the money he can make.  His less than impressive attitude towards the raping a pillaging of our community and my family is just the tip of the iceberg.  Every day, more and more money goes missing from the coffers of the poor and diseased, but what does he care?  He's rich and he doesn't see that what we can't live without, he can't give a damn about.  He's so lost and out of touch.

Kvetching around in my life trying to find any exposed nerve.  All he's looking for is a fight to cause and a verbal punch to be thrown.  He looks to help the most likely opponent to our mission.  He wants to assist the most unhelpful opponent in this game of hate men. Not a gay man.  Not a gay woman.  He wants to help someone that did nothing until she got herself in more trouble than she could explain.  It's sad.  Nobody needed the kind of torture that he's imposing.  He's lying again about as much as he can for as long as he can until his Wonderco. can take him somewhere else.  I'm Wondering why he thinks we'll stand for it?  I Wonder if his company will ever do anything more than fail?

He's been asked, many times to stay out of my personal life.  He was told to stay away from my finances but I've been told that he looked into every aspect of my family.  I've asked him to please stop doing this, but apparently his head of security won't stop him.  Why he thinks he has the right to do this when I've asked him to stop, I don't know.  I want him to return my money with love or I will take it with anger.  I know he has a fear of lawyers, I can understand why.  He's probably lost a great deal of money to them because he doesn't follow the law.  I, on the other hand, only follow the law.  We are completely opposite on this matter.   I only do the right thing and he bends all the rules to see what he can get away with.  I don't like to see what people will do for money and he thinks of it as a game.  I think that money is filthy, he thinks of sleeping on a bed of it.

I'm trying to stop a serial killer, he likes to "keep her happy."  You can see that I have a different perspective than he does.  Keeping someone happy that wants me dead is not a priority for me.  Working with my friends has me a bit concerned that somewhere they've lost some kind of perspective on their own.  Money, money, money.  That's the only thing that I can think of that this man has to offer that I don't because the rest of what he is, isn't attractive.

He's taken every single bit of respect my family had for my nine years of sobriety away from me and now he wants them to throw me out on the street.  He's such a horrible person.  I think he and Marilyn are probably two of the most horrific human beings on this planet.  What they do with their money is what Laurie does with her mouth. 

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