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Once again, Lori was soliciting people to help her because she wanted me to get mad at Jeffrey Katzenberg and Alice Mendenhall. Not going to happen. These parents rank among the top people that Lori has indirectly and directly harassed for years and years. My mother and father are the same as these parents too. I support all of the families of the hundreds of victims that Lori and her brother Brian hurt. So while she screamed at me to blame Jeffrey, she tried to sweet talk him into complaining about me. It isn't that way. I'm a person, but I'm a smarter person than that. Lori LaFond is the problem, not me.
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Saturday, March 4, 2017

"The Family" Is So Important To Laurie...Just Like Someone Else We Use To Hear From In California

Hello, Crazy!

This, as most of you know, is Charles Manson, the race war starting crazed maniac responsible for the whole "Helter Skelter" cult in the late 1960's in the Hollywood hills.  Funny thing though, Charley here, wasn't present.  He, was the coward, that sent Tex Watson and other members of "his family" to conduct the murders of Sharon Tate and others.  He's what we call "the mastermind" behind the mayhem.  An instigator.  Crazy, for sure, and really the terror behind the crime committed by one man and, surprisingly enough, women.  That's right, murders committed mostly by women.

A race war was what Charles Manson had envisioned.  He used drugs and sex to convince a group of people that he had a vision of the world that was different.  If people would only believe the way that he did, things would be familiar, Laurie?   One thing that has always disturbed me is Laurie's vision of her "perfect world" where everyone believes the way that she does and does everything that she wants.  That's really disturbing for all of us.  Another disturbing thing about the crime that we deal with it the remote quality of it.  Listen up Jeffrey.  Just because a person isn't present when the murder isn't committed doesn't mean that they aren't directly responsible for it.  Look at old Charley here.  He wasn't present at any of the Helter Skelter murders, but he's the mastermind, isn't he?  Laurie thinks that if she sits at home while her brother does the shooting, that she isn't responsible.  Wrong.

Laurie also believes that if she puts the right text messages in motion that what happens afterwards isn't her responsibility. Wrong again.  If you load a gun.  Put it in someone's hand.  Tell them that someone else has a gun.  Tell them that someone is going to shoot them.  Tell them there is a reason to shoot them.  Then someone ends up dead.  You are the person that killed them.  Not the person that shot them in self defense Dearie.  You, Laurie, load a lot of guns and do a lot of texting, don't you?

What we have here is a manipulator.  Actually we have several these days.  We have Laurie, Missy Pissy, Betsy Wetsy, David the Dickhead and Jeffrey.  All of you think that you have no responsibility for the actions that you take with the knowledge that you gain from this system.  That's not true.  When you take negative hurtful aim at someone with the intent to cause harm and it causes damage, you have damage.  You are going to pay for the damage you cause, just like when you have a car accident...and then some.

You can't just send Missy Pissy, David the Dickhead and Betsy Wetsy to my sister's home and steal money and not be responsible for the crime.  You have to have the presence of mind to know when something has gone wrong.  You have to be responsible enough to know when a joke, isn't one.  You have to learn that a mistake is one thing, but cruelty continued isn't a's a crime.  I've spent a long time in this life knowing that people don't usually do what I would do, that's okay.  That's simply my morality placed upon them, it isn't fair.  I'm different than other people and I can accept that what other people do is different than myself.  What I don't accept is when they come into my life, uninvited, and make decisions for me and expect me to accept their choices.  That's where I draw the line.  When I made the choices I made to sacrifice my life to save the money so that my life would not become what it has again, and someone decided for me that it would, no matter what I did, then it was a matter of their morals placed upon me.  That's unacceptable.

When I live and let live by the choices that people make, I expect that when I make choices for myself, that I will have at least those decision left up to me.  When others come in and make those decisions for me and I have to sacrifice again and again, then I have to draw a line.  When I drew the line the last time, ten years ago, someone decided to fuck with it again.  I said, "No more" and I meant no more.  If I allow myself to give in and try again to make this work, then I haven't stayed true to my own promise to me.  If I keep being the "get back up and rebuild" guy, I'm not showing anyone that I'm standing up for myself.  I have to be the guy that goes after the people that hurt me, this time, for good.  I can't just go work another shit job for shit pay and put money away again, this time I have to fight to get it back and put the criminals in jail for it.  Nobody wins when I keep dusting myself off and rebuilding.  I do that one just fine.  I have to metaphorically blacken someone's eye this time.  I have to metaphorically, knock someone out! 

When I resigned from the Justice Department, no Laurie I wasn't fired for drugs like you tell everyone, Laurie stole my money from my banking account because I didn't know how this system worked.  She and her brother siphoned the money out of my account like she does from everyone else.  Then she got ahold of my Social Securty Disability initial award and did the same.  I've rebuilt my life two or three times since leaving the DOJ, but every single time she and Missy Pissy find another way to steal my finances.  This time the pair used my sister.  I thought it was safe, finally to put money away in an account that neither could touch, but, once again, Betsy Wetsy, got involved with my sister and the money went missing.  This has got to stop.  I will be 49 years old in two days.  I am not well.  I am physically disabled and can work when I feel well enough, but to start all over again was not what I agreed to with Mrs. Katzenberg when I moved to this god forsaken town.

I remember very clearly telling her.  "I will take this shit job and work at it for a few years to store up money for Christopher and myself.  I won't live in Palm Springs and I will sacrifice my relationship with him until it is time for this project to make the arrests, but that is all."  I put that money away in an account with my mom for five and a half years saving half of my paycheck a month without spending a dime of it.  Now my sister would have me believe that there isn't any money at all.  My family honestly believes that I think that there isn't any money.  I know I saved it.  I got two paychecks a month and the second one I never spent.  I would cash it and give it all to my mom.  "Please put this in the bank," I would tell her and she would.  Now my sister tells me that there is no bank could that be?

I never took a single dime out of that account from 2010 March until 2016 March....that means that about between $350-400 for 72 months went into a bank account with interest for a total of $28,000 plus six years of interest....and they think that I don't remember that???  I'm livid!  I never had an ATM for that account and I never walked into that bank a day in my life.  EVER!  I didn't go into that bank until April of 2016 to cash my unemployment receipts...and never used that bank account...ever!  So how in the world do people think that I don't remember this?  I'm not stupid and my sister thinks that I'm dumb?  This whole thing is ridiculous.  I want to move.  I don't have food, medication, happiness, friends or any joy in my life.  This was all completely avoidable...Jeffrey did this on purpose.  There was no reason for him to get involved.  It shows nothing more than a complete hatred for what I do and for who I am.  To try to destroy me and my family ties even further on this journey that I have tried to make through my recovery and sobriety is no miracle of sober.  It's a hateful attempt to ruin me.

To do this on behalf of his jealous girlfriend Missy Pissy was so overwhelmingly mean and inhumane, I am grief stricken to the point of wanting to completely disappear from this planet.  I've done nothing wrong.  I've gently walked this Earth in an attempt to help lost souls find their homes.  I lead hurt men through the darkness to their families again and for him to take the bread crumbs that I dropped for them on the path and scatter them through the woods so nobody could find them is cruel and intentional.  He's a vile man.  His own son asked me for help.  He came to me lost and hurt and said, "Can you help me?"  I said, "Sure".  Our friendship was based on trust.  That trust was violated in the worst possible way, then trashed by an uncaring father and a heartless mother that would rather play games with an already scarred family than help heal an already broken community.  What Jeffrey sees as a game, the rest of us see as an outrage.

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